FEATURE: RAW Lifestyle Changes – Beyond Just the Food

I have become aware of many things on my “Raw Path”.. This article is here to share with you some of the non-food related changes I have made in my lifestyle that complement my diet related path to optimize my health, energy and well-being.

When I first went raw, I used all the “standard” products- i.e.: toiletries (aquafresh toothpaste, paul mitchell shampoo, ivory soap, edge shaving gel, etc.). I had no idea how bad these products were for my health!

When becoming raw, and started to detox my body, I found that many of these products contain some “nasty” ingredients, that I believe were not good for my system.. After all I was suppose to be “de-toxifying”.. and without other lifestyle changes, I would “re-toxify” myself….

So why would I want to put all these toxins back into my body? Some of the primary ingredients that I am now weary of: anything with alcohol, sodium laurel sulfate, or any other “big words” I can’t pronounce or don’t know what they are… I mean– what is raw foods about anyway? Its about getting back to nature, and  eating simply- whole, uncooked and minimally processed foods.

I believe that in life, we should reduce toxins in our environment such as we do with our diet. (Minimally processed, and natural as possible products.)

Skin is the largest organ of our body.Is it permeable?

Many think, no..But think again.Yes, its very permeable, and things we put on our skin, get absorbed into our body.It also works the other way.The skin also excretes toxins, if its not clogged up…To cleanse the skin, I recommend dry skin brushing with askin brush. (Available in many health food stores)

Here are some of the areas that I have changed:

Chlorine found in many “city” water systems is REALLY TOXIC STUFF.Do you drink purified water? I sure hope so.. Why put chorinated water on your skin or breathe it?That’s what you are doing every time you take a shower.

Here is a quote:

“Not only is chlorine absorbed through the skin, but also vaporizes in the shower, inhaled into the lungs and transferred directly into the blood system. In fact, chlorine exposure form one shower is equal to an entire day’s amount of drinking the same water. Therefore, drinking filtered or bottled water addresses only half the problem”

At my residence, I have installed a shower filter, and when I travel, I take a shower filter with me to install at the hotel.I have noticed softer skin and more vibrant hair after installing the filter.An affordable shower filter with replaceable element can be found here.

Now days, I use little natural soap (such as dr. bronners, or hand made soap (with few ingredients) from a farmers market). I use no deodorant, since its just not needed.
Many days I take a shower with only water..Do animals take showers or baths with soap?Do they use shampoo?

I couldn’t believe a good friend who has been raw for a number of years still using a “natural” shaving cream.. I had him list the ingredients, and one of them was the same ingredient that is in antifreeze for cars!I said, what are you doing?Do you want to shave with antifreeze?Now days I use a little soap with some jojoba oil ( a little goes a long way).I get really close shaves with the oil and soap)

I never use a blow dryer.They are one of the highest sources of EMF (Electromagnetic Fields).. I just towel dry and air dry my hair.

I don’t use any. Once your body gets “clean”, you shouldn’t need any.If you really must use some, I have seem some “crystal” products that may be better that other products.

I don’t use anything with fluoride in it.I don’t use anything with Sodium Laurel Sulfate.I use natural toothpaste’s or tooth powders with all natural ingredients.

Many just nauseate me.. I had a college instructor who was allergic to all scents, she said that most are made with formaldehyde.Now days I use only essential oils for perfume/cologne.

I use essential oils (aromatherapy) for freshing the air, or if its really bad, I get out the Air Wise – air purifier

When working on my car (such as changing the oil, etc.), I ALWAYS wear gloves to minimize contact with oil, grease, etc.

Many toilet paper and paper towels are made from “virgin” (non-recycled paper). I have switched to using recycled toilet paper that is not “bleached with chlorine” (which releases toxic dioxins into the environment).Read more about it here.

I’m working towards reducing all paper towel use.I strive to use sponges and cloth towels whenever needed when cleaning.

Before I was raw, I can remember getting runny noses, blowing my nose, etc., now days, this rarely ever occurs, so I no longer purchase tissue paper.I do not purchase napkins either, and use cloth napkins or a cloth towel when needed.

