Dherbs Will Be Attending TheFitExpo Los Angeles In January


The West Coast’s largest fitness event, the Bodybuilding.com TheFitExpo Los Angeles presented by Subway Restaurants, returns for its 14th epic year to the Los Angeles Convention Center, Saturday and Sunday, January 7-8.
This ultimate weekend of fitness offers attendees over 20 free competitions, events, workshops and appearances by the top fitness celebrities in the industry. Plus this one-of-a-kind event boasts 700 exhibits featuring the latest in fitness, diet, nutrition, strength and wellness products and services with show discounts and tons of free samples.


“The growth of the fitness industry continues with innovative products constantly emerging and the rise of creative workouts being introduced every month. TheFitExpo offers the perfect arena for brands to showcase their latest products and engage with fitness enthusiasts,” said Erin Ferries, Executive Director of National Fitness Productions. “It’s exciting to be a part of and to showcase these exciting innovations to our attendees, as well as to offer the fan favorites in competitions, performance areas, celebrities, and exhibitors.”


During both days, many leading fitness professionals will provide hot training tips, informational seminars and exciting demonstrations. Headlining guests include Jay Cutler (4X Mr. Olympia Champion), Billy Blanks (fitness icon and creator of the Tae Bo exercise program), Tito Ortiz (celebrity MMA fighter and UFC Hall of Famer), Kali Muscle (bodybuilder with 16 million views on YouTube for “Kali Muscle Story” and successful author, actor, philanthropist, motivator) Massy Arias (Internet bodybuilding sensation with 2.3 million Instagram followers), CT Fletcher (6X World Champion Powerlifter), and Dana Linn Bailey, (first Ms. Physique Olympia 2013). Plus, NBC-TV’s Strong stars Chris Ryan and Wes Okeson will give everyone a chance to sign up on-site and flex their muscles and go through a fitness obstacle course.


Several exciting new events have been added this year including:


  • Ultimate Ninja Obstacle Course Competition – Anyone can enter! The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association offers an opportunity for area athletes and weekend warriors to showcase their skills and test their abilities in strength, stamina, endurance, power and speed on one of our two courses for cash prizes. (enter online)


  • Los Angeles Dodgeball Championships– Dodgeball isn’t just for gym class anymore! This exciting, fast-paced game is becoming a mainstream sport. The World Dodgeball Society brings some of their best players to share their sport with the masses at the Expo weekend. Co-ed teams can test their skills in running, throwing, and dodging for a $1,000 cash prize and more. (Register online in advance.)


  • Box ‘N Burn – Get your the boxing gloves on as Olympic bronze medalist and former undefeated professional Boxer Tony Jefferies with co-owner Kevan Watson and their team of world class trainers offer fundamental boxing tips, special conditioning workshops and fun competitions throughout the weekend.


  • The Muscle Contest Challenge presented by Rule One Proteins and produced by Lindsay Productions, will feature Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure & Bikini Classic Championships. This NPC-sanctioned national qualifier offers a variety of competition classes from men, women, open and novice to masters and teens. Judging begins at 11:00 a.m. with finals at 3:00 p.m. Entry deadline is December 31, 2016.


  • Row your way to health as Heart Rate Training by Orangetheory Fitness offers row challenges all weekend at the Expo.


Several jaw dropping fan favorites return including: Odd Haugen Strength Classic, The USPA American Cup Pro Powerlifting Invitational presented by Iron Rebel, The Ironmind Viking Visegrip World’s Record Challenge, California Armwrestling Championship, Slackline Competition and Bodybuilding.com’s BodySpace™ Spokesmodel Search.
Attendees get the chance to win prize money and bragging rights as TheFitExpo’s Best Attendee and GAT Sport’s MAXREPS Attendee Competitions are back, with cash and prizes to the winners.


Come dressed to work out as TheFitExpo brings free mini-workouts, demos and fitness challenges daily on Group Training Zone Stage. The area’s top fitness professionals will offers sample sessions in Coed Crunch-Partner Workout, Studio SWEAT onDemand, LTO Fitness, Body Blast Bodyweight Bootcamp, The BRUTEZ, R.I.P.P.E.D, Pound Rockout Workout, and more. For the pros, Saturday workshop sessions and 30-minute express workout sessions will provide an opportunity to earn five Certified Education Units (CEU’s). (Separate fee to participate in CEU sessions).


