Cleansing Couple Reveals Weight Loss Transformation On Steve TV

Cleansing Couple Reveals Weight Loss Transformation On Steve TV

Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin, recently appeared on Steve TV with a mother of two, Nicole, to show off her incredible weight loss transformation. She dropped an impressive 53 pounds after performing two consecutive Full Body Cleanses. In case you did not see the video, you can watch the transformation below.

After seeing how much weight she was able to lose and how cleansing helped her change her dietary habits, Nicole’s husband, Mario, began a cleansing journey of his own. While using the Full Body Cleanse, Mario received health tips and pointers from Nicole, who previously mastered the cleansing program.

If Nicole didn’t reach out to A.D. Dolphin for assistance with losing weight, Nicole and Mario may have never been as healthy as they are now. The two of them may even renew their wedding vows as renewed individuals! See how much weight Mario dropped after using the Full Body Cleanse tomorrow, January 30th, 2019, on Steve TV. Check your local listings for show times and channel information.

Photo credit: Steve TV