Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth

In the United States, we’ve departed from the natural way of childbirth. Dherbs.com argues that we as a national citizenry need to return to natural births whereby the deliveries are performed by midwives and doctors simply are on standby or in the background of the birth (if in a hospital or birthing center) to assist if necessary.

In Europe and Japan, midwives attend more than 70% of births, but here in the United States, midwives only attend 8% of the births.

History of Midwifery and its Advantages

The original obstetrician is the midwife. The etymological root of the word ‘obstetrician’ goes back to the word ‘obstetrix’ from whence we derive the word ‘obstetrics.’ One who practices and/or specializes in obstetrics is called an obstetrician.

An obstetrician specializes in the field of ‘obstetrics’, which is defined as the branch of medicine that deals with the care of women during and after pregnancy and childbirth.

Home birth with midwife assistance was the standard for childbirth in the United States for much of its history. In 1900, 95% of births in the U.S. took place at home and these births were recorded in the Bible as there were no such things as birth certificates back then. In 1938, half of all births took place at home. However, by 1955, less than 1% of births took place at home and that number shockingly remains today.

Home births give you more power, freedom, and control. You can incorporate personal spiritual beliefs like playing beautiful, calm, and serene music, burning essential oils, having the lights turned off and allowing aromatherapy candles to burn; the woman can walk around to ease the pain of contractions (something she can’t do in a hospital), and whatever else you deem necessary for your child’s birth or emergence.

During a home birth, a man can assist in the process (if it is agreed upon, as some women will not allow any males to be in the room where birth is about to take place). A man can forget about assisting a birth at a hospital. He can watch, but he can’t participate.

Hospital Births

In a hospital-prescribed prenatal plan, the woman will be prescribed harmful pharmaceutical drugs to take for purposes of nutrition which is paradoxical. You don’t give a pregnant woman oxide drugs, i.e. prenatal iron pills or tablets to take for nutrition purposes. Her body cannot absorb or assimilate them. It’s all toxic, partially explaining why jaundice and hepatitis are rampant amongst newborns today. These toxic products tax both mother’s and baby’s liver.

Technically, a hospital is place that only sick people visit. It makes no sense for women to deliver babies at hospitals since pregnancy is not a disease but a natural biological process.

Babies are born in hospitals because of a wicked legal, financial, and political scheme that turns the baby over to the State, making the baby the property of the State just as the mother is already property of the State. You give up certain rights when you have a baby in a hospital.

As proof that you lose certain rights when you deliver (a baby) in a hospital, attempt to obtain your baby’s placenta and just watch what happens. Your request for ‘your’ placenta will be denied. It becomes property of the hospital and again, for financial reasons.

We must remember that hospitals are businesses that operate for profit. In most cases medical decisions are made for legal and economic reasons and not for the wellbeing of the mother and/or child. In too many cases, doctors find pathology where pathology doesn’t exist. Doctors create work for which they bill to the patient.

Doctors now drop liquid antibiotics into newborn babies’ eyes. Some babies had their little soft skulls crushed or cracked by the use of medical forceps. Pulling on a baby’s head while it’s still in the womb causes severe damage to the baby’s occiput (base of the skull), occipital nerve, and the sacrum (base of the spine).

Now also consider how babies are born into loud, noisy, and lighted atmospheres. Coming out of a dark womb where it was positioned for 9 months into very bright lights is unhealthy. This is why home births are better because of one’s control to dim the lights while the baby is coming out of the womb and birth canal. The birthing room should be very dim with just enough light for the midwife to see what she’s doing or need to do.

You can allow the umbilical cord to stay connected to mother and child for the full 17 minutes in a home birth but forget about this in a hospital birth. Doctors cut the cord within minutes of the baby exiting from the womb. This is unhealthy given that it takes the soul 17 minutes to fully acclimate itself inside the new host body.

Pregnancy-Related Surgeries

The female body is programmed to give birth. Women have so many problems today with the natural act of childbirth. Their thinking is unhealthy, their diets are unhealthy, their lifestyles are unhealthy, and their emotions are unhealthy.

Episiotomy is another form of surgery (almost equivalent to female circumcision) because unnecessary cutting occurs. The vagina is an expanding orifice and can stretch to accommodate a baby’s body and has done so since the beginning of time. While some women do tear while delivering, however, the pain and damage from natural tearing (of the vagina) cannot compare to the pain and damage of an episiotomy.

The normal hospital routine for delivering women also sets up the stage for a Cesarean section delivery. Most women are giving an epidural (painkiller drug). An epidural has a numbing effect. The nerves are harmed so as to prevent feeling of the pain and thus more harm is done in the long run because once healthy nerves are now damaged due to drug use.

Because these women are not in tune with their pain due to the epidural, they cannot feel their contractions. If pregnant women are not dilating rapidly, these women are given a drug called ‘Pitocin.’ Pitocin induces contractions. The pregnant woman doesn’t feel the pain of ‘Pitocin’ due to the epidural, but the poor baby in the womb does. The baby is forced to deal with constant contractions for long periods of time and becomes compressed and thus stressed. Additionally, the drugs pregnant women are given don’t just numb the pain; they also take away the memories of their birthing experience.

Pregnant women are given epidural shots for pain. Epidural shots release drugs in the body and being drugged is no way to be during your delivery. A woman should be conscious while delivering so that this way she is feeling the entire experience. Being drugged makes a mother not fully aware and present during the delivery. Being drugged also affects the child as well.

C-Sections are highly controversial, as many women and some doctors choose this surgery as a pre-emptive strike against any potential negative outcome. At a minimum, the birthing process through C-Section is unnatural, at worst, it can force a women to give up the opportunity to breast feed due to the medications she takes to recover from the surgery. Avoid C-Sections unless it is to preserve the life of the mother or the child.

Health Problems while Pregnant

A lot of modern women, especially here in the U.S., experience all kinds of health problems while pregnant due to their fear of pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. This is the underlying cause of many if not most problems during pregnancy and childbirth.

A new mother filled with resistance and resentment may have trouble breastfeeding. Her ducts may become clogged or constricted, her nipples may hurt sooner than later or become caked and cracked, and she may start having problems with her hair and teeth (due to lack of nutrients).

How a woman thinks and feel impacts her whole body, including while pregnant. It also affects the little baby as well. There’s an inescapable symbiosis between mother and child that should and must be understood by all women and so when pregnant, a woman is living and making choices that will affect the wellbeing of not just one person, but herself and her child.

Therefore, in addition to a healthy diet and prenatal regimen, healthy thoughts and thinking and positive mental attitude is very important for a smooth, healthy delivery.

So if you decide to have a home birth, you may not want to tell everybody. You must be conscious about energy. You only want people who support your decisions and who also believe in the home birth process and who emit positive and loving energy.

In hospitals, babies are handled like objects. But with midwives, babies are handled in a very careful and loving fashion.

Thank you for reading!