How To Poop When You Can’t Without Using Laxatives

How To Poop When You Can’t Without Using Laxatives

Not everyone has the same experiences when it comes to going “number two.” Some people regularly eliminate without strain, while others struggle to go once or three times a week. In case you aren’t aware, you should be having one to three bowel movements every single day. This frequency tells you that your digestive system is functioning like it should.

Sometimes you go to the restroom and you sit on the toilet, straining to get something out. You are usually left with an unsatisfactory bowel movement. Medications, IBS, depression, or even pregnancy can result in constipation. There are natural remedies, however, that you can use to make using the restroom a regular experience.


Probiotics deliver good bacteria to your digestive tract. Good bacteria already exists in the digestive system, but certain foods may increase the amount of bad bacteria, which can inhibit healthy digestion. Probiotics such as sauerkraut, fermented vegetables, kombucha, or kimchi actually help to move food through your intestines.

Bowel Training

This is a real thing, people. If you struggle with frequency, you may need to train your body to poop. The best way to do this is to try and use the restroom when you wake up or after you finish eating; the digestive tract is most active at these times. And don’t put off going to restroom if you feel the urge. This can make things worse.

Chew Your Food

Some people don’t thoroughly chew their food, which makes more work for the digestive system. Additionally, chewing your food slowly and thoroughly helps to keep you from overeating because you aren’t inhaling your food.

Squat, Don’t Sit

You don’t have to go out and buy the Squatty Potty; rather, you can use phone books to elevate your feet about four to six inches off the ground. The squatting position straightens your passageway, whereas sitting creates a slight pinch in the rectum, making it more difficult to pass stool.

Drink More Water

Water may just be the key ingredient you need to normalize your bowel movements. Most people don’t drink enough water, which means that your digestive tract isn’t sufficiently lubricated. Keep drinking water to keep going to the bathroom.