Clean Out Your Colon To Have A Healthy Start For Spring

Clean Out Your Colon To Have A Healthy Start For Spring

Spring is here, which means that it is time to clean out body. Put your house/apartment/bungalow on hold for a second and take time to care for your shrine and temple that is your body. The body is constantly working, so cleaning it out is a way to give back and make things easier on your body. This is why Dherbs recommends colonics.

Performed by a professional and skilled colonic irrigation specialist in a safe, hygienic, and pleasant facility and utilizing modern and state-of-the-art colonic hydrotherapy equipment, colonics are very safe. Colonics help to cleanse the large intestine (colon) and the sigmoid (lower bowel).

What Are Some of the Health Benefits To Be Expected From Colonics?

Some of the health benefits from colonics include:

  • Weight release
  • Clearer skin and complexion
  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Improved lymphatic circulation
  • Purified blood
  • Elimination of mucus
  • Mental clarity
  • More energy or vitality
  • Elimination of worms and parasites
  • Enhanced activity of major eliminative channels and organs

How Often Should I Have Colonics Performed?

Ideally, if it is your first time getting a colonic, you should have a series of 12 colonics performed – a session every other day (or 3 times per week) for four weeks straight, totaling about a month in duration.

However, because colonic sessions can be expensive for many people, ranging in price from $55-$100 depending on what facility and colonic hydro-therapist you visit, many people may not be able to afford the necessary 12 colonics to properly introduce themselves to the world of proper colon hygiene.

When budget is an issue, simply get at least 3 sessions performed and do your best to get another 3 sessions done as soon as possible until you have 12 sessions under your belt. It is worth saying that if you are participating in one of the Dherbs cleanses, you may want to avoid frequent colonics, as you will already be cleansing the colon.

After your initial 12 rounds or sessions of colonics, you may simply opt to have colonics (one session) performed once a month, a series of 3 colonics performed every three months, or whatever schedule best suits your health needs and personal schedule.

Preparing For Your Colonic Session

Schedule your colonic at least a week in advance. This gives you seven days to prepare for the colonic or series of colonics.

The day before your colonic appointment, make sure you do not eat anything after you eat dinner. It may help you out if you schedule your session(s) in the morning so that way you’ll only be skipping breakfast and won’t have to worry about hunger.

What Goes On During A Colonic?

A colonic session usually lasts about 45-60 minutes. The process is typically painless, with the exception of the insertion of the speculum into the rectum, which could cause a little discomfort physically and psychologically (a lot of people are adverse to having something inserted into their anus).

Though some people may feel shy that their anus is being exposed to a stranger, however, this person (stranger) should be seen and viewed as someone who is helping you – helping you to reclaim and restore your health, especially the health of your colon.

Before you start the colonic, you’ll be asked to lean or turn on one side so the hydro-therapist can insert the speculum into your rectum via your anus. It helps to take a deep breath before the speculum is being inserted.

Your head should rest comfortably on a headrest (of the colonic table) or perhaps a pillow. It all depends on the facility and hydro-therapist you go to. The hydro-therapist will turn on the water lever, allowing cool to moderately warm water to enter into your colon via the rectum. You will or should feel the water entering your body.

After a certain amount of water is entered into your body the hydro-therapist may begin to massage your stomach or press into your stomach (so as to break up gas pockets and to loosen hardened stools or feces that are like bricks along the walls of your colon).

After doing the above for a few seconds or minutes, he/she will turn the lever allowing a release (of water, feces, and other debris). It is also normal upon the first few releases to see that your water coming out of you is clear. If this is the case, chances are you’re pretty blocked and it may take some time for a release full of waste to exit your body. Many times, people don’t have a good release due to psychological factors (i.e. embarrassment, shyness, feeling awkward, etc.).

After the speculum is removed from your rectum, you’ll be told (or should be told) to go to the restroom and sit on the toilet for a few minutes so as to release any water still in your colon and/or rectum. To help expel water, press on your stomach (about 2 inches under your navel) with your fingers for a few seconds. Press in different spots around the front of your stomach.

A little water may seep out from your rectum after the session and while you have your clothes back on. It may also feel as if you defecated on yourself but it’s not the case. It just may feel like it. However, it’s just water from the session making its way out of the body.

What Can I Expect To See During My Colonic?

You could possibly see old fecal matter (which you can tell by its dark color). Dark colored fecal matter denotes old fecal matter stored in the body possibly for years or decades. Lighter colored fecal matter denotes most recent fecal matter from recent foods consumed. Whatever you may see, just be thankful it is leaving your body.

Post Colonic and Repopulation of Beneficial Intestinal Flora?

Many people are concerned about what happens to the beneficial intestinal flora after colonics are performed. If you’re really worried about the beneficial intestinal flora after your colonic, you could always take a few capsules of acidophilus (acidophilus bifidus) or a liquid form of acidophilus (dairy-free, of course).

Drink a minimum of 4 ounces of vegetable or carrot juice after a colonic session. If you’re into carrot juice, carrot juice is just as effective as acidophilus in restoring good bacteria in the intestines. Juiced cantaloupe is even better than carrot juice in restoring the beneficial flora.

The best thing to consume after your colonic session would be vegetable juice (if possible), followed by a big green leafy salad. Next would be steamed vegetables and maybe some brown rice. Simply remember to eat light, not heavy, after your colonic.