Dherbs Stepped Into Tranquility During A Sound Bath At Awa Oasia

Dherbs Stepped Into Tranquility During A Sound Bath At Awa Oasia

Here at Dherbs, we try to live up to our motto of assisting people in reclaiming their birthright of vibrant and optimal health. While we sell numerous herbal supplements, cleanses, and topical products, we also aim to inform the public about the unique, alternative therapies that improve overall wellness. To live up to that goal, we will continue to bring you a variety of therapies that can enhance your physical and mental health.

Our new video series on YouTube is called “The Adventures of V-Man,” which documents our content writer, Vinnie, and all the alternative wellness therapies he tries. The latest therapy he experienced was sound bathing, which is a deeply immersive and meditative experience. Many people enjoy sound baths because they help to reduce stress, improve sleep, increase cognitive function, enhance self-esteem, improve immune function, decrease inflammation, and stabilize mood. How can you experience these benefits? All you have to do is bathe in some soothing sounds.

Note: You cannot shower in sound; you can only bathe in it. Ha!

Vinnie and our media team visited Awa Oasia in Downtown, Los Angeles, California, to take part in a one-of-a-kind sound bath given by Nadine Casanova. You’ll find Vinnie’s sound bath experience detailed below.

Entering Awa Oasia

First off, let me just say that Awa Oasia is a tranquil, creative, artistic space that was amazing to be in. My initial focus went towards the planters with towering greenery, full kitchen setup, and suspended circular bed with countless pillows. Is it weird that I wanted to take a nap on that bed? Perhaps, but I’d venture to say that many people have napped on said suspended bed. I then noticed the sound bath area in the center of the main room, which included various-sized singing bowls, a gong, a double flute, shakers, and a handheld drum.

Nadine Casanova, CEO of Awa Oasia, emerged from behind her desk, her expressive aura greeting me before she had the chance to say hello. Within minutes of meeting her, she began singing as she explained the sound bath experience. I asked if she was going to sing during the sound bath and she said that she always does. She also explained that she sings based on what the spirit tells her to do in the moment. Not every sound bath has singing; rather, the person offering the sound bath decides what sounds to make, either through instruments or voice. As Nadine explained after the session, certain sounds or frequencies can penetrate emotions, stimulate brainwaves, or improve immune function.

Check out The Adventures of V-Man video documenting the sound bath at Awa Oasia.

The Sound Bath

I lay down on the carpet in the sound bath area. Nadine took her place behind the singing bowls and instructed me to close my eyes, take several deep breaths, and think of a phrase, saying, or singular goal to focus on during the session. She hit the singing bowls with her mallet to create a mixture of tones, which resonated throughout the space.

At first, it was very tranquil and the descending tones created an interesting vibration. It felt like my body was tingling as the singing bowls resonated. Then, all of a sudden, Nadine hit a metal bowl, which was right behind my head, and the sound just seemed to circle around my head for what seemed like five minutes. It finally faded away by the time she started singing and beating a drum, which almost matched the rhythm of my heartbeat. I relaxed and submitted to the experience, letting the sounds wash over me. 

Speaking of sounds washing over me, she shook this shaker device over me and it sounded like rain in the distance. It was a crazy feeling because I expected to be soaking wet after hearing that sound. That scratches the surface of how sound influences your thoughts or feelings.

I’ll be honest with all of you: this sound bath was the closest I’ve come to seeing or experiencing live music in six months. I’m a live music fanatic, so it was almost emotional to be in the presence of live sounds, especially when she sang or played the double flute. 

Reflecting On The Session

I felt incredibly relaxed and centered as the session came to a close. In my past experiences with meditation, I never could seem to quiet my thoughts. The enchanting sounds in the sound bath blocked any external thoughts, and I simply focused on the sounds. Now, Nadine explained that some people go on spiritual journeys during the sessions, some fall asleep, and others experience reduced anxiety. I didn’t venture into the spiritual realm, but I did feel extremely calm during and after the experience. 

Due to COVID-19, times are strange and sound baths may not be available to everyone. That being said, anyone can participate in sound baths, no matter where they live. Now that I’ve experienced a sound bath, I encourage everyone to try it. Nadine said people can easily go online and find sound bath videos or playlists for various ailments. People listen to music to relax or enhance their mood, right? It only makes sense, then, to listen to sounds or frequencies that can enhance overall health. If you have access to a sound therapy space, such as Awa Oasia, and you want to reduce stress or anxiety, it is 100% worth it. I will definitely continue this therapy on my own and hopefully return to receive more sessions from Nadine. 

You can find Nadine Casanova at Awa Oasia in Downtown, Los Angeles, or you can find her and the services she offers using the following website and social media channels. 

Instagram: @spiritofkalibri
Facebook: @awaoasia



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