Chicken Factory Farms Are Polluting NC Residents

Chicken Factory Farms Are Polluting NC Residents

The toxic fumes, chicken waste, and odors that make you want to gag are ruining the lives of North Carolina residents. Chicken factory farms are encroaching on North Carolina towns, which is bringing attention to the damage and pollution that these farms cause. Contaminated waterways to burning throats from airborne pathogens are just a couple of the issues that Surry County residents are having to deal with.

Terry and Mary Marshall, a couple that resides in Surry County, is speaking out and trying to bring attention to the harm such farms can have on people. The smells that emit from these farms are extremely hazardous to human health. The combination of manure, feed, chicken carcasses, and chicken waste is also an environmental threat. The sad part is that the air and odor emissions for such farms aren’t regulated to a T. Why is this? Chicken farming is over a $34 billion industry and stricter environmental regulations would “harm” the business. Mary and Terry are lobbying to have future farms moved far away from towns to avoid water contamination and air pollution.



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