“Standard” cleaning products in “supermarkets” are toxic.I recommend cleaning products that are from yesteryear, like grandma use to use- i.e.: lemon juice, vinegar, etc..Or try some less toxic cleaners available in health food stores.

I have even gone so far to cut out some “technology” out of my life, which may pose health risks.

I believe one of the biggest health risks in todays world is CELL PHONES.When I use a cell phone, or if one is in CLOSE PROXIMITY to me, and being used, I will get a headache.I believe that I am really sensitive to the energy fields that the cell phone produces..Therefore I believe they are not good to use…and toxic…It surprised me when at a recent raw food dinner in Santa Monica, California how many people had cell phones at the event! I do however have a pager in case there is some sort of emergency. Since pagers do not have to TRANSMIT, they do not give me the same headache.Lately, I heard on the news that several cell phone manufacturers were being sued by people “claiming” that they cause cancer..Hmmm.maybe my head is trying to tell me something??

Just listen to your body, and all will be revealed.

While I believe the computer is a “great tool”, I believe inminimizing any risk factors that may arise due to its use.

COMPUTER MONITORS (glass picture tubes) or CRT may be another health hazard from research I have done.Since most of my day is spent behind a CRT, I decided to purchase a “FLAT SCREEN LCD” monitor, which doesn’t pose the same risk as a CRT screen.I have noticed I feel more “calm” after switching to the LCD panel.While the text on the screen is comparable, for fast action graphics (such as games or watching movies, or even viewing pictures- the quality is just not the same).The prices recently for the LCD screens have been coming down lately. A 15″ can be had for about $500, and a 18″ for about $1000.

To check forEMF (Electro Magentic Field) Exposure, I purchased a “cell sensor” which is a meterto measure EMF.Its amazing to walk around the house and see how much EMF is around, and how much it dissipates with distance.

In order to mitigate the effects from EMF on my person, and increase my personal energy or “chi”, I purchased a Q-Link Pendant.Before and after purchasing the Qlink, I had kirilian photography done, which showed the energy increase after using the qlink.Read more about the Q-Link here.If your interested in purchasing a “Qlink Classic Pendant”, email me.I may have some still available at 20% off the retail price.

To mitigate the effects of EMF throughout my house, I purchased 3 tachyon discs.According to the Tachyon Web site:

“Electromagnetic fields lose their negative effects when they become coherent through the unified field of Tachyon.”.

I figured that the discs “couldn’t hurt”, and after I received a recommendation from a friend, I went ahead and purchased them. Learn more about Tachyon here

I also strive to recycle more, and help save mother earth. You can help by using a cloth bag, backpack or bring a cardboard box when shopping,Minimally reuse your paper bagsto carry your food away from the supermarket.. (many markets will even give you a “bag credit” for doing this).Be sure to compost all your fruit and veggie items! (I purchased a worm composting bin).

Hopefully you will (or already have) implemented some of the above less toxic solutionsto”optimize” your health as I have mine.

John Kohler, is the webmaster and creator of the Living and Raw Foods Online community which currently recieves over 2,500 visitors a day. He has led a “healthy’ lifestyle since 1995 when he started on the living and raw foods path by juicing. He started the web site in 1997 to educate the world about the living and raw food word.

Find out more about John Kohler @www.living-foods.com


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    Q: During my phone consultation, I inquired about shaving creams other than the magic shave that I had been using for years. I tried the Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap as well as the Alba shaving cream. I have tried them both, and I use the hydrogen peroxide after I shave. But after a couple of days of smooth butter skin, my face becomes slightly irritated and small bumps form around the area where a goatee would grow. I know that I have some skin issues as of late, but don't know what. I even put a good amount of the OZ OIL on my face after I use the hydrogen peroxide. Should I not expect any constant smooth shaves until I go through the FULL BODY DETOX (FBD)?


    Whether you know it not but you answered your own question and correctly so. Yes, give the FULL BODY DETOX a try!

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    Q: What Are Some Natural Sweet Treats (Junk Foods) I can Consume? Under free will you can consume what you like, but healthier products are best. You will find plenty of "healthier" snack, treat, and junk foods at good health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, PCC Natural Food Stores, Erewhon, Trader Joes, Natural Grocers, New Frontiers, etc. Just make sure to abstain from salt, sugar, and other harmful chemicals in the products you buy. We list many companies of alternative foods and products (and their website addresses) in our ALTERNATIVE DIET AND LIFESTYLES MANUAL.



