How To Avoid Buying Junk Food While Grocery Shopping

How To Avoid Buying Junk Food While Grocery Shopping

As you peruse the aisles of a grocery store, you are hit by an onslaught of unhealthy processed foods. First of all, entering the middle aisles of most grocery stores is mistakes one, two, and three of your grocery shopping mission. Aside from the cleaning, kitchenware, and household products, the middle aisles of grocery stores typically contain all of the processed, unhealthy foods. Consistently buying and consuming those foods could slingshot you into high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

For a lot of Americans, grocery shopping isn’t something they get enthused about. In fact, only 27% of Americans cook at home on a daily basis. The rest tend to choose inexpensive fast food or takeout to reduce the stress and hassle that comes with preparing food or going to the grocery store. When a lot of people go grocery shopping, they get enticed by the deals. Most junk foods are typically on sale or have special bundle combos. This can derail a healthy shopping experience. To help you stick to your healthy food mission in a grocery store, use the tips below.

Go In With A Plan

Make a list of what you need and don’t veer from the list. The moment you decide to go off-script, so to speak (unless you are buying more veggies!), all hell can break loose. Take five minutes before you shop to write down what you need. It is also recommended to plan your meals for the week in order to avoid buying unnecessary, unhealthy foods.

Eat Before You Shop

Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach is like kissing your health goals goodbye. Statistics show that you are more likely to purchase unhealthy foods if you go to the store when you are hungry. Because your brain is actively telling your body to obtain food, you tend to buy quick and easy meals that are processed, sugary, and filled with unhealthy carbohydrates. Eat before you go to shop healthily.

Shop The Perimeter

As we mentioned before, the inner aisles are filled with all of the unhealthy foods. While some unhealthy items exist in the perimeter, the foods that typically line those shelves are fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and meats and dairy products, although we aren’t fond of the last two we mentioned. The main thing is that you’ll avoid the excess sodium and processed ingredients that are plentiful in the middle aisles.

Stock Up On The Basics

When it comes to cooking, you need to have certain items in your kitchen at all times. You don’t want to start your meals from scratch every time you go to the grocery store. By this, we mean you don’t want to keep re-purchasing the basics. Some of the best non-perishable basics include extra virgin olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, quinoa, brown rice, nuts and seeds, tahini, almond butter, steel cut oats, raw honey, raw agave, and liquid aminos. When you buy these items in bulk, you’ll have what you need and be more organized in the kitchen.

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