For the first time, GROOV3 will present Wow the Crowd – Dance Fitness Instructor Challenge. This high- energy fitness challenge will feature the top five dance fitness instructors in LA going head-to-head to the spinning sounds of the Fit DJ Lauren Pappas. Open to all fitness instructors competing with music from Latin and Urban Hip Hop and Dance Hall to Jazzercise. (Separate ticket required).


Other fitness celebrities scheduled to appear include Jeremy Buendia (3X and current Men’s Physique Olympia Champion), Lexy Panterra (founder of LexTwerkOut), rising fitness star of the Get Fit with Katie series, Katie Austin (daughter of fitness industry’s iconic pioneer Denis Austin), Jeff “Popeye” Dabe (National Armwrestling Champion), Christina Drob (current and 2X Pro Bikini Diva World Champion), Shanna and Lou Ferrigno (father/daughter fitness team), the Kristef Brothers (comedy acrobatic balancing duo), Audley Harrison (legendary British boxer and promoter), and many more.


The Healthy Living Pavilion presented by Optimum Nutrition and Fitness Fashion Show will return along with the popular Kids and Youth Area. And if you’re extremely fit and want to go pro, leading fitness modeling agency, Naturally Fit Agency, will be conducting a model search all weekend at TheFitExpo. Just bring a comp card, 8 X 10 photo, and a resume and dress in fitted jeans and top/shirt and you will be guaranteed to be seen.


Adult admission tickets are $30 per day or $45 for the full weekend. Children 12 years and under are $10 per day and children under 6 are free. Show hours are Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Plenty of parking is available. The Los Angeles Convention Center is located at 1201 South Figueroa Street, South Halls G, H, J and K. For full information on TheFitExpo call (818) 545-0290 or visit www.thefitexpo.com.


Event is produced by National Fitness Productions. Title sponsor is Bodybuilding.com. Presenting sponsor for Bodybuilding.com TheFitExpo Los Angeles is Subway Restaurants. Supporting sponsors include: Ralphs, Optimum Nutrition, Quest Nutrition, Gymshark, Muscle Monster, BSN, Performix, Rule 1 Proteins, Rivalus, Barbell Brigade, Nutrishop, GAT Sport, Beast Sports Nutrition, Live Fit Apparel, Iron Rebel, Granite Supplements, Mygympals, NRSM, 361*, and Ironmind.


Press Release and Photo Credit: http://thefitexpo.com/la.shtml


Related Questions

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    Q: As a diet controlled diabetic I question being able to change my diet(to raw/live foods) while I keep up the same rigorous exercise and fitness program without suffering from too many low readings of which I am prone.The program has gotten me off insulin.I also have diverticulitis and seeds and nuts have been a problem for me in the past. Any suggestions?


    Thanks for the question. I hope this helps. If you are under a doctors supervision I am forbidden to give you any advice that may alter a doctors advice. They have little to no nutritional training but their word trumps everyone. 

    What I can do is point you in the direction of programs getting the results you desire. Those three are Dr. Neil M. Barnards "program for preventing and reversing diabetes" (DVD,book), Dr. Gabriel Cousins "Raw in 30" program (DVD) and "There is a cure for diabetes" (book), and recently The Gerson Therapy has released a program for diabetes (book). 

    The common denominator in all three programs is a low fat vegan diet. The differences are that Barnard's program is a cooked vegan diet while Cousins' and Gerson's program are raw. All get results but the raw programs have a 75 percent success rate in 1 month where as the cooked version of Barnards get results in 6 months. Big difference.

    I have gotten people off of insulin in around 2 months using a high raw and low fat vegan diet. I use no oils and nuts. I do encourage avocados and seeds for fats. However, with diverticulitis you must avoid seeds until your body repairs itself through a high alkaline diet. I suggest getting a bulk of your fats from avocados and coconut. I usually limit myself to a half an avocados worth of fat a day. 

    I would look into those books first and if you are under a doctors supervision bring those materials to him/her and see what they say.

    I hope this helps.

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

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    Q: Hi, I am interested in your raw foods detox however, I am in the gym 6 days a week doing spinning, other cardio & weight training, will I be able to continue with my normal fitness routine during detox?


    Hi Karen, Thanks for the question.

    Detoxing and fitness. 

    The best way to detox your body is to give it the tools and time necessary to clean house. There are many types of detoxes and many avenues for fitness. The best way to detox is to rest the body while giving it the cleanest foods and herbs. However, some light forms of exercise like yoga, swimming, jogging, pilates are acceptable because they are light and won't require the amount of nutrients to repair and replenish. A raw food detox is sublime and is one fantastic step towards a healthier body and mind. I encourage you to try it. 

