The Dangers of Vaccinations


There’s a lot of discussion and controversy around the childhood vaccine debate. The truth of the matter is that childhood vaccines can create significant side effects that can irreversibly change the child’s quality of life.

The best choice or decision to make is an informed one. But in order to make an informed choice or decision, parents need the proper or correct information.

Vaccines are made with ingredients known to create severe health problems including:

  • formaldehyde (embalming fluid)
  • aluminum phosphate
  • sucrose (sugar)
  • copper
  • animal blood products
  • viral protein particles
  • egg residue
  • thimerosal (a mercury-based preservative)
  • polysorbate
  • cadmium
  • sodium chloride
  • dairy by-products
  • nitric acid
  • sodium hydroxide
  • ammonium sulfate
  • glycerol
  • phenoxyethanol (anti-freeze)

Known Side Effects

Some of the side effects of vaccinesdue to the the elements and substances listed above are:

  • blood disorders
  • auto-immune diseases
  • cerebral palsy
  • brain damage
  • paralysis
  • neurological impairment
  • monkey fever
  • Gullian-Barre-syndrome
  • Autism
  • mental retardation
  • premature aging
  • cancer (and leukemia)
  • multiple sclerosis
  • SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
  • asthma and bronchitis
  • malaise
  • convulsions (epilepsy)
  • seizure
  • encephalopathy (degenerative disease of the brain)
  • thrombocytopenia (inflammation of veins)
  • Cochlear lesion (loss of function of the inner ear)
  • brachial plexus neuropathies (nervous disease of the arms, nerves, and lymphatic)
  • erytherma (morbid redness of the skin)
  • shock episodes (excessive screaming)
  • chronic melancholy (child never smiling or laughing)
  • learning disabilities

Opt-Out Rights

It may be against someone’s religious or conscientious belief(s) to allow foreign substances into the human body of God; or to accept the blood of another being or creature into your body (as the Jehovah Witnesses believe). If vaccination calls for vaccines that include foreign substances (such as blood and inorganic metals), which is to be injected into a child’s body, this would no doubt violate First Amendment right to religious freedom and expression.

According to the National Vaccine Information Program, all 50 states allow parents to opt-out of vaccination for medical and religious reasons, but only 17 states allow parents to opt-out for philosophical reasons.

States that allow parents to opt-out for philosophical reason are:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

School Vaccination Programs

Statutory vaccination requirements cannot penetrate a person’s First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment constitutional rights. In addition to vaccinations being statutory in nature, again, they are voluntary.

School vaccination programs to inoculate child and student are voluntary and all school children and students may be exempt due to certain reasons, i.e. immunization contrary to beliefs or conscience.

But because vaccinations are voluntary, governing statutes for vaccinations must offer an exemption from vaccination. Most exemptions are granted when the immunization is contrary to beliefs. The California statutes (Health and Safety Code) comports with the foregoing statement:

Again, you are told about exemptions from immunization via a letter or affidavit stating that immunization is contrary to your beliefs. It’s best to say religious and conscientious beliefs; and it is also best to do an affidavit signed under penalty of perjury and notarized by a notary public, or if a sovereign citizen, to have 2-3 witnesses sign the exemption letter.

Legal standing for the right NOT to vaccinate

Any one who inoculates a child with an immunizing agent or vaccine without parental knowledge and/or consent and/or against their will, has willfully violated the parents’ and child’s rights and can be sued in court for monetary compensation under federal law (Title 28 of the United States Code, Section 1983).

Natural Alternatives

Mother Nature offers alternatives to counter-act the side effects of vaccination serums. Herbs such as yellow dock, burdock root, dandelion, red clover, strawberry leave, chaparral, sheep sorrel, manjistha, celadine, Oregon grape, Echinacea, goldenseal, wild indigo, and red root will greatly cleanse your child’s blood and lymphatic system. Regardless of the skin disorder, these herbs will help to heal it.

The herbs mullein (leaves and flowers), yerba santa, and fenugreek will combat mucus in your child’s body.

If your child develops (manifests) a childhood disease from being vaccinated and you don’t want to use traditional Western medicine’s pharmaceutical drugs, there are alternatives.

To boost and strengthen the defense (immune) system, use: ginseng [red] (American, Chinese, or Korean); astragulus, elderberries, and calendula.

To combat diarrhea: work with the diarrhea by giving the child water to help flush the colon. After the diarrhea stops, give the child water with a teaspoon of sea salt (not table salt) in it to replace the sodium lost from diarrhea.

