Celebrate Black History Month With Dherbs

Celebrate Black History Month With Dherbs

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to find something you are truly passionate about in this life. That is a gift, and it is exactly what happened to the CEO of Dherbs, A.D. Dolphin. It took time and trial and error for A.D. to realize his dream, but he succeeded. In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to celebrate A.D. for not only being a CEO of a black-owned business, but also one of the leading online retailers of herbal supplements. 

How Dherbs Began

Over 20 years ago, A.D. was struggling with some health issues, drinking more soda than he cares to admit and not in the great health he is in today. He wasn’t working out as much and started to gain weight. A friend introduced him to cleansing, an idea that had never occurred to him before. After his first cleanse, A.D. lost weight and felt better than he ever had before. From that point forth, he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life: create a cleanse and other herbal supplements that helped people achieve the same vibrant health he was feeling. 

A.D. met with the best herbalists to formulate a cleanse that would clean out the entire body, not just the colon or digestive tract, which most cleanses focus on. Thus, the Full Body Cleanse, Dherbs’ flagship product, was born. Since its inception, the Full Body Cleanse, a 20-day program that helps to clean out the body’s major organs and systems, has helped millions of people around the world optimize their health. 

Dherbs Has You, The Customers, To Thank

Dherbs’ primary objective has been, and continues to be, to assist people in reclaiming their birthright of optimal health. Without your desire to turn your life around and become healthier, we would not be where we are today. As the company has grown, it’s been a truly amazing experience to hear stories of personal growth and health transformation. When we see the before and after pictures, it inspires us, and A.D., more than you even realize.

To see a person’s body transform in a matter of weeks never gets old. We have seen thousands and thousands of before and after pictures, and we are impressed every single time. In fact, it gives A.D. inspiration to be as healthy as he can be! He wants to continue to set an example, not only as the CEO, but as a Black man challenging the health issues that disproportionately affect the Black community.

As of a couple years ago, the life expectancy at birth for Black Americans was 70.8 years, with 66.7 years for men and 74.8 years for women. The death rate for Black Americans is usually higher than white Americans for heart disease, stroke, cancer, influenza, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and asthma. If A.D. and Dherbs can do anything to help correct, or at least make a small but positive dent, in these issues, then we have succeeded. 

Thank you, Dherbs Family, for the continued support over the years. We hope that you continue to grow with us and that you keep sending your health transformations our way. Not to be corny, but keep calm and cleanse on!



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