Dherbs Is Excited To Cover The Eat Drink Vegan Festival

Dherbs Is Excited To Cover The Eat Drink Vegan Festival

Returning to Pasadena, California on Saturday, June 22, 2019, Eat Drink Vegan will feature highly curated restaurants, vendors, over 250 vegan beverages, a plant-based marketplace, a CBD village, and so much more. From its small origin in 2009, Eat Drink Vegan has evolved from a couple hundred people eating at food trucks in the parking lot of The Roxy Theatre, to a large-scale one-day festival that is attended by over thousands of people from all over the country.


Started by Nic Adler, vegan and owner of The Roxy Theatre, Eat Drink Vegan is a day of celebration to enjoy all things cruelty-free and plant-based. Eat Drink Vegan has come to be known as “Vegan Coachella” because devoted vegans across the country flock to Los Angeles to attend the event.


What To Expect This Year:

As enthusiasts for all things vegan, Dherbs is excited about some incredible additions to this year’s Eat Drink Vegan festival. The culinary stage features demonstrations (and samples!!!) from some of the top chefs in Southern California’s ever-expanding food scene. There will also be some culinary pop-ups with some creative vegan YouTubers, including The Raw Boy, The Sexy Vegan, Vegan Yack Attack, and more! Finally, there will be a 5k run around the Rose Bowl followed by a cool down yoga session, both of which occur prior to the event start time.


The festival is open to all ages and children 12 and under are able to get in free. General Admission tickets are $55 and each ticket comes with unlimited samples of tea, kombucha, juice, wine, and craft sodas. We will definitely be tasting and indulging in some of the delectable vegan creations from the culinary stage and the curated restaurants and vendors. Be sure to tune in to our Instagram (@dherbs) and Facebook (@dherbsfamily) for live updates during the Eat Drink Vegan festival. Disclaimer: you may see videos of people devouring vegan deliciousness, cooking seductive dishes, and people discussing how veganism can improve your health.