Common Lies That Surround The Thanksgiving Dinner

Common Lies That Surround The Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that brings together friends, family, and, most importantly, flavors. Eating until you can no longer move is almost encouraged on this holiday, but you regret it when you are beyond bloated. Sure, the rolls and mashed potatoes went down smooth with the stuffing and turkey, but was it necessary? Did you have to put your body through that experience again?

In addition to family time and eating, Thanksgiving is really about preparation. The meal is quite a lengthy process, especially if you take on the challenge all by yourself. Between basting the turkey, mashing the potatoes, roasting the Brussels sprouts, and preparing for the onslaught of family members, it’s safe to say that Thanksgiving is overwhelming. That means that you have a lot of preparation to do, especially in regards to your mental health

It’s no secret that the Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of preparation, but it also requires your mental preparation. There are many lies that surround this holiday, and most of them involve why you feel you should stuff your face. Start this year fresh to better assess how you approach this holiday. When you look at common lies surrounding why you eat a lot, you may end up eating less and feeling better about yourself.

It’s Thanksgiving…So You Need To Gorge

Thanksgiving, much like 4th of July or Labor Day Weekend, is a holiday about excess. This holiday primarily focuses on food, and eating leftovers throughout the weekend is highly encouraged, according to the masses. The reality is that you should be extra careful with what you eat because it is Thanksgiving, after all. Eating too much is too easy, so be extra careful with what you select from the big holiday spread.

The Food Is So Good That You Need To Go Back For Seconds

True, the food is extra special on Thanksgiving. That also means that you need to concentrate on thoroughly enjoying each and every bite. Don’t just eat mindlessly and wolf down forkful after forkful, not taking a second to breathe or enjoy food between bites. In all seriousness, you will enjoy yourself (and the food) much more if you savor what you put on your plate. Don’t overcrowd your plate, either, as a large plate of food is harder to fully appreciate. 

You Need To Celebrate By Eating Whatever You Want

Thanksgiving is not your opportunity to fully abandon all of your dietary rules. Is it a time to be appreciative of what you have and for the people who surround you? Yes, absolutely, but that has nothing to do with eating recklessly. You don’t need to express your gratitude via eating excessively. Three pieces of pie doesn’t mean you are more grateful than someone who enjoys food responsibly. 

Eat As Much As You Can Now While It’s Here

For the most part, Thanksgiving food is not eaten any other time of year, except for Christmas, maybe. The truth is that you will get to eat the same thing the following day for leftovers. And the even bigger truth is that if you don’t get to eat a side dish on Thanksgiving, you can always make it again some other time. There is no need to stuff your face just because this meal happens once a year. That is a foolish way of thinking!

You Don’t Need To Follow Boundaries On Holidays

Ahhh, this is potentially the biggest lie that surrounds the holiday season. In fact, people know that they gain more weight during this time of year than the rest of the year. New Year’s resolutions will take care of it, right? Wrong! Boundaries protect you and your life, and your overall health, will benefit if you don’t stuff yourself on Thanksgiving. You will also feel better the next morning when you wake up knowing that you followed your boundaries. Be strong and your body will thank you!

It’s There And You Can’t Help Yourself

If you fill your mind with the truth before you sit down to eat, the likelihood of you stuffing your face is much lower. Don’t believe the common lies surrounding Thanksgiving and prepare yourself mentally to have a healthier, less-bloated experience.

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