10 Motivating Juice and Smoothie Accessories

10 Motivating Juice and Smoothie Accessories

So you’ve finally bought into the juice and smoothie craze, and you’re ready to make some healthy diet and lifestyle changes. Sometimes you need more than a blender or juicer to make your smoothie lifestyle a little easier. We aren’t saying that you can’t get by with the basic essentials, but you can sometimes be a little more motivated with some exciting smoothie accessories. Make a healthy change with some of the following juice and smoothie accessories!

10 Juice and Smoothie Accessories

1. Smoothie Tumbler

One of the best things about smoothies or juices is that you can take them as an on-the-go breakfast. If you are rushing around the house in the morning and don’t have the time to relax and enjoy your smoothie, a smoothie tumbler will change your life. All you have to do is blend or juice, pour, and head out the door with a stainless steel smoothie tumbler. It keeps your drink cold and it is BPA-free!

2. Glass Straw

Plastic straws contain harmful chemicals, which you can absorb by drinking through them. Think about getting a glass straw (stainless steel straws work as well), which is 100% reusable, and it is better for you and the environment.

3. Citrus Juicer

Investing in a juicer is not cheap, but a citrus juicer is a great kitchen accessory to have. Whether you have lemons, grapefruit, oranges, or limes, you can use a citrus juicer to freshly juice citrus fruits instead of buying sugar-laden, from concentrate juices in the stores. Citrus juice adds a lot of vitamin C to your smoothies and it gives it a distinct flavor!

4. Juice & Smoothie Book

While the Internet is an endless resource for juice and smoothie recipes, sometimes it is nice to buy a good old-fashioned cookbook. This helps you get your proportions right and it is always accessible. It also usually has an index with key ingredients, so you can find a recipe that calls for kiwis or spinach instantaneously!

5. Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

Because a lot of fruits and vegetables are coated in pesticides or waxes, a simple rinse doesn’t really do the trick. This is why it is more beneficial to buy organic produce. If you don’t want to buy organic, you can purchase a fruit and vegetable wash that is USDA certified organic. A wash like this helps to remove 98% of residue, waxes, or pesticides. holding residue and contaminants than water alone.

6. Clear Liquid Stevia

Smoothies and juices are naturally sweet if you add fruit, but liquid stevia is good to use if you want them a little sweeter. With stevia, a little goes a long way, so don’t go crazy with this stuff. This is great for green juices or smoothies. It is way better than dumping a lot of sugar in your drink. You can also use this to sweeten some herbal teas.

7. A Great Blender

While the VitaMix is the king of kings when it comes to blenders, you don’t have to get one in order to make smoothies. There are tons of blenders, one great one being the NutriBullet, which is a very affordable option that can make a variety of smoothies, sauces, soups, dressings, or other creative ideas that have to do with blending.

8. Superfoods

When you add superfoods to your smoothie mix, you get a whole new world of nutrients. There are tons of superfoods out there, kale, garlic, and spirulina being three of them. There are also tons of clean, plant-based protein powders out there, which can add more sustenance to your smoothies.

9. Vintage Clear Mason Jar

Sometimes it is nice to have one or two cups that are solely designated to smoothies and juices, just in case you don’t wash it thoroughly and decide to put iced tea in there, only to realize that your tea is filled with some smoothie residue. You can purchase glass mason jars that have reusable lids with stainless steel straws. These are also great if you want to send your kids to school with smoothies!

10. Silicone Steel Ice Cube Tray

Freeze your juices and smoothies in ice cube trays for safe storage or for fun presentation. During the week, it is hard to find the time to get ingredients and make a bunch of smoothies. Instead, prepare a huge batch of your favorite smoothies on a Sunday night and fill your ice trays up with them. Using silicone ice cube trays makes popping them out so easy. You can put them out, throw them in the blender, and add some water and you’ll be good to go!