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    Q: I was online searching for some natural treatments for hair growth in Black Men when I came across your article. I must say that I believe it was so on point that I decided not to look any further. I'm 44 years of age and started noticing my hair thinning when about 12 years ago. I was one of those that you wrote about in your article chasing a lifestyle that is no longer an interest to me. I did fall into some bad habits that were not good for my health off and on over the past 15 years or so more off than on. My body type I would describe as athletic. I'm tone, and strong when I exercise regularly. I'm about 150lbs @ 5'11". My diet is mostly vegetables but from time to time I feel I have to eat fish or chicken. Not necessarily prepared in the healthiest way I'm sure. I just got out of one of my "on" spells so to speak. Meaning the drinking of beer and cigarettes. I've been smoking and drinking beer now since September 2006 after not having done anything but live healthy for six years before that. As soon as my wife and I came back to the states and started working and runnign again these old destructive habits appeared again in my life. I only blame myself though. Right now my hair and skin suffer from the chemical poisoning from the habits that I just mentioned. I am prepared to take your advice about righteous living to heart and start fresh again. Is there a mild remedy that can work with me to stimulate the re-growth of my hair in the spots where it is balding in that classic balding pattern? I am generally very healthy when I doing right and even now rarely get sick. But my sickness manifest in stress and bad habits to num the pain of having to live this way when don't really want to. I quit the job that I've been working for the past 4 years for that reason and have been blessed to have some time not to grind everyday chasing after money. Now is a crucial time of healing for me, and I must take full advantage of the time. Moderation is in order for whatever you can suggest for me in the way of herbal remedies. I am sure that you can prescribe a simple overall regiment for my overall health based on what I have shared with you with an emphasis on the hair and skin. Again, thank you for writing the article. Call or write. The sooner the better.......Thank You!!


    I would say first detox with the FULL BODY DETOX and get your diet right CONSISTENTLY! Constantly clean your temple! This is key! Next, perform the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE. After this, do a daily regimen of HAIR SKIN NAILS FORMULA, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, KHEMETIAN GOLD, and MSM SULFUR. Forgive yourself of past self-inflicted harm! Stop worrying about your hair loss. Start visualizing your hair growing back. If you can see it, you will achieve it! The mind is all and problems and remedies begin in the mind! BTW: we offer phone consultations if you're interested.

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    Q: Over the last 2 yrs I've been interested in taking a more holistic approach to my health. I heard a radio ad for the dherbs website in NC where I live. At any rate, after perusing the site, I know there are several products I want to use but I don't want to take a large quantity of supplements at once. I am interested in doing a detox and colon cleanse. I want to improve the health of my eyes. I am very mucus laden and don't want to have an invasive procedure done that ENT/Sinus doctors are suggesting so I would like to do something more natural to clear that head congestion. I also have oily skin and have struggled with acne most of my life and my hair is not manageable so I would like to do something about skin/hair. With the multiple areas that I'm trying to improve, what's the best regime for me without having to take a lot of products together at once?


    Start your healing journey by: 1. Change your diet (Go raw foods/vegan: no meats, no dairy products, etc.) 2. Perform the FULL BODY DETOX 3. After the FBD, take daily EYES FORMULA, MUCUS BUSTER FORMULA and ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD.

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    Q: I would like to know if what I'm doing is okay. This is way before we found dherbs site and the products on the internet. We read on the internet that drinking a teaspoon of natural black sea salt or any sea salt in 32oz warm water every morning is good for bowel movement. We have been doing it for awhile now. Is it too much to take it with your products? I lost some weight after my FULL BODY DETOX but not too much on my stomach. What do you recommend l should use to get rid of the tummy area? I bought FIBROID BUSTER TEA I am I drinking it because l feel there is Fibroids down there. Should l also continue taking my BUNNY RABBIT formula with Fibroid tea? In my last email l mentioned my husband had mild stroke. Now he's having spasms all over his body especially when he's sleeping at night. Why is he having it and what else can he use for that? We are using all these wonderful products on the inside and still have un-even skin. Is it okay to use AMBI products for more youthful skin then detox every four months? If not, when are we going to see your skin products on the market?


