Virgo – “The Virgin/Maiden”

August 22 – September 23

Mutable Sign (Flexibility, Versatility)
Statement: “I Analyze!”
Yin (Passive, Receptive, Withdrawn)
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth

GENERAL TRAITS: The pure Virgo insists on common sense, practical intelligence and a perfectionist’s approach; loves refinement, cleanliness and order; an outward lack of feeling might conceal too much inner emotion.

POSITIVE TRAITS: Observant, patient, sensible, ingenious, studious, witty, well-spoken, discreet, charming, eye for detail, hardworking, conscientious and thorough; judicious.

NEGATIVE TRAITS: Shrewd, fastidious, critically inclined, unsophisticated, indecisive, unstable, fickle-minded, frequently melancholic; worries a lot.

SEXUALITY: Keeps tight control over own emotions; with the right partner loyal and affectionate; technique rather than expression of lust and desire; conservative.

BODY PARTS: Abdomen, intestines, spleen, diaphragm

HEALTH PROBLEMS: Constipation, indigestion, digestive problems


COLORS: Earth Tones, Orange, Yellow


METALS: Quicksilver

MINERAL: Potassium Sulphate

SCENT: Lavender, Lilac, Lily of the Valley

DAY OF THE WEEK: Wednesday


DEEPEST NEED: To be useful and productive


INCOMPATIBILITY SIGNS: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces


FUN: Taurus, Capricorn


Virgo’s Life Horoscope

When it comes to communicating well, there’s nothing like putting a little extra thought into what it is, exactly, that you actually want to say. Think about this on the 1st and 2nd. After all, if you casually mention that you wouldn’t mind sushi when really you’ve been seriously considering going vegan, you can hardly be surprised when your dining companion is a little put out that you won’t eat anything at the restaurant where they cashed in a favor to get a last minute reservation because they thought that was what you wanted. Right? Loosen up on the 5th. Physically, mentally and emotionally! By the high achieving, highly loving, very, very positive 8th and 9th, you’re achieving a lot, feeling loved and generally in a pretty positive kind of space. Wonderful! What’s the best way to increase tension levels on the 14th and 15th? Keep fighting! If you’d like to make everything easier on everybody, including yourself, do your best to just go with the flow, instead. Acquiring a new skill will really, really help you adjust to a new situation. So sign up for that professional development course on the 20th. A little soul searching yields incredible results on the 25th. Your friends love you! So call and check in on the 30th and 31st.

Virgo’s Love Horoscope

You’re used to be being detail-oriented at work. But on the 1st and 2nd, you might want to consider applying some of that detail-orientation to your relationship (or potential relationship). For example, do you know you like each other, but you’re both ‘too busy’ (read: Too shy) to actually set a date and time to meet? Make sure you’re not without your date book the next time you see them so you can pin down a meeting at that lovely little seafood joint around the corner, once and for all. You’ll both be glad you did. Don’t brag on the 5th. But it is okay to let them know just how lucky they are to have landed you, if the situation calls for it. You’re feeling pretty romantic and so are they on the good-vibe-filled 8th and 9th. Well, great! After all, it does take two to tango. Going with the flow is without a doubt the best strategy to adopt on the 14th and 15th. Even if you think you want to direct the flow, you don’t. So go with it. Seriously. Being more open minded than usual will have even more perks than usual on the 20th. You two can talk philosophy until the cows come home on the 25th, and you should. Really! Moo! They energize you on the 30th and 31st. What could be better?

Virgo’s Money Horoscope

You know how it is in an office: Somebody’s in a good mood, somebody’s in a bad mood, everybody else comes into work in moods that are various shades of neutral. Regardless of what the exact balance is on the 1st and 2nd (two moody, one upbeat? Three upbeat, one fit-to-be-tied?), whether you have a good or bad day is really actually totally up to you. If you want to see things in a positive light, you can. If you want to join the forces of darkness and storm around the office, slamming doors and spilling water on the folks gossiping at the water cooler, well, you can put a damper on any day pretty quick. So make the best, most positive choice. By the 5th, stay loose. You’re in for some very good news on the excellent 8th and 9th, and you’re feeling fabulous. Bake the office a quiche on the 14th or 15th, and you’ll earn yourself some serious friends! Color-code your desk’s mini cacti on the 20th. Seriously! You’ll love it. By the 25th, you’re ready to share your analysis. You’re a team player on the 30th and 31st.

Astrologer’s Advice For Virgo

Pore over the little details of your work or chores today — glossing over them pretty much guarantees that you have to do it all over again tomorrow! Better to do it right the first time.

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