    What I would do is scale back on the exercise for the length of the detox and have fun! Go hiking and enjoy nature. A light jog instead of a spin class. I guarantee you will not lose strength or endurance during the detox. Intense exercise increases the bodies need for nutrients and protein. 

    Imagine if you will you have a desk at work. And work keeps piling up and no matter how  you try to efficiently make it through you can't seem to get ahead. What detoxing is designed to do is give yourself the time to clean your desk. The most efficiently way for that to happen is to stop the work from coming in. Heavy exercise may increase your workload. You want your body to be in a cleaning mode and not a repair mode.

    Again I would continue exercises that are light and stimulating. You want increased blood flow and you want to aid you lymph system to pump efficiently. 

    Lastly, if you are training for an event it may not be the best time to detox. Detoxing symptoms can throw you off your game. Best time to detox is the off season.

    Hope this answers your question.

    As well as being the raw food fitness coach at www.dherbs.com I also run my own health, nutrition, and fitness company called The Vegan Effect. I have a six month health coaching program and a three month fitness coaching program that includes a 90 day plan and 6 customized nutrition lessons. If you are interested in either feel free to have a free 1 hour consult with me over skype. Just fill out the form here: http://the-vegan-effect.healthcoach.integrativenutrition.com/forms . Look forward to hearing your progress!

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT

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    Q: What is the best supplement (protein or herbal) to take to help build muscle for strength training and bodybuilding? All these protein powders on the market I've stopped taking because of all the sugar, whey and casinete; among other weight (fat) inducing ingredients.


    Try Vegan Protein on our site. It's all natural and 100% absorbable! You'll find it beneficial. There's a capsule and a powdered version. Take both if you're really into protein.

    Spirulina is the BEST individual natural source of protein (75% bio-protein)!

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    Q: I recently completed the Full Body Detox, which I loved. Now, 2 months later, I am very interested in the weight release program. Last year, I lost 40 lbs in 8 months, in the most healthy way (good nutrition and exercise). This year, I slowly started gaining weight back, and 1 year later, I continue to gain weight much more quickly. I am still working out regularly, and eating well. Would you recommend the Weight Release Kit? I am looking to take off 20 lbs at the most. Is that realistic for this formula? However, I want to build muscle and strength as well. Can I maintain the results of the program with the directed nutrition plan, and add white meat for protein (chicken, turkey, tuna). I am also wondering if the formulas simply release excess weight, or can I expect to lose inches and lower my body fat percentage? Thanks for your time and dedication to natural health!


    Glad to hear about your success with the Full Body Detox!

    I would highly recommend the Weight Release Kit and Regimen. NO MEAT though! Try vegan alternatives if you must have something - but no meats!

    You will release weight (waste)! Your weight is nothing but waste!

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    Q: Hi I ordered three of your products last week, they came this weekend, but I was expecting some type of instructions on how to take them other than what's on the bottles. I am on Prozac currently; I ordered the COLON FORMULA and the ANTI-VIRAL FORMULA. With your Herbs can you take other medication without any side effects?


    All bottles list directions: Take 3 capsules with water daily or use as needed. For more information, read our â€FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE†Also, read the article â€CAN I TAKE MEDICATION WITH MY HERBS†under our Articles section. Prozac is dangerous as it causes suicidal tendencies. We have a powerful NERVES FORMULA that is an alternative to Prozac.

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    Q: I have been listening to the Warren Balentine show and I heard you share your knowledge and wisdom all the time. I was just informed by my PCP that I had an abnormal pap and tested positive for HPV. I go have to go and see my OB tomorrow so they can scrape my cervix. I was diagnosed with this disease back in 1996 before I got married. Since then, I have given birth to four children. My last pap was before my fourth child and it was a normal pap. What products do you offer that can help fight and get rid of this disease. I do not want to take anything they might prescribe. I do not trust the drug industry at all. Your help would be appreciated.


    I would suggest you first perform the FULL BODY DETOX kit first, then the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, followed by the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. Drink FEMALE HEALTH TEA daily even while doing these cleanses. You can heal from HPV. It happens all the time!

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    Q: Can you recommend any Doctors in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area that are more into alternative healing?