    We don't recommend the drinking of sea salt. For tummy reduction: exercise (perform abs, sit ups) and take BOWEL MOVER and WEIGHT RELEASE FORMULA. You can take your herbs and tea together. No big deal! Spasms? Clearly the â€HEALING CRISIS†(read the article by this same title). The skin will improve in time. Don't focus on it!

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    Q: I recently purchased the FULL BODY DETOX and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. I totally understand that healing is holistic and that changes must occur in diet, lifestyle, and only positive thinking will result in optimal health. I am noticing balding on the right side of my head. Of all the hair care products provided by dherbs.com, I was curious to know if using any of the dherbs.com hair herbs would affect the detox/cleansing regime? If not which would be the most effective in assisting me with hair loss? (Due to financial limitations I can't afford to purchase them all because I just purchased an alkaline water machine that set a brother back)Aside from performing the anti-viral cleanse regime. I eat plenty of cilantro and parsley, drink half my body weight in alkaline water daily, and eliminate stressors out of my life. I was interested in knowing what other follow up actions can I take to help assist me in overcoming this trial (virus) that has changed my life for the better.


    You have the right attitude and spirit! Kudos to you. For the hair inquiry, you can drink the HAIR-SKIN-NAILS TEA during your detox. In re additional pointers, work on your mind-reprogramming it. Use daily affirmations! Reinvent yourself. Meditate! Perform yoga! perform the "SEA SALT SOAKS" daily! Keep getting knowledge! Just be creative and follow!

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    Q: My question is about hair loss. I am a 45 year old African American female. I started losing my hair about 15 years ago. I specifically remember unusual symptoms before it started to fall out. First, my entire scalp had a burning sensation, and it was very tender to the touch. It was very difficult to brush, comb and wash. Then after that, I am not sure how much longer after, but a dry patch of skin developed toward the back of my head (approximately 1 inch in diameter). I was able to peel it off and pull it through the strains of hair (very weird). That happened a couple of times and not too long after that, my hair started to fall out in large amounts for a fairly long period of time. At the moment I would say that I am mostly bald with hair mostly around the edges. Also I would like to mention that hair started to grow on my chest BUT I started to lose hair in my vaginal area. Sorry if some of this sounds sketchy but it's been 15 years!! I will try to give you a little bit of my history. I am 5'8" and 135lbs. I would say that for the most part, I have been an athlete all my life. My menses were very irregular sometimes and/or absent for long periods of time. When my menses were present, I had very bad cramps and clotting. My menses are now very regular and I hardly have any cramps, my flow is light and very little clotting. I would have to say that it is now a pleasure to have my "period". This also might be a result from switching my diet to a vegetarian diet. I have been a vegetarian for about 16 years. I would say 20% is dairy, but after reading your articles, I am trying my best to become vegan, hopefully even a raw foodist. I also eat tofu. I have never had hair problems growing up. I did get relaxers, but only twice a year. I have had my appendix removed when I was in elementary school. My bowel movements are usually once a day. (I know it needs to be 3.) So anyway, I have been to a couple of medical doctors to no avail, so now I am coming to you. I just received the following products from your company today (10-06-08). I am looking forward to using them. - MSM SULFUR - ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD - COLON FORMULA - HEALING HERBAL TOOTH POWDER - HAIR OIL One last note: I have had maybe one cold in the last 3 years. I can't remember the last time I had the flu. So thank the Lord, my health has been pretty good. Thank you for reading about my situation and hopefully you can shed some light on what is going on with my body.


    Have you read the 2 health articles on hair ("HAIR PROBLEMS" and "BLACK HAIR, NAPPY HAIR")? If not, please read these articles for remedy and recourse. Also, read our article "SKIN DISORDER = BLOOD DISORDER"."

