How To Flavor Your Own Kombucha With Fresh Fruit

How To Flavor Your Own Kombucha With Fresh Fruit

Some people have reservations about kombucha. Most of the time it is the taste that scares people away, but we are here to show you how you can flavor this fermented beverage, so you can start reaping its benefits.

Kombucha is a magical, healing beverage that has been used in Asian cultures for over 2,000 years. It has incredible health benefits, including probiotics, enzymes, B-vitamins, and a high acid content that helps improve digestion, energy levels, and overall immunity.

People drink kombucha for different reasons, the primary of which is detoxification. In fact, the antioxidants in kombucha have the ability to counteract liver cell toxicity, and they can also decrease oxidative stress to the liver. While that is an amazing power of kombucha, many people admire it for its ability to promote healthy digestion. There are many beneficial enzymes and probiotics in kombucha that help promote healthy gut flora. People drink it to calm the pain of stomach ulcers or as a natural remedy for heartburn or acid reflux.

Because kombucha is full of antioxidants, including vitamin C, it can help fight free radicals in the body. Additionally, these antioxidants can boost your immune system by protecting against cell damage.

Let’s get to flavoring!

It is very easy to flavor your own kombucha. Making your own kombucha requires a little more time and energy, which is why it is better to purchase unflavored kombucha tea. Then you need to have about 5-6 16oz. glass jars so you can have them ready to go when you want to drink them.


  • Unflavored kombucha tea
  • 5-6 16oz. glass jars

For the Mango Flavor:

  • ½ cup mango cubes
  • 5 teaspoons grated ginger

For the Pineapple/Strawberry Flavor:

  • ½ cup pineapple cubes
  • ¼ cup sliced strawberries


  • Take mango cubes and grated ginger and pulse them in a blender. Divide the blended mixture into two jars and fill with unflavored kombucha tea. Leave a little room in the jars.
  • Rinse the blender out and then blend the pineapple and strawberries. You should be able to divide this mixture into three jars. Fill each jar with the kombucha tea and refrigerate.

It’s important to let your kombucha sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours so that the flavors can infuse into the tea.

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