Dherbs’ Favorite Recipes For National Strawberry Day 2017

Dherbs’ Favorite Recipes For National Strawberry Day 2017

It is only fitting that we round out American Heart Month with strawberries, the juicy and sweet heart-shaped fruit. Strawberries are sweet yet tangy and are loaded with healthy antioxidants. Enjoy them in your favorite way today for National Strawberry Day.

Here’s a fun fact: strawberries actually have their seeds on the outside of the fruit. Yes, those little yellow dots you see on the outside of a strawberry are the seeds. That makes them, then, the actual fruit, not the strawberry flesh itself. Is your mind blown yet? Cashews are another example of a food that has this phenomenon.

The Story Behind The Name

There are a few stories that explain how the strawberry was named. The main story is that when the berries ripened, they would drop off the leaves and be “strewn” around the plant. These so-called “strewn-berries” became known as strawberries. The other story is that farmers mulched strawberry fields with straw to insulate the plant through the winter. This technique also kept weeds from growing, ultimately allowing for an easier harvest.

Strawberries are grown all over the planet and are one of the most fragrant fruits out there. They are a great source of vitamin C, folate, potassium and fiber, so we recommend indulging in them any time you get the chance, not just on National Strawberry Day.

Strawberry Tip: Don’t wash strawberries until you are ready to eat them. Since strawberries are very susceptible to mold, washing them only speeds up the spoiling process. Try to eat strawberries not too long after purchasing or picking them.

Recipe #1: Raw Bell Pepper & Strawberry Bisque


You can enjoy this raw soup if you are on one of our cleanses because you don’t have to cook it. Just blend the ingredients and you’re good to go!

Click here to make the recipe.

Recipe #2: Raw Brownies & Strawberries


If you have a sweet tooth but also want to be healthy, this is the recipe for you! And it is Full Body Cleanse-approved!

Click here to make the recipe.

Recipe #3: Berry Fruit Tarts With Chia Seeds


These are the perfect personal desserts that will leave you feeling content. They are fun to make for parties!

Recipe #4: Strawberry Spinach Salad


Spinach and strawberries offer a bunch of nutrients like magnesium, fiber, and folate. And you’ll be getting omega-3s from the avocado

Click here to make the recipe.

Recipe #5: Fresh Strawberry Lemonade


Need a refreshing drink while you are cleansing? Try this fragrant and delicious strawberry lemonade!

Click here to make the recipe.



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