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    Q: I have used many of your products - the full body cleanse, the female cleanse, and I completed the respiratory cleanse last month. I felt great during the cleanse; when I got off of it, I didn't feel that I was eliminating as easily or consistently. I had purchased the Intestinal Cleanser and the Bowel Motion and started taking them together in the evenings, but I missed a few days due to travel. I noticed that I felt horrible during the days that I was taking it (and felt better when I was off of it).....my stomach felt bloated and cramped and I had headaches and low energy. I am wondering if the combination is too strong for me. Do you recommend taking only the Bowel Mover, or are you supposed to take both? Is it possible that I have a digestion problem? I also had purchased the Thyroid herbs. Is it okay to take those at the same time, or should I wait?


    Read our article HEALING CRISIS!

    Herbs don't cause any health problems. They help you to heal from them. You were experiencing healing crisis, which can be unpleasant; but your body doesn't care. it just wants to heal itself.

    I suggest you take these herbs at night right before you go to bed (which is the best time to do so anyway).

    And yes, you can take the Thyroid formula ... but take it in the morning!

    Thank you for your interest in Dherbs.Com!

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    Q: I think this way is easier and faster to have your response. I currently have many skin problems. I first started having body rash and eczema around my lips. When the skin gets dry, it hurts, and I've been trying to moisturize the skin with using all natural Burt's Bees andor Hugo natural lotion, cream or oil. I tried sea salt soak and been taking Sen-Fen, Blood formula, Immune support, Anti-Viral, but it's not working and the symptoms haven't gotten better at all. My entire body is really itchy from rash, so I haven't been able to sleep well for the past 2-3 weeks. If you have any suggestions for life style, special drinks and foods or products I can use, please let me know asap.


    Greetings! You skin problems are explained in the article "SKIN DISORDER = BLOOD DISORDER" which I suggest you read. (visit articles section). When there's no physical healing, check the mind. Check out the NEW MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL and there is a chapter in there on using the mind to heal. Basically you are focusing too much on the problem and not the solution which is optimal health and well-being. You are telling yourself how you don't want these problems and by saying this subconsciously, you are keeping the problems. Have your permanently switched or changed your diet? If not, what are you waiting for? Your blood is begging to be purified. Herbs alone won't get the job done. Let go of worrying about the problem. Focus on enjoying life, getting back in balance and you will begin to heal!

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    Q: I recently ordered some soap by Nubian heritage I wanted to know if that soap if made from all natural products.


    Made from mostly all natural ingredients. A good brand of soap!

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    Q: I am in need of cleansing my body and weight removal! (Removal and not loss because I don't want to find it again)! I need to remove about 80 pounds of unhealthy weight from my body and would like to do so in a natural way. I looked at both your Female Cleanse and the Full Body Cleanse, but don't know which is a better option for me to follow right now? I eat a lot of organic foods, I juice (some) but need to increase my water intake (A LOT). I don't drink much soda at all and when I do it is organic carbonated lemonade. I realize carbonated drinks are not good for us and limit how much I drink. My body lets me know when I have eaten something that is not good for me by causing my hands and feet to swell. To reduce this I drink water. I am allergic to wheat and try to stay away from it as much as possible. I have few ailments and have started working out again (cardio and weight training). I also looked at your weight loss products, but thought I should maybe detox first. What do you think? Any assistance you can offer on your products and which ones I should take is of great appreciation.

    A: The best thing for you is the Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse will allow you to remove unwanted weight, while also optimizing your entier body so that you can maintain that weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


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    Q: I have been anemic since my cycle started age 11. In the year 2001 I had the first tranfusion and found out that I had fibroids. At that time they were small. It took three years later to find out that you can shrink them and disolve them from a book called healing fibroids a natural cure. I have always been a heavy bleeder but in 2004 the bleeding got worse where i had to leave work to go to the emergency room. I got IV fliud and was told this is my normal period. I never had to go to the hospital because of bleeding too much. Any way in 2001 I was on the pill and taking iron 3* a day 325ml. Got off the pill because of the weight gain and was still bleeding hard due to everyday stress. 2006 I had two more transfusions with in 5 months of each other. All the doctors want to do is cut me. I refuse. After the last transfusion, I decided to get iron through IV. What a dissaster. The hospital gave me too many things at once. I was fine when I got home but, at 11pm I could not sleep too well. I began having heart palpitations. Rushed to the ER in such pain, I was in pain to stand up, in pain to sit down. I had to pace the floor and sit down and get back up again several times. The intense pain did not stop until I stood bent over my mother's lap for 10 mins. It stopped at 4:30am. Well they kept me for four days. Every test and xray done on me and they found nothing wrong with my heart. Good. But what on earth caused the pain. I have not been able to work for the past 3 years. Every time my cycle starts I lose a lot of blood, I am weak, I can't walk like a normal person and my heart is always pounding hard at every little movement I make. I blacked out in the shower in 2007. I am currently taking cold pressed wheat germ oil to put oxygen in my blood and to stop the pain in my chest. I look worn, my skin from head to toe is covered in scars, and I have no finger nails and my hair is greying all over. I am 36 and I am literally half dead. Can any of your products help me get me up off the couch and walking like a normal person again.


