6 Super Spring Detox Foods

6 Super Spring Detox Foods

We live in a time in which convenience and efficiency is everything. Can you imagine walking into a grocery store and not seeing apples during the spring, or not being able to get your hands on watermelon in the winter? A high percentage of people in other parts of the world only consume produce that is grown seasonally, but importation and genetically modified organisms have made it so people can essentially walk into a grocery store and grab whatever produce item they want, whenever they want it.

If ever there were a season to embrace, it would be spring. The flowers are in bloom, trees have begun to regain their foliage, the days are longer and warmer, and amazing produce selections are available at farmer’s markets and health food stores. Many of these foods help to cleanse your body and give it a boost after a sluggish winter. You’ll be surprised to learn that the following foods have powerful detoxing properties. Eat them this spring and experience the benefits!


Not only is asparagus much more affordable when it’s in season, but it also tastes a lot fresher. Asparagus is rich in folate, which is necessary for health fetal development, and vitamin K, a nutrient that aids with blood clotting and bone metabolism. Additionally, asparagus can act as a natural diuretic, helping to rid the body of excess salt and fluid.


Strawberries are keto-approved and rank high among foods with the most antioxidant capacity. While strawberries are more plentiful a little later in spring, they are worth getting your hands on. Regular consumption of strawberries has been associated with improved cognitive function and a decreased risk of arthritis and heart disease.


Forget about how your breath is going to smell and concern yourself with all of garlic’s healing properties. Garlic works to destroy harmful bacteria, intestinal parasites, and viruses in the body. Additionally, garlic works to cleanse arterial build-up and lower blood pressure levels. Known for its antioxidant, anti-fungal, and anti-cancer properties, garlic should become a staple ingredient in your recipes.


Artichokes are typically an underrated vegetable, primarily because they are often cooked with cheese, butter, or heavy cream. When boiled or grilled and eaten with garlic and fresh lemon juice, however, they are quite good for you. The high vitamin C and fiber content work to increase bile production, helping the intestines to eliminate toxins from the body. Artichokes also contain an enzyme that helps the liver break down fatty acids.


If you aren’t using onions in your cooking, it’s time to board that train. According to several studies, the allium in onions has powerful anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. Onions have also been known to cleanse the blood and naturally lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. The polyphenols in onions work to cleanse the respiratory system and fight conditions like bronchitis, asthma, and the common cold.


This isn’t a widely used green, but this peppery microgreen is one of the most nutrient-dense greens you could possibly eat. Working to increase the body’s natural detoxification enzymes, watercress contains phytonutrients that help to decrease the presence of carcinogens in the body. Add it to soups, salads, or sauces.



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