How To Not Confuse Detox Symptoms With Negative Reactions

How To Not Confuse Detox Symptoms With Negative Reactions

The topic of food sensitivities and digestive troubles is a more prevalent topic than ever. With all the processed ingredients, GMOs, enriched foods, and antibiotic-laden meats and poultry, it’s no wonder that the average American’s digestive system isn’t functioning the way it should be. The convenience of these foods has led people farther away from consuming plant-based foods that make up a balanced diet.

Whether it is a poor functioning digestive system, imbalanced hormones, or high cholesterol, the decision that propels you to cleanse is admirable. Taking part in the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse is a dramatic shift from the norm, but stepping outside the comfort zone is what people need to make a lifestyle change. During the cleansing process, which calls for an all-raw foods diet, many people are surprised by how many meal options are available to them.

Just as with any new change, a few mild complications or inconveniences can arise. When most people experience something negative while cleansing, their first instinct is to conclude that the supplements in the Full Body Cleanse are to blame. Unless you are allergic to an ingredient in our herbal supplements, the negatives one can experience are commonly symptoms of detoxing.

Let’s remove the Full Body Cleanse from the equation for a moment

Upon removing a toxin (gluten, tobacco, sugar, dairy products, meat, etc.) from your diet, the body initiates its own detoxing process to eliminate said toxin. This process can induce muscle cramps, headaches, fatigue, acne, skin rash, nausea, bloating, or mood swings. These are by no means “fun” symptoms, but they do indicate that the body is cleansing itself.

More often than not, these detox symptoms only last for one to three days, but they can last for a week or more, depending on how many toxins are present in the body. Consider that toxic foods are comparable to drugs, in that halting the use of a drug will cause withdrawal symptoms. If you abort the detox process before it is finished and you cheat with your poison, you will have to restart the detox process.

Let’s bring the Full Body Cleanse back into the equation

When you begin the Full Body Cleanse, you immediately eliminate all of the bad foods; and we mean ALL OF THEM. While focusing on fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds, you are also taking herbs that cleanse and rejuvenate the various organs and systems in the body. People expect a feeling of immediate euphoria, but cleansing doesn’t quite work like that. Even though your are putting healthy items into the body, the toxins have to make their exodus, which is a slow process.

Realize That Detox Symptoms Are Not Bad

It can seem counterintuitive, but detox symptoms are considered normal and a natural part of your road to wellness. These symptoms can make you feel like you want to give up and give in to old habits, but remain steadfast to avoid reintroducing toxins back into the body. Power through the cleanse and realize that the detox symptoms will pass; you’ll emerge a healthier person on the other side.