    Beloved, I recommend that you first perform the FULL BODY DETOX. After this kit, I recommend that you perform the FIBRIOD BUSTER CLEANSE AND REGIME. After this kit I recommend that you perform the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. After this kit, I recommend that you perform the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. While performing all these cleanses above, when drinking water make sure you add KHEMETIAN GOLD and OXY-DROPS to every glass of water you drink. In addition to performing these kits, please read our FREE articles and begin to properly educate yourself. There is healing from all that you suffer from!

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    Q: Approximately two weeks ago, I developed dry, itchy patches on my back. Several things changed during this period, I started using Nubian Heritage Shea Butter soap, I starting the Full Body Detox, I received a deep tissue massage in which the primary focus was my back (olive oil mixed with sesame oil). Also I put Oxydrops, in Dherbs Hair Oil, and Healing Skin Oil. I used the Creativity and Abundance Elixirs. Do you think these changes have something to do with the dry itchy patched on my back?


    Please read the article "Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder" in our articles section. It may be "healing crisis" if the problem started after using natural products.


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    Q: Members of my house have started drinking Hemp Milk and Rice Milk. No more Cow Milk! We like the taste of both. I also like the fact that the hemp milk has omega and other nutrients in it. However, my son is three years old and we have discovered he is allergic to nuts because a family member gave him a cashew to eat, then his eyes began to swell up like Garfield the cat. I had him tested for food allergies and the test revealed he is allergic to nuts and soy. So I don't give him any nut products or soy products. My question for you is: "Is hemp a nut or a seed, is the hemp milk derived from a nut or a seed???" I need to know other alternatives if in fact it is a nut. I do not want to give him something toxic to him.


    Hemp is a seed, not a nut, so hemp seed milk is okay for him.

    Nuts cashews - peanuts, soy

    Grains - rice, oats

    Fruit - almond, coconut, banana, date

    Hey, I'll do an article that will be up on Dherbs early next week!

    Peace and Love!

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    Q: My husband has scar tissue on his head. He was hit on the head with a bat by some attackers (years ago). The top of his head is extremely hard like a rock --the entire thing is scar tissue. In the back towards his neck but still on his head is a larger patch of raised scar tissue. It is so severe that he has lost and appears to be losing more hair off the top of his head (I think it's because his skin isn't breathing or getting oxygen. He's tried everything from drinking Aloe Vera and applying this to all sorts of products. Currently he is using the skintight products (razor/hair bump, as well as the coco butter) however after reading your article about alcohol, I know they contain this so I don't want him to keep using it even though we are seeing some larger results than we ever have before with that product. We are both vegetarians. He has been a vegetarian for 15 years. He used to eat soy burgers etc., but has completely cut that out for about 3 months. He is now in his third week of raw food (as prescribed by your website) just drinking the green juice from Bolthouse (algae, wheatgrass, spinach etc.) and eating large spinach and vegetable raw salads. We are using the recipe that you included in your e-books. We will continue on a diet like this for the next year while we cleanse our bodies and keep this lifestyle. However, with all of that, my question for you is-- Do you have any recommendations for him to remove his scar tissue? I thought the OZ OIL would help. In addition, I'd like to buy him the FIBRIOD BUSTER and/or any other fibroid kits- but the website says they are for women (only?). Any recommendations you could make would be most appreciated.


