Could This Green Veggie Lower Your Cancer Risk?

Could This Green Veggie Lower Your Cancer Risk?

February 17th, 2017, is National Cabbage Day! This inexpensive, leafy vegetable has been grown in different areas around the world for hundreds of years. It is a culturally diverse food that has some amazing health properties. If you want to help decrease your risk of cancer and improve your digestive health, you need more cabbage in your diet.


Cabbage has been a staple ingredient in many cultures because it is inexpensive and easy to grow. Before Jacques Cartier brought it to the Americas, cabbage was popular in the Mediterranean region, as well as areas in Africa and Ireland. Some of our favorite, nutritious vegetables belong to the cabbage family. These include broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cauliflower, kale, and kohlrabi.


Cancer Prevention:

Cabbage is rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals in the body. These antioxidants help to nourish cells and keep the arteries healthy. Additionally, cabbage has anti-inflammatory and anticancer compounds, which help to prevent tumor growth. One study, which was conducted on a group of Chinese women, showed a considerate breast cancer reduction when cruciferous veggies like cabbage were added to their diets.


Digestive Hero:

The Standard American Diet can create a lot of waste in organs, intestines, and the colon, where most autoimmune diseases originate. Drinking cabbage juice can help remedy stomach ulcers and nurture the GI tract. Cabbage also contains fiber and iron, both of which help to cleanse the colon and stimulate healthy digestion.


Great For Weight Loss:

Because cabbage is nutrient dense and a low-calorie food, it is great for people who are trying to lose weight. For instance, there are only 33 calories in one cup of cooked cabbage. Plus, the fact that it aids digestion only helps you on your weight loss journey. You can eat cabbage raw, sautéed, steamed, or in juice form.


Bye, Bye High Cholesterol:

Cabbage is one of the best cholesterol-lowering foods out there. The anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties help to lower cholesterol levels. The high levels of vitamins A & C help to purify the blood and keep it flowing smoothly throughout the body.


Keeps Your Skin Healthy:

You already know that cabbage is rich in antioxidants, which are crucial for healthy skin. The antioxidants in cabbage have anti-aging properties, which keep your skin looking young, fresh, and can even improve skin spots or discolorations. Eat cabbage in its raw form to get most benefits for your skin.