Drink Water With Baking Soda On An Empty Stomach For These Benefits

Drink Water With Baking Soda On An Empty Stomach For These Benefits

Baking soda is one of those household items that shouldn’t be reserved for one thing. It has many amazing uses and is much more than a disinfectant or skin cleanser. We aren’t here to preach about how many ways you can use baking soda (there are over 50, in case you were wondering); rather, we are here to tell you how drinking water with baking soda can improve your health.

While you may use baking soda for baking pastries, it can help you ward off many health ailments. Before we continue, it’s important to mention that you should only mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda in an 8oz cup of water. Don’t drink more than two of these in one day. When you do drink this concoction, it is important to only drink it on an empty stomach. Do that and you should experience some of the following benefits.

Preventing Kidney Stones

Kidney stones, while uncomfortable, are more and more common these days, affecting about 1 in 11 Americans. They can be caused by a genetic disorder or an iron imbalance. Most people who have kidney stones are unaware, until they have to pass them. Since baking soda has an alkalizing effect on the body, it greatly lowers your risk of developing kidney stones.

Prevents Urinary Infections

If drinking this solution helps your kidneys, it goes without saying that will help protect your bladder. It is very easy for bacteria to grow in the bladder, often resulting in UTIs. Because baking soda has antiseptic properties, it can clean the urinary tract and can help reduce acidity in urine.

Alkalizing the Body

Baking soda can help alkalize the body. It also helps neutralize the pH level in the body, which makes it an inhospitable environment for diseases. Most people with acidic bodies are at a higher risk of developing cancer. Osteoporosis and arthritis are common conditions associated with high acidity levels. Drink a glass of baking soda and water on an empty stomach to change your life.

A Natural Antacid

Acid reflux affects a large number of people. Drinking water with baking soda can actually neutralize stomach acid and help remedy this problem. Additionally, baking soda helps to remove gas from the stomach, in turn preventing heartburn and bloating.



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