    I would tell you to keep using natural products (shea butter, OZ OIL, FIBRIOD BUSTER, MSM SULFUR, etc.) and let the healing take place at its own course. The more you focus on what you don't like (his head injury) the more it will magnify (not heal). His body is programmed to heal and it will but you must remain open to let the body heal at its own pace. Just continue to eat, think, and live right. He'll heal! Just give it time! Let nature do her thing!

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    Q: I'm interested in buying your products but I'm not sure which will be the appropriate one for me. I have a skin condition, which has gotten worse over the years; I have small pimples with white dots all over my arms, elbows, and now it has spread to my stomach, thighs, and buttocks. I suffer from constant constipation and I had a toxic mega colon and my appendix was removed as well. I think the reason why I am having so many problems with my skin is due to the chronic constipation I have had since I was very little. Please let me know which products I should use.



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    Q: I am starting to look at alternative medicines and food choices very seriously now, in fact I recently wrote a research paper on the subject, while reading your article you mentioned Dr Hulda Clark, I goggled her name and got some good and bad reviews. One article in particular caught my attention. If you could would you please read this article and give me your feedback. I am really interested in alternative medicine and I want to teach my kids about the options that they have. I am currently putting together a binder for my kids with things I have read about alternative medicines, detox, the harm that cooked foods(meats in particular) have on the body etc. This article bothered me and before I include any information on treatment from her clinic I wanted some feedback on this article.


    Hulda offers some very good information but she's a bit extreme in my opinion and she relies too much on gadgets for healing rather than the mind, diet, attitude, lifestyle, etc. The choice is up to you, Beloved, whether to include her clinic! From the article, Hulda's clinic looks very frightening! I probably wouldn't include it!

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    Q: I wanted to know if you can give me a good website that sell shower filters....I need it because after a shower my skin itches bad.


    Try www.Gaia.Com!

    But good shower filters are available from most good hardware stores.

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    Q: Hello... I apologize for the length of this because I understand how precious your time is. About 2 weeks ago I had a one-night stand. We used a flavored condom. A few days after I began to have some vaginal itching, which I disregarded as yeast infection I took some black walnut hulls but that did and the itching subsided it a bit. I decided to buy some vagisil (I know its toxic but the itching was unbearable and I wanted immediate relief so badly.) Later on that day my clitoris began to burn but I thought it was from the vagisil. Fast-forward 2 days I looked at my vagina in a mirror and noticed there was a small scab on clitoris. Immediately thought I had herpes. I read your article on herpes and thought I needed to detox my body immediately I have been living unrighteous and it is time to live righteously! I forgave myself for abusing myself with alcohol and weed and unrighteous sex. I then forgave the person for giving me herpes. I'm grateful I had that encounter because it taught me to become center and grounded. I ordered the full body detox, which I am on currently and thought maybe I should do the anti viral kit & regimen afterwards. However I did not get tested for herpes and I may not even have it. I did not want to get tested because I did not want it on the books that I have herpes. I fully agree and over stand there are no incurable diseases. MY body is in a diseased state and blood is toxic. My question is should I get tested after the anti viral regimen kit if I have never been diagnosed with the disease. And I am also a college student with limited funds and not sure if I should invest in the kit because I do not have any money right now. I'M not having sex again until it is with a soul mate. I do want to take an HIV test to show my soul mate I do not have that disease. (in case he asks) I have never taken one of those before. Will it come back negative after the full body detox? I'm not sure what to do from here. Thank you for time. I truly appreciate your site. If I had not found your site I would not be a vegetarian to day and I would not know how to heal myself. I excited about my new path of living positively!


    I would suggest you read our article "Genital Herpes". Sound likes you learned a serious lesson. Now it's time to heal. I would recommend performing the Anti-Viral kit followed by the Full Body Detox and if you can only order one product, I'd say give the Anti-Viral a try. Please read our free health articles. they will further stimulate thinking.

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    Your itching is a "healing crisis." Have you read the article â€HEALING CRISISâ€? Have you read the â€DETOX TROUBLESHOOTING†Guide? Your answers have already been covered here! If the magnet causes itching you don't have to use it. We don't replace crystals, Beloved. Just perform the cleanse to the best of your ability absent what you have lost. You'll still benefit!