To combat fever: work with the fever by giving the child ginger, cinnamon, cloves, or cayenne or paprika (mild dosage only) in tea or extract form or let the herbs soak in hot water and allow to cool down to room temperature and give to the child to drink.

To combat constipation or help pass stools: give the child a combination of senna (pods or leaves) and peppermint leaves; or prune juice.

To combat coughing: work with the cough by giving the child herbs of wild cherry bark, blood root (very strong), boneset, elecampane, eucalyptus, lobelia, or cannabis in extract or tea form (add a little maple syrup and lemon).

To combat itching of the skin: soak the child in warm water with 4 ounces each of the herbs buck bean, celadine, calendula, and garlic (not 4 ounces, but maybe 4 cloves). It’s best to first run hot water and then add the herbs and let the water cool down and then let the child soak in the herbal mixture. EXTERNALLY, you can rub the child from shoulder to feet with cornstarch or arrowroot powder (mixed with essential oil of tea tree, lavender, and cedar), instead of baby powder (which is toxic).

To help the skin heal externally: you can use calendula gel or cream

To combat heavy metal poisoning (from the metals in the vaccine serum): give the child activated charcoal (1/2 teaspoon stirred well in a small cup of water), and/or liquid bentonite clay (1 teaspoon in a small glass of warm water).

Vaccinations for Travel

Why is it that if you travel to Africa and other countries that are populated by black or Original and Native peoples, you have to first be vaccinated before getting on the airplane? But if you go to countries in Europe that are populated by white people, you are not required to be vaccinated.

Many places and countries are crawling with serious infectious diseases, and one should be concerned about their health abroad or over seas, but vaccination is not the only answer.

Many people who travel to West Africa are concerned about malaria. Malaria is an infectious disease marked by cycles of chills, fever, and sweating, transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. One of the best herbs on earth to take for malaria (prevention and cure) is cinchona, also known as Peruvian bark. Cinchona (Cinchona calisaya) contains natural quinine, which suppresses cell enzymes and acts as a disinfectant in cases of malaria. Cinchona is also great for influenza and intermittent fevers. Cinchona can be enhanced by mixing it with cloves, yellow dock, and goldenseal. So if you want a natural preventive for malaria while traveling to Africa or Central or South American (or any place else), take some Cinchona (capsules). And also, vaccines required for airline travel are also voluntary.

Anti-parasite herbs (called vermifuge and anthelmintic) such as garlic, pink root, peach tree bark, tansy, southernwood, wormwood, male fern, quassia, epazote, betel nut, kutaj, olive leaf, and wormseed are also ideal for preventive measures when abroad. I have a Parasite and Worm formula that includes all of the herbs supra.

You can also make a natural insect repellant by using certain essential oils such as eucalyptus, lemon, lime, rosemary, thyme, cloves, tea tree, manuka, cedarwood, and ravensare, putting them in a base of water or oil (sweet almond, grapefruit, coconut, etc.).

You can add these alkaline oxygen drops to your water for protection. Any liquid oxygen product may do. Just make sure to bring a bottle with you over seas.


Related Questions

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    Q: Unfortunately my child did get vaccinated due mostly in part to my ignorance to the law. I must admit the administration wore me down with the threats and medical exam fee that kept stating that their immunization was low. I don't believe the hype!!! I did give them charcoal and Bentonite clay right after the shots. I also took them both off of the meats and dairy completely (as we were transitioning into a raw food diet). They are looking at me long faced now but I believe that they will appreciate it later. :-) What I can take from this experience as a learning lesson and help others that maybe in a similar situation and simply do not know what to do. All the information that you have on your website is amazing (I am a Dherbs junkie). You said it best that knowledge is power and I truly understand that statement now. Thank you for all that you do and just know that your works are appreciated.


    Did you read our article on â€THE DANGERS OF VACCINATIONS†I have created a NEW vaccine waiver kit that folks will be able to order from Dherbs and give to all administrations. It includes an affidavit of objection, an affidavit to the nurse assuming 100% full responsibility for the inoculation, and a request for chemical ingredient of the vaccine. Have the child perform CHILDREN DETOX (liquid extracts) too (within the next 30 days). Stay strong and move forward more knowledgeable than you were.