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    Q: First off, I want to say that I am TRULY grateful for the work that you are doing. Words cannot convey my sincere gratitude. I will continue to tell my loved ones about the wonderful products, services, and information that you provide. I read your article on ADD/ADHD and was deeply saddened by the harm that is being done to our children. A very dear friend of mine has an 11 year old son that was diagnosed and is currently on medication for this so called condition. I have a 5 year old daughter who just started kindergarten. My daughter is HIGHLY sensitive and gets her feelings hurt very easily. She had two melt downs in class the first week of school. When she was 3 years old, a psychiatrist who was observing her behavior, told me that she thought she may be ADD/ADHD but I did not receive it. My question is how do we, as parents, who are still working in the matrix, educate our children. As a single mom, I do not currently possess the luxury to home-school my daughter and at the same time, I am not pleased with the public school (fool) system, or even private school that still follows the same guidelines and curriculum. Any suggestions?


    You EDUCATE your children by living TRUTH, being the example of righteous living, personal responsibility, personal accountability, integrity, morals, ethics, etc. BE ABOUT IT! Children learn by watching and then emulating! LIVE IT! The examples from home are stronger than what's learned at school and your child admires you more than any other person. Thank you kindly for your words which are greatly appreciated, Beloved. Thank you so much!

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    Q: This question is in regard to my 1 yr. old daughter. This morning she grabbed a boiling hot cup of water down from the kitchen table and now has a 2nd degree burn on her chest. She has a big open wound where the skin came off on her chest. I do not vaccinate my child and the nurses were trying to urge me to give her a tetanus shot which I refused. They mentioned it was a vaccine which was for pertussis as well which I did not really understand. So my question is, what would u recommend I give her to keep infection away? I am taking her to a burn center tomorrow for them to check it and show me how to and how often to dress it. I plan to put silver water on the bandage to help the healing process as well. I plan to do a detox for her soon since they gave her morphine for pain and also she has had a lot of mucus and congestion lately due to her teething. Thank you in advance and thank u for this BEAUTIFUL website I am so blessed to have come across your products, I plan to promote them within my business I have already been directing my clients here (I'm a natural stylist).


    Make sure you put aloe vera gel on the damaged skin of the child daily. Aloe is very calming and healing. To prevent infection, rub shea butter on the skin daily. Shea is very good for skin healing. Calendula gel (from a health food store) is also very therapeutic. The OZ OIL from Dherbs would be the best healing agent due to the oxygen in it. Alternate between the above oil, gel, and butter. Don't worry too much about the situation. Focus on healing and moving forward. The child will be alright! Peace, Love and Healing!

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    Q: How should I eat? Should I eat when hungry or eat every 2 to 3 hours like the bodybuilding community.


    Only eat when you are hungry!!!!!

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    Q: My 14 year old cousin's mom has checked her into to mental hospital. This entire school year she has ben dealing with alot going into high school, and other teen age issues. Her birth father is not in the home but, her mom has a pretty good man, that steps up, and does a good job with her two children. However, she has been battling with her weight, although she wasn't over weight she didn't feel thin enough like the other children at her school. Her mom found Hydroxycut in her room, and all hair feel out. This past weekend went to her mom's boyfriend and told him she tried to overdose on pills to kill herself, because of all the pressure. Her mom had her in therapy behind the weightloss issue, she thought she was ok, until this last suicidal mission. Is there any help or advice you can render. I told her mom that the hospital thing was a horrible idea due to the medication that they will be administering and other brain washing methods they use to further F*** you up so that when you are release you a labeled, and sure to be crazy. D-Herbs at 14 this is insane, her mom has given up hope, and gave her chiild into the hands of the enemy. I am conscious and try to talk to her but it doesn't seem to work.


    That's an unfortunate situation. Have the mother read the information on Dherbs.com or schedule a consultation so she can speak with me live and direct. These are the only ways I know to help, Beloved. I'm also about to write an article on DEPRESSION, and the DANGERS OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS. Hang in there and know that your cousin wrote her own life script (before she was born), so she is gaining an experience so as to learn a life lesson for her soul's purpose. It doesn't make sense on a lower level, but on a higher level, it all will add up and make sense. God's hand is over everything, even those things that appear bad.

