7 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight At Summer Gatherings

7 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight At Summer Gatherings

Summer is underway and people should theoretically be participating in tons of outdoor activities and toning their beach bodies. Just so we are clear, we don’t consider curling 12oz cans of beer as the right type of exercise. In reality, many of us like to beat the summer heat and lounge on the couch indoors, or go to backyard barbecues and summer get together, both of which have foods and beverages that aren’t conducive to weight loss. Take that big Fourth of July weekend, for example. You know what you did, and those eating and drinking habits will put you on a path towards a plumper, fluffier version of yourself.  

While the winter holidays typically account for the majority of the weight people gain throughout the year, summer foods like campfire s’mores, ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, chips, dips, fried chicken, ice cream, and all the other unhealthy party favorites help pack on the pounds. Not only do these foods contribute to weight gain, but they also make it hard for our bodies to function optimally. Since summer is going to be over before you know it, we want to help you stay in shape for the rest of the summer. Follow these tips to help keep the weight off.  

Bring A Dish

If you are trying to maintain recent weight loss while going to summer parties or potlucks, it can be difficult because you never know what the spread is going to look like. Instead of leaving your health to chance, make a healthy dish that you enjoy eating and bring it to your gathering. Whether people like it or not is irrelevant. You will have something healthy that you can fill up on, rather than resorting to the unhealthy alternatives.  

Be A Healthy Host

In the same vein as bringing a healthy dish, being the host of a summer gathering means that you have control over the menu. This doesn’t mean that you have to make everyone eat a kale salad or apples with almond butter, but it does mean you can veer from the traditional, unhealthy menu options. You can make grilled vegetable skewers, a big green salad with your favorite veggies, a large fruit salad, one of our healthy ice cream recipes, and perhaps a stir-fried vegetable dish.  

Beat The Heat

The intense summer heat can force some of us outdoor exercise enthusiasts to remain indoors and be lazy. Don’t let the heat win! Move your workouts to an indoor space or try a new exercise for summer. You can join a local pool and take up swimming, or join a rock climbing gym; these are both excellent full body workouts. You can always get up early and take a run in the cooler morning hours, or go for an evening bike ride as long as you have lights and reflective wear so cars see you. 

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Too often do people resort to drinking soda, sweet tea, lemonade, sugary drinks, or alcoholic beverages during the summer. The kicker is that most of these drinks do not help you stay hydrated in the heat. You are better off drinking water to stay hydrated and lower your caloric intake. You can make detox waters or homemade juices to increase your nutrient intake. Should you feel the need to drink something bubbly, plain sparkling water with fresh fruits or herbs can be quite tasty!  

Exercise Portion Control

This is the most important rule to employ at all times, especially if you recently finished one of our cleanses. Keep your portions in check because overeating is the first step towards gaining weight. When you attend social gatherings, where there are large quantities of food, make sure that you load up at least two-thirds of your plate with vegetables so that you don’t pile on other unhealthy foods first. Remember, one meal should be the size of both of your fists combined. And don’t go back for seconds or thirds. Eat a healthy meal, allow yourself a small piece of something you want to indulge in, and then remove yourself from the buffet area.  

Be A Role Model

When taking part in group day trips or having a beach day, always pack snacks that are convenient and healthy. Easy and healthy snacks include sliced apples, carrot sticks, celery sticks with hummus or almond butter, homemade trail mix, and assorted nuts and seeds. Others will be curious about your snacks and may follow your lead in the future. Healthy snacks are readily available now, so there is no argument for saying that they are difficult to find. Read the nutrition labels to know exactly what you’re eating.    

Take Part In A Cleanse

Summer is actually a great time to cleanse because of the warm temperatures. It can be hard to cleanse during the colder months because you can’t eat hot food. During summer, however, you are less likely to crave hot foods because of the heat. Plus, cleansing can help you lose weight for a healthier summer figure.

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