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    Q: I had a question regarding the chicken pox and other child sickness. I wanted to know what must I give my 8 month old baby if he do get the chicken pox or other sickness. I haven?t given him any vaccination, so he is clean of all that pollution that they are given the children. Could you please advice what I must do if he gets that. And also he are teething and he has some slime on his chest, I?m giving him some sweet basil and also mint tea to see if he can pass it out. If you have any other bush that I can give him please let me know.

    A: Give your child plenty of immune boosting herbs -- Pau D'Arco, Astragulus, Echinacea, Goldenseal and Cat's Claw. Make a tea of them and sweeten them with maple syrup or agave nectar.

    We have an article on "the dangers of childhood vaccines" on our site under "articles" you may find interesting!

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    Q: I recently gave birth to a child who may have sickle cell disease. I am interested in purchasing your recommended herbs and would like to know if the herbs are available in a form my son can take considering he is a baby and cannot swallow a pill. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide me with.


    Don't focus on sickle cell. Focus on nutrition. Make sure you eat well and the baby will be fine. Make sure you cleanse (especially if the baby breast feeds). Best cleanse for a breast-feeding or non-breast-feeding mom: 10-DAY ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD CLEANSE!

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    Q: I am very much aware of herbs ayurvedic and regular from a child. What makes your product lets say for the lymph and blood work better than another brand. Lets say it has the same key ingredients that is specifically for lymph and blood. Why would you need 25 herbs in a blend opposed to just the main 3 for the specific organ or purpose. I am so tired of trying everything, and want to be on a trusted regimen. I already prepared oppose to me buying each herb single and mixing it myself. My goal as a healer is to be well rounded in all the blending of herbs for specific uses. The best place to start the healing process is within yourself and I have been curious about Dherbs.


    I mean, why only use the top 3 herbs available when so many other good herbs (i.e. alterative herbs, which are good for the blood) exist and are available? Why shortchange the people? Why not be unique? Why not give people the best BLOOD herbs from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Traditional African Medicine, Traditional European Medicine, etc.? If you take the best herbs from around the world and use in your formulations and compounds, it makes a statement that your products are indeed truly for humanity. Who else is doing this? Who else even thinks like this? Our formulas contain many exotic herbs that are very expensive (for other herbalists and manufacturers) and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to get and provide the BEST for the people (customer), especially if those exotic herbs are available and not curtailed by government regulations (which many are). And in addition to above, providing these unique herbal formulations and compounds for a very economical and reasonable cost. To be the BEST formula, the formula would have to contain the BEST organ-gland specific herbs from around the world. Now THIS, is what makes unique, at least in my opinion. However, the products speak for themselves. We are the BEST and provide the BEST!

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    Q: MD wants the infant to take penicillin twice a day as a preventative measure against infections, because child has been diagnosed with sickle cell. Is there a natural substitute for penicillin? Also you mentioned using intention for person to change the sickle cell disease; both parents have sickle cell trait, so can the parents use this "intention" to rid themselves of the trait and not have concern about any other children having the disease. Please let me know. Have you worked with anyone that has been cured of sickle cell and we really need something so this child will not have crisis and complications that go along with the disease.



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    Q: I've been dealing with anxiety, and depression since I was a child. Now I am 31, and been medicated with antidepressants for 10 years. I want to get off of the antidepressants because, I am having bad side effects. Do you recommend any herbs I can take to make it easer for me to come off these meds?


    I recommend the Substance Abuse Cleanse, and the Full Body Detox. Also, read our article entitled "Sea Salt Soak."

    Sea Salt Soak

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox

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    Q: I just returned from Ghana Jan. 20, 2007. I waivered the yellow fever vaccination and chose not to take the malaria prevention pills. Although I feel fine, I am looking for supplements to cleanse my system of viruses and bacteria. I have a limited income, as I am a college student, therefore I am looking for a sufficient herbal supplement at an affordable price!


    We would suggest the Anti-Viral Formula to help cleanse your system of toxins, bacteria, viruses, and infections that can harm your body.

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    Q: Can you give your recommendation of Dherbs products to utilize in lew of giving a child dangerous vaccinations, specially the Swine flu vaccine.


    All a child needs is to take ECHINACEA-GOLDENSEAL-ASTRAGALUS, and CHILDREN'S ELIXIR and eat a healthy diet and the child will be fine.

    Product Link:
    Astragulus-Goldenseal-Echinacea Extract
    Children's Elixir Extract

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    Q: Can you help a child that weighs about 60 pounds that has childhood diabetes. When making inquiries please spell out everything so that we don't assume anything and give incorrect information. Thank you!