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    Q: I completed the Full Body Detox about a month ago. Although I did not stick with the regimen in its entirety, I can say everything that was written that my body would experience DID happen! (thank you). The reason for this message is because I was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex I & II after suggesting that my physician test me for everything during my annual visit recently. I have never been so shocked when he called me into his office a week or so later to explain what my lab results showed. I have NEVER had any kind of "sore, lesion breakout" however, I do remember having a strange itching in my rectum area with an unusual smell. I have not been sexually active since my divorce, and remained completely faithful through out my marriage. My thought, as a Christian, I believe in my heart that I am healed. However, I live in a physical body, and also believe that I should include some sort of cleansing regimen to system so that afterwards, it will NOT show up in my body again. Please help, I have finally prepared myself to be in a new relationship, and God knows I would NEVER want to do this man what "obviously" my ex-husband did to me! Grace & peace.


    Beloved, if your are healed in mind, then you are healed in the flesh. Don't block your healing with doubt, as doubt is the subconscious will to fail. Claim your healing but perform an herbal regimen (Anti-Viral Kit) for purposes of MAINTENANE of health, not some particular disease (esp. if you feel and claim health and healingness). I would recommend this for you beloved. BE WELL!

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    Apply Bentonite clay to the injured area and it will extract the poison from the bite. Bentonite Clay is good stuff! Let clay stay on and harden for 15 minutes and then remove (wash off with wet cloth or towel).

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    Q: hello, you have a great website and products it seems. I have a 3 year old daughter She has been sick for about 3 weeks already. She started with a cold then a bad cough. We ended up in the E.R. with her because she just would not stop coughing, had a chest x-ray-she was developing an pneumnia. I am so tired and depressed because they put her on a steriod for 5 days antibiotics and the nebulizer, she might even develop Asthma (but "they" do not know for sure). I goggled herbs for children and came across your website. It looks like you have great stuff for kids. I also work for a natural herb company but we do not have any kid’s supplements nor herbs. What do you recommend from your products? (by the way I read your story about when your were a child and ended it up in the hospital----kind of like my little girl's situation. I’m glad you are much healthier.


    Glad you like the website! Sounds like the little girl has excess mucus in her. The drugs (steroids and antibiotics) will only mask the problem and harm the little girl. I suggest you get your daughter the CHILDREN DETOX (liquid extracts) and start here!

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    Q: Saturday At 3:00 A.M. In the shadow period I was awakened by muscle spasms in my feet. What Minerals am I lacking?



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    Q: I am interested working for a herbaceutical company. At present I work at a pharmacy, so you may probably understand why I would rather invest my time and energy in products that heal the body as oppose to poisoning it. If you may know of any companies that are in the Atlanta, GA area (Maybe your Herbaceutical Company) please be ever so kind to let me know. I want to some how impact the world just as you are doing.


    Glad to hear of your interest in herbaceuticals. I don't know of any in the Atlanta area and I myself am a solely Inter-net business. It may be for you to start your own company, starting off as a home-based business. Trust me, the clientele is there as people are becoming more health conscious day-by-day.

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    Q: Sir, I listen to you on the Warren Baletine show. My child face challenges with sickle cell, so if can get back with me about the sickle cell cleanse. The doctors are wanted to put her on a medicine call hydroxireia and that's a drug often used in cancer/aids patience. I do not want to do this, but my wife and I don't know where to go. Sir I humbly ask for your help. I would love to have my daughter one day give a testimonial of your product. Warren is my Frat brother, so if he says that you are the man, then I believe it.


    You are wise for not giving the child the drug which is harmful. Make sure the child gets plenty of oxygen for her blood - add 10 drops of OXY-DROPSto each glass or cup of water. I recommend the VITAMIN C EXTRACT and CHILDREN IRON EXTRACT and give daily. Please read our 2 health articles on sickle cell if you haven't already. Visit our articles section!

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    Q: Peace. First off I would like to say that I am in love with your site. I started my children on a vegan diet last year, but they're lacking a very large amount of nutritional needs, including myself. I saw yours children's multivitamins, will it be strong enough to get my children back on a healthy tract? They're age 2,4,and 5. One more question. I ordered the full body cleanse. I also have an issue with my skin. I have cysts all over my body covering some of my hair particles and when they come to a head, besides the pain, its full of puss n there's a large amount of baby fine hairs that come out with it. I've been suffering with this since I was 14 yrs old. Can you help my situations?

