Eat Right For Your Blood Type?

A recent trend has suggested that people should develop their diet according to their blood type. However, physical factors and energy levels are very effective at determining the ideal diet for an individual.

Eat Right for Your Blood Type” is designed to explain why some foods are easily digested and others are not. This theory believes that people with certain blood types are pre-disposed to digest foods differently than those with a different blood type. The issue isn’t the type of blood, but rather that many people choose the wrong foods to eat. Many of today’s popular foods are highly processed and are filled with artificial ingredients.

The human body reacts much more favorably to whole, natural, organic foods, than they do to processed and artificial foods. Eating foods that are as close to its natural state as possible is the best diet for our body.

Natural Food Sources

All human beings should be consuming similar types of food. Nature may offer different foods from one region to another but we are made to survive off natural food sources.

We may think that we all react to foods differently but our physical make-up is designed to work the same way. Animals are also built similarly. They all have relatively the same diets because certain foods are readily available to them in nature and they heavily rely on them to survive.

The human digestive system does not work well with artificial and processed foods because they are not found in nature. Similar to animals, humans are meant to survive with the nutrients found in nature in order to sustain healthy livelihoods.

Eating according to one’s blood type may suit those who despise tracking calories, but others may find it very difficult to stay within the designated list of foods. This is particularly impractical for a family that may have different blood types.

Blood Tests

Though, live blood cell microscopy is very beneficial to one’s health. However, hospitals usually freeze and then heat the blood using microwave ovens. This process may change the molecular structure of the blood. Live blood cell microscopy is the most effective way to study the contents of the blood.

Determining one’s blood type will not improve their health. Humans are developed to eat certain types of foods and it does not vary dramatically from one human to another. Even though some humans may have food allergies and intolerances, the basis of our diet should be very similar.

Techniques in Africa

Due to incorrect and improper eating, large populations of humans have developed pathology and disease. Since animals live in accordance to the immutable laws of nature, there’s no disease amongst them, unless initiated by man. So-called savages in Africa tend to have greater and more optimal health than the citizens from the most affluent nations on the earth.

Many countries in Africa use live blood cell microscopy when a rare sickness or disease occurs. The medicine man/woman pricks a finger of the sick person and allows a little blood to come up and out. Then he/she sprinkles a powdered herb onto the blood, causing the blood to change color. The medicine man/woman knows immediately what the cause of sickness or disease is and treats the person accordingly. The medicine man/woman does not treat the disease, but rather treats the person who is affected by the disease. Disease is dependent of the person. The person must be treated because the disease is an indicator of what’s wrong with the person. The medicine man/woman uses this technique to heal the person on all levels.


There are many that eat dairy, eggs, and meat under the pretense of eating right for their blood type. Their blood type and diet is determined for them. They are not aware of the diet that nature is intending for them.

Energy is far more sufficient than blood. Blood is for physiological purposes, but energy is for overall existence.

A person should eat based on their biogenetic makeup and blueprint. Humans are meant to eat based upon their physical and energy levels. The physical level includes their biological and genetic makeup. Energy is the first and only true food because we are energy beings.

On a rudimentary scale, we must eat according to our kind and not simply our species. The species of birds do not only eat seeds. You must break that species down by its kind or phylum. For example, one phylum of birds, which includes parrot keet, hummingbird, canaries, and blue jays, are vegetarian. Another phylum of birds, which includes vultures, eagles, hawks, and buzzards, eats meat because they are predators.

If you feed the birds that are vegetarian, animal flesh, they will die. If you feed the predatory birds, seeds or vegetarian matter, they will die. They are all birds and members of the bird species, but they are broken down into tribes, classes, or phylum.


A non-intrusive alternative approach to blood-based diet predicated upon finger pricking is the pendulum. A pendulum is a non-invasive metaphysical tool that involves energy. A pendulum gives a straight “yes” or “no” answer. Any food can be determined as energetically compatible and/or healthy or good for you and your family to eat. This is also a great tool to determine specific food allergies. The pendulum serves as an extension of your intuition that is not commonly used or trusted.


By constantly cleansing or detoxifying the body, it becomes very sensitive and immediately knows what’s good and what’s not.

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