Are Detox Waters The Secret To Losing Weight?

Are Detox Waters The Secret To Losing Weight?

People are crazy about infusing fruits and herbs in their water. They are trendy, have some amazing health benefits, and they encourage people to drink more water. More and more restaurants are offering a variety of detox waters, which actually help to steer people away from other sugary beverages like sodas or fruit juices. Did you know that drinking these waters could help boost your metabolism and aid your weight loss process?

Surprisingly, detox waters can help people reach their weight loss goals. These aren’t magical shots, though, that magically help the weight fall off. It is a little more complex than that. The effects of detox waters will change depending on the ingredients that you put in the water. Certain ingredients like cucumber and mint may be more beneficial for alkalizing the body, whereas ginger and lemon may work to promote natural waste elimination. The best thing to do is to include a variety of ingredients that help you achieve multiple things at once.

Not enough people drink the proper amount of water to stay sufficiently hydrated. Some people believe that drinking caffeinated beverages, sodas, or sugary drinks helps them stay hydrated, but many of them have the opposite effect. Someone who isn’t drinking enough water may hold on to excess water weight. This is the body’s natural survival reaction because it doesn’t know when it will get replenished with water again. Drinking more water, believe it or not, helps to naturally release water weight, boost the metabolism, and aid with flushing out the major eliminative channels.

Because of the high obesity rates around the world, various studies have been conducted to see what preventative measures can be taken. Research has shown that the consumption of sugar-laden beverages instead of water is linked with climbing obesity rates. More promising research shows that promoting the consumption of water in schools reduced the risk of them becoming overweight. Additionally, the consumption of a glass of water before the meal helps you eat less and keep portions in check. More research needs to be conducted, but the initial results of drinking water and detox waters are promising.

How To Make Detox Waters

The process is very simple. Cut up your desired ingredients and place them in a large pitcher with your desired amount of filtered water; making a big batch is usually the best way to go. Place the pitcher in the fridge overnight to let the flavors infuse. It is recommended to remove the ingredients from the water after 8-12 hours to prevent decaying. Pour the infused water over ice as you please. You can also add freshly cut ingredients to your water for aesthetic appeal.

The Best Weight Loss-Promoting Combinations

Apples & Cinnamon Sticks

Apples are loaded with fiber, which promotes healthy digestion, and cinnamon works to improve overall digestion, while supplying you with calcium and manganese.

Cucumber & Lemon

This is a classic detox water pair. Cucumbers work to hydrate you even more because they primarily comprised of water and lemons work to flush toxins from your system.

Ginger & Mango

Ginger is a fantastic digestive aid with anti-inflammatory properties and mango actually helps to regulate blood sugar levels, helping to keep cravings at bay.

Lemon, Pineapple, & Mango

Pineapples are great for the digestive system because they have an anti-inflammatory enzyme. Lemons fight free radicals in the body and mangos can help relieve bloating and flatten your stomach.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with various ingredients. The idea behind detox waters is to get you to consume more water than you otherwise would. Flavor your water with natural ingredients and you’ll be more excited to drink it!

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