    1. Change the child's diet 2. Have the child perform CHILDREN’S PANCREAS CLEANSE AND REGIMEN (LIQUID EXTRACTS) 3. Schedule a consultation

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    Q: I have a child and she will be nine this year. I have not been able to get pregnant since then, both partners I tried with; have gotten other females pregnant so why is it taking me such a long time to conceive another child. I’ve been on birth controls before and just stop because they where making my body feel weird so what would you suggest that I do about the situation.



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    Q: I have been inquiring about curing genital herpes for the last couple months. I was advised to order the Full Body Detox 1st, then the Anti-Viral Cleanse and Regimen. I read in one of the Q&A that you should not detox at all while pregnant. What else is there for people in my situation to do to cure this disease while pregnant? I just found out that I was expecting, and was about to order the products at the same time. I do not want to abort my child due to someone passing along this terrible disease to me. I have alot of faith in God, and want healing as soon as I can receive it. I do not know what to do at this point. I feel I waited to long to try the products, but my money situation was not right. I just want to maintain a healthy system for my child. It is not his/her fault, and I do not want to punish my child for my wrongdoings. Is there anything hopeful that can be advised. Please help me!


    Please read our articles. You need knowledge because both fear, and ignorance stem from lack of knowledge. Read our articles on Pregnancy i.e. Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Detoxing. Perform the 10-day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse while pregnant but no other cleanse, okay!

    Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Detoxing

    Product Links:
    10-Day Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse

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    Q: If I gave the SUGAR BUSTER to my child for adhd what effect is it going to have on them compared to what they are taking now, one is on addrell and the other is concerta? I have no idea! I really don't believe in ADD! ADD only means a child is too advanced and is greatly bored in the classroom learning non-mentally stimulating things for an old world paradigm. However, the drugs you are giving those innocent children are harming their bodies and overall health. Problems are not fixed by drugging. Have you read our article entitled "ATTENTION-DEFICIT DISORDER"?


    I have no idea! I really don't believe in ADD! ADD only means a child is too advanced and is greatly bored in the classroom learning non-mentally stimulating things for an old world paradigm. However, the drugs you are giving those innocent children are harming their bodies and overall health. Problems are not fixed by drugging. Have you read our article entitled "ATTENTION-DEFICIT DISORDER"?

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    Q: My wife just had surgery to deliver our second child by what they call C-Section. Our first was also delivered that way. The surgery left a lot of air and gas in her system as well as having to cut through her skin and muscle. She has improved in the last few days since. Of course she is being subscribed all kinds of medicines. Her diet over the years has been mostly vegetarian. Before the birth of this child we both veered of our diet a bit. What can she take to help the healing process, her pain and return her digestive system back to normal


    Try our FULL BODY DETOX Cleanse!

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    Q: With my first child I had toxemia. This resulted in my skin becoming severely discolored. My face, neck, feet, legs, and overall complexion became darker and uneven. How can I get back to my regular skin tone? Also, which Detox system would you suggest I use while nursing?


    That's easy! DETOX! DETOX! DETOX! I recommend you perform the FULL BODY DETOX after nursing, not while nursing; however, you can do mild detoxing while nursing (via herbal teas i.e DETOX TEA).

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    Q: My co-worker has a 1 year old grand-daughter, who they recentlly found has 3 kidneys. This was discovered because she has constant fevers, and was not able to hold down any foods. The hospital she is currently taking the child to, has not assisted with any part of the child getting better. They seem to be giving her the run around. For example, scheduling appointments then cancelling etc. My co-workers seems to think, they are not getting fare treatment. Due to the fact her grand-daughter is receiving medicaid (government assisted health care). She says that they keep prescribing tylenol for the fever, and now the little girl may have a bladder infection. She has been, giving the 1 year old daily doses of tylenol for a few months now. I think that this should be stopped. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated.


    By all means, that child needs to perform the Children's Detox to undo all the harm the poor child has suffered.