    A: A vegan diet provides all the nutrients one needs. Be sure that you're all consuming a good amount of fruits and vegetables, as these foods predominately provide all the nutrients that the body needs. You can give the children the multivitamin to help boost their immune system. We recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse first, followed by the 10 Day Blood Cleanse. Severe skin issues are related to a problem within the blood, cleansing it is best. Continuing with the Blood and Lymphatic formula is also ideal. Please take time to read the following article: Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder -http://www.dherbs.com/articles/skin-disorder-252.html Product Links: Full Body Cleanse - http://dherbs.com/store/full-body-cleanse-p-1.html 10 Day Blood Cleanse -http://dherbs.com/store/10-day-supreme-blood-cleanse-p-448.html Blood & Lymphatic Formula -http://www.dherbs.com/store/blood-lymphatic-formula-p-9.html

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    Q: My daughter Heather is 4 yrs. old and is battling Candida. She has been on antibiotics from the age of 2 months till 1 yr. old about 8 times for ear infections. She developed constipation at 7 months, food allergies at 1 yr. and a lot of food intolerances. She also had heartburn and was getting bad rashes around her mouth when she ate. Unfortunately, I did not know about Candida so this went on for a couple of years. Despite my efforts of taking her to every doctor there was, no one could help me. Right now she is on a treatment for Candida, but she is so sensitive, she can't even tolerate a lot of the supplements. Her bowels do not move at all. I have to do enemas everyday to keep them going. Right now I'm having a hard time finding a laxative she can tolerate. I ordered the "Children?s laxative extract" from DHERBS but after 4 days of being on it her bowels still aren't moving. I started colonic therapy sessions for my daughter and we saw parasites come out of her. When I called DHERBS, I was recommended to e-mail you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    For Candida, please know the antibiotic medication is the present cause of her persisitent candida (yeast infection). Read our article "Candida Albicans." She needs anti-fungal herbs, not antibiotic medication. These are harming her body.

    The child is very acidic and this may be due to her diet (what you are feeding the child).

    Have your child perform the Children's Detox for starters. A basic cleanse is greatly needed!

    To target the Candida, make your child a tea consisting of Pau' D Arco. Let the tea cool down and add maple syrup (or agave nectar) and a little lemon. Let the child drink this sweetened tea throughout the day (even as a cold beverage).

    Bathe the child in warm water and sea salt (1 box per bath). Add 5-6 drops of tea tree oil to each bath as well. Let the child soak in the water for 30-60 minutes. This bath is very alkalizing (which counteracts acidity).

    Because she has parasites, have the child drink pomegranate juice (often) and eat plenty of pumpkin seeds (often).

    For the enemas, make a tea of Dherbs Bowel Mover tea (let cool down). Pour tea into enema bag and perform an enema with the tea as the enema solution. Some days switch off from the tea and just add hydrogen peroxide (half an ounce per enema bag) to the enema solution (distilled water). Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen which kills parasites. You could even add 30 drops of Oxy-Drops to the enema bag and perform an enema using liquid oxygen.

    It is imperative you put the child on a vegan vegetarian diet a.s.a.p.! Remove all meat and dairy products as well as all refined grains from her diet (as these feed worms and parasites).

    Have the child drink prune juice before going to bed each night. Dilute the juice with water if necessary.

    The child needs to eat a lot of fruits (i.e. plums, apples).

    Continue to give the child Dherbs Children?s laxative extract daily, perhaps in the early evening hours.

    Doing all of the above will cause positive changes in your child's situation. Just remember, drugs won't help her. Read ou article "Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical drugs" on our site.

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    Q: My daughter, who is 11 yrs old found a 1cm lump in her left breast 2wks ago. She was referred to a specialist and of course they want to surgically remove the lump. I let a co-worker scan the lump and they think it is a non-cancerous fibroandroma (I do ultrasound myself) and I saw a couple of cysts around the area as well. Of course I don't want the surgery for my daughter. Do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of all the abnormalities herbally? Maybe Yellow Dock tea, but I am concerned about her young age. Maybe a light detox. She started her period already at 11yrs old. Most healthcare professionals say fibroandromas are normal at this age when they begin their cycle due to the hormonal changes. I know better. My daughter drinks about 4-5 cups of purified water (aquavie machine) a day, no red meat, just chicken. Sneaks candy from school and little desserts at home maybe say 4 cookies a day. She gets sugar from natural OJ and Ocean Spray cranberry juice though. I am working on getting her off of sugar completely but it is a challenge. I’ve been a vegetarian for 5 years and am slowly going raw. Always seeking more knowledge. Also could there be a lack of something in her diet? My daughter is lazy and never works out play outside consistently (5'7" and 143lbs) she is tall for her age and is sliming her stomach down almost unnoticeable just a little pudge left. 1 day of PE in the schools. I am yust trying to paint the picture and give you her history.