Is The Full Body Cleanse The Secret To Your Summer Body?

Is The Full Body Cleanse The Secret To Your Summer Body?

Summer is beach season, but how many of you are ready to strut your stuff on the strand? A high percentage of people want to lose weight for summer, but the barbecues, picnics, and excess drinking can prevent that from happening. Additionally, people get frustrated when their exercise efforts are not yielding the results they desired. This is because exercise is only 20% of weight loss. To successfully lose weight, one must rethink what they know about food and adopt new eating habits. During his recent appearance on Dish Nation, Dherbs CEO A.D. Dolphin informed people on how to do that.

You cannot out exercise a poor diet; it just doesn’t work like that. As A.D. explained, the toxins that are in common foods that most Americans eat make it difficult to lose weight. This is why A.D. always suggests that people use the 20-day Full Body Cleanse if they really want to see change. The cleansing experience is different from what most people are accustomed to, but the way the cleanse makes the body feel and look in such a short amount of time inspires people to continue on that healthier path long after the cleanse is over.

There’s no need to just take it from A.D. because he came on Dish Nation with Nicole Holten, a woman who he recently helped achieve her weight loss goals using the Full Body Cleanse. As a former fitness model, Nicole became frustrated when she couldn’t shed the weight she gained during her two pregnancies. She tried diet after diet and every workout regimen on the market, but she never saw the scale move more than a couple pounds. Then she completed the Full Body Cleanse. She experienced incredible weight loss and immediately took part in another cleanse right after, losing about 50 pounds over the course of two cleanses. Since completing the cleanse a few months ago, Nicole has maintained her weight loss and lives a completely different lifestyle. Dherbs truly changed her life for the better, and it can do the same for you. Watch the clip below to see how the Full Body Cleanse can help you achieve your slim summer body.