3 Recipes For National Homemade Soup Day

3 Recipes For National Homemade Soup Day

A bowl of warm soup, with steam rising off it and scenting the room with an enchanting aroma, during the winter is some kind of magical. You almost feel giddy as you grab the bowl, clamping your hands around it for warmth. For some strange reason, perhaps a childlike notion, you feel as though your mom made it for you…and that makes it taste even better.

Soups are often rich in nutrient-dense vegetables, and the slow cooking helps these ingredients retain their nutritional value. Not only is soup easy to digest, but it is commonly a low calorie meal that works to keep you satiated without consuming excess calories. Unless your soup is chock full of cream, butter, sodium, or other unhealthy ingredients, most soup recipes are beneficial for healthy digestion because of their high-fiber content.

Do not waste your time opening a can of soup and warming it up in the microwave or in a pot on the stove. February 4th is National Homemade Soup Day, not I Opened A Can Of Soup And Ate It Day (not a real thing). There is an incredible amount of homemade soup recipes that contain different flavors from around the world. From chowders and bisques, to immune-boosting broths and creamy soups, there is no excuse for you not finding a recipe. We even provided recipes to inspire you to get your soup on today!

Anti-Inflammatory Broccoli Ginger Soup


Warm up the body on a cold winter day by slurping this super soup. It’s filled with anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting ingredients.

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Instant Pot Lentil Soup With Sweet Potato & Kale


This budget-friendly lentil soup is a comforting meal that is perfect for cold weather. Satisfy your taste buds with this nutritious soup.

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Fat Flush Soup


Need a meal to help you get rid of those excess pounds from an indulgent weekend? What a coincidence, because this recipe does exactly that! Oh, and it also tastes delicious and comforts the soul when it’s cold outside.

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Bonus Recipe: Homemade Chicken(less) Bouillon Powder


It’s crazy how comparable the flavor of this vegan bouillon is to chicken broth. Do away with the cholesterol by using this vegan option!

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