Dherbs Cooled Off With Cryotherapy At LA Cryo

Dherbs Cooled Off With Cryotherapy At LA Cryo

While Dherbs is an all-natural herbal supplement company, it also aims to inform the public about alternative therapies that contribute to a healthier body. From floatation therapy to stretch therapy and acupuncture to sonic bathing, many practices can improve your physical and mental health.

Our latest adventure happened when we got the chance to visit LA Cryo in Pasadena, California. Cryotherapy has increased in popularity within the past couple years, especially for athletes. The therapy involves standing in extremely cold temperatures in a cryo tank for three minutes, but localized treatments are also available for those who cannot do whole-body cryotherapy. The benefits of cryotherapy include:

  • Improved circulation (from the release of norepinephrine)
  • Higher endorphin production
  • Decreased inflammation (and improved range of motion)
  • Anxiety and depression relief
  • Improved immune function

We sent our content writer, Vinnie, and our media team to cover the cryotherapy experience. Here’s what Vinnie had to say about it.

Upon arriving at LA Cryo, Ruth, one of the owners, greeted us and provided a tour of her quaint facility. A private room near the front is dedicated for localized treatments and the back area is where the big cryotherapy tank is. I can’t lie to you, folks…I was terrified when I saw that tank. It isn’t ominous or anything like that, but I started freezing when she explained the different temperatures that people experience in the tank.

The Three Levels Of LA Cryo

For first timers, such as myself, level one is the starting point. This is no walk in the park, considering it goes down to -135 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you get familiar with the process and enjoy the subzero temperatures of the cryotherapy tank, you can hit level two, which is -160 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, the third and final level, “the boss stage” if you will, is a cool -185 degrees Fahrenheit.

First off, I love being the guinea pig for Dherbs. It is nerve-wracking at times, but I get to try new alternative therapies that contribute to a healthier body. I do it for you, ladies and gentlemen, to expose you to different treatments and therapies that can make you as healthy as possible.

Now, subzero temperatures and I are not exactly the best of friends, so you can understand my hesitation to lunge into the tank. At the same time, my left shoulder had been in pain for several days, and one of the primary benefits of cryotherapy is that it helps improve joint mobility and aids muscle recovery.

Entering The Tank

Before entering the tank, you have to put on the socks, gloves, and shoes that LA Cryo provides. Your head and neck stay above the cold, so you don’t need to don a beanie or ski mask. Failing to protect your extremities can result in possible frostbite. In addition to the gloves, socks, and shoes, you only wear shorts, underwear, or sports bra and shorts inside the tank.

Ruth prepped the tank for my entry and when she opened it, nitrogen vapors flooded the room. It looked like a fog machine flooded the stage at a 1980s rock show. I darted into the tank, Ruth closed the door, and she turned it on, releasing the nitrogen vapors to bring the temperature down to -135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since it was hot outside that day, the first 30 seconds inside the cryo tank felt lovely and refreshing, cooling me off instantaneously. After the initial excitement wore off, it got chilly very quickly. I could feel my muscles tensing up and I started to shiver every now and again. I’m sure this doesn’t happen to everyone, especially if you continue to go back for more sessions. Ruth explained that I should move around a bit to generate some body heat. That suggestion definitely helped, but I ultimately had to go into the depths of myself, control my breathing, and accept the cold for the remainder of the session.

The key is to relax in the tank. You can meditate for those three minutes and focus on your breath to remain in control. Also, don’t touch the insides of the tank. I made that mistake and it was extremely cold.

Post Cryo Feelings

Within the first 10 minutes of exiting the tank, I felt an intense warmth in my muscles. Ruth explained that this feeling is attributed to the expansion of the body’s mitochondria, and this process helps to accelerate recovery, especially if you experience muscle soreness. My sore left shoulder felt looser, and my range of motion improved. I felt energized, like I was ready to tackle the remainder of the day. I was ready for whatever! Maybe that was the endorphin rush, which is one of the primary benefits of cryotherapy.

The feeling, both during and after the cryotherapy session, was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I felt limber, as though I had been zapped with the power of youth. I hope to return for regular sessions to keep my joints and muscles in tiptop shape.

Should You Try It?

If you can handle the cold, you should absolutely try cryotherapy. The benefits are too amazing to ignore and it truly works. It’s not the same as sitting in an ice bath; rather, it is an accelerated version of it without the cold wetness that you experience. If you want to reduce inflammation, improve range of motion, boost endorphin production, or improve circulation, you need to try cryotherapy.

People Who Should Not Do Cryotherapy

Unfortunately, not everyone can try cryotherapy. Anyone with a heart condition or unmanaged high blood pressure should not do whole body cryotherapy. Being in the tank raises blood pressure, so keep that in mind. Whole body cryotherapy may also be too intense for seniors or people with arthritis. Luckily, people with heart problems, arthritis, or seniors can benefit from localized cryotherapy treatment. There is a machine with a vacuum-like hose that blows -40 degree Fahrenheit air on the area being treated. Many people with joint pain or arthritis benefit from this treatment, and the temperature is completely safe for them.

If you’re in the Greater Los Angeles Area, make your way over to LA Cryo, located in Pasadena, CA. It’s an affordable treatment and Ruth is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She definitely calmed my nerves before the session.