Could You Be Breaking Out Because Of These Acne Causes

Could You Be Breaking Out Because Of These Acne Causes

There’s nothing worse than a bad breakout. Pimples or zits that appear out of the blue are like unwanted guests in your house; you have to tolerate them, but only for a short while. A lot of people like to blame certain unhealthy foods for these blemishes. While they aren’t necessarily wrong, there are a lot of secret things that can actually cause you to break out.

Your diet can be a culprit for almost anything. If you’ve been eating a lot of processed foods, fried foods, hydrogenated oils, sugary foods, saturated fats, dairy products, or a lot of meat, you may break out. The body wasn’t designed to process these foods, but it can process fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts & seeds, and whole grains more easily. And consuming those foods has been associated with fewer breakouts.

Not everything is always about food, though. While it is always best to follow a plant-based diet, sometimes there are other causes of acne. Here are things that have possibly been making you break out.

#1: Your Shower Water

The water you shower with may contain metals that can throw your off your skin’s pH balance. If this happens, the protective oils and amino acids on your skin can be compromised and result in an acne breakout.

To Fix It: While the solution may sound like a method only used by aristocrats, wash your face with distilled water to see if your shower water is actually the culprit. A shower filter is another option that may help to keep your skin healthy.

#2: You Aren’t Sleeping Well

A high percentage of people watch television, read tablets, browse the web, or scroll through social media apps on their phones before bed. This artificial blue light simulates sunlight, which makes you want to stay awake. The electronic frequencies on these devices can throw off your internal clock, ultimately stressing you out and inhibiting healthy sleep.

To Fix It: Try to read a book before bed and cozy up with a cup of herbal tea. Ditch the electronics a few hours before bed so you can regulate your sleep cycle and get your beauty sleep.

#3: Your Smartphone

Since we are on the topic of electronics, your smartphone may be causing you to break out, especially if blemishes are on your cheek or jawline (i.e. where you put the phone on your face). Because your hands come in contact with tons of bacteria in the world, those germs transfer to your phone’s screen when you touch it. Then they touch your face when you make a call.

To Fix It: Always wash your hands and try to keep screen cleansing wipes with you at all times. Having a clean screen can help keep acne away.

#4: Too Many Acne Products

Some people, who are worried about having oily skin, tend to panic and use too many spot treatments or various acne products. These products can dry your skin to the point where your skin can’t protect itself from harmful bacteria, which can enter your pores.

To Fix It: Wash your face with black soap or use a charcoal mask. You can also put a dab of oil of oregano on blemishes to help kill the bacteria.

#5: Your Foundation Is Too Thick:

Makeup products like foundation can be thick, which can clog your pores and seal in the sweat. Additionally, the thick consistency attracts dirt and bacteria that can build up on the skin and cause blemishes to form.

To Fix It: It is best to opt for a lightweight foundation, especially if you don’t need thick coverage. If you prefer thicker coverage, you just have to cleanse your face more frequently to avoid breakouts.