    Product Links:
    Children Detox

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    Q: This question is in regard to my 1 yr. old daughter. This morning she grabbed a boiling hot cup of water down from the kitchen table and now has a 2nd degree burn on her chest. She has a big open wound where the skin came off on her chest. I do not vaccinate my child and the nurses were trying to urge me to give her a tetanus shot which I refused. They mentioned it was a vaccine which was for pertussis as well which I did not really understand. So my question is, what would u recommend I give her to keep infection away? I am taking her to a burn center tomorrow for them to check it and show me how to and how often to dress it. I plan to put silver water on the bandage to help the healing process as well. I plan to do a detox for her soon since they gave her morphine for pain and also she has had a lot of mucus and congestion lately due to her teething. Thank you in advance and thank u for this BEAUTIFUL website I am so blessed to have come across your products, I plan to promote them within my business I have already been directing my clients here (I'm a natural stylist).


    Make sure you put aloe vera gel on the damaged skin of the child daily. Aloe is very calming and healing. To prevent infection, rub shea butter on the skin daily. Shea is very good for skin healing. Calendula gel (from a health food store) is also very therapeutic. The OZ OIL from Dherbs would be the best healing agent due to the oxygen in it. Alternate between the above oil, gel, and butter. Don't worry too much about the situation. Focus on healing and moving forward. The child will be alright! Peace, Love and Healing!

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    Q: I weigh 300 lbs, and have been overweight since a child. I also have much guilt and shame in my life. I had a gastric bypass. I lost weight, and gained most of it back. I desperately want to be thin. I also have hypothyroidism [constantly cold, body temp 93-96 degrees]. Please help.


    For your weight problem, please give our 20-day Weight Release Kit and Regimen a try. After this kit, jump immediately to the Full Body Cleanse. You can do either 3-week kit first. These cleanses can help to strengthen the eliminative channels and re-boot your body to perform at the level you desire.


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    Q: I have a very serious situation. My child's father has been diagnosed with Scleroderma. He has been working for Northwest Airlines for several years, and he was never a smoker. Yet, the doctors say this is what may have caused the illness. I am convinced that inhaling jet fuel fumes for many years is the culprit. What can he begin to take to heal from this disease? He was told there is no known cure, and he has not decided to go on any type of medication that they have for his coughing, and fatigue. Is there any advice for this condition? What can we read? I did not find an article on this condition on this website.


    Because the disease affects his lungs, you guys should read "Respiratory Problems" article. I highly recommend he performs the Lungs and Respiratory Cleanse. If his work schedule is too drastic to perform this, he should take a daily regimen of, Mucus Buster, Lungs and Respiratory Formula, and Electric Greens Cell Foods Formula (3 capsules of each formula every 2-3 hours a part). Start 9 a.m. Mucus Buster, 12 p.m. Lungs & Respiratory, 3 p.m. Electric Greens, etc. And because he works in a polluted environment (jet fuel fumes), have him start taking Carbon Activated Charcoal at least twice a week. Which work miracles, and pulls out all of those toxins he's inhaling. There's much help for him. He needs to act fast though. We also have an article entitled "Activated Charcoal" in our articles section.

    Respiratory Health
    Benefits of Carbon a/k/a Activated Charcoal

    Product Links:
    Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen
    Mucus Buster Formula
    Lungs and Respiratory Formula
    Electric Greens Cell Food

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    Q: I am a 38 year old african american woman who has never had a child, the reason is I have keliods all of my body the are bad on and around the upper body area, and I have infections that come and go the infections get very bad when I have a outbreak they break open giving a very nasty oder. These infections come with boils and nasty yellow-green pus that has a bad oder. I also have boils and infections between my legs. I want these keloids to be gone is there any thing I can do to get rid of these keloids and infections once and for all. Please help me your my last hope.


    First perform the FULL BODY DETOX. Next, perform the DHERBS 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE! Change your diet to raw foods only (for 30 days). Then incorporate the vegan-vegetarian diet. NO MEAT! NO DAIRY! NO PROCESSED FOOD! Bathe in hot water, 2-3 boxes of sea salt! Daily! Drink vegetable juice 2-3 times daily (make sure you use parsley and cilantro). Rub your body down with Dherbs OZ OIL after every bath.

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    Q: I just had a child 5 months ago... every now and then this really sad or hopeless feeling comes over me and I just want to cry for no reason. Even before I got pregnant I would get these feelings, I don't understand why because I'm pretty happy for the most part. Do you know what I can do to help me with this? Also, I have a swollen Lymphoid on my neck. It has been there for about 4 or 5yrs now. Do you have anything that would take the swelling out? I checked with a massage therapist and they wanted a statement from the doctor first but the last time I went to the doctor she said something about a biopsy so I didn't go back.