Minerals and Vitamins

Minerals and Vitamins

Most people know that minerals and vitamins are necessary for optimal health. However, many people don’t understand what kind of minerals and vitamins to take, creating a lot of confusion, apathy and frustration.


Many companies produce mineral and vitamin products and promoting them as essential for good health. However, many of these companies are sabotaging the health of millions of people who are unsuspecting buyers of harmful and synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Most mineral and vitamin brands on the market are:

  • Synthetic-made from oxide minerals and other substances
  • Harmful substances that contain preservatives, fillers, binders, coal tar, bitumen, gelatin and waste products
  • Not easily digested by the human body and therefore cannot be used appropriately
  • Urinated out of the body, turning the urine dark orange in color
  • Not carbon-copper bound- they lack electricity and do not vibrate harmonically with the human body
  • Not organic and therefore not digestible. Foods must be organic for the body to break them down in order to absorb their nutrients, and (8) are manufactured by pharmaceutical drug companies who sell them under subsidiary health companies.


Pregnant women that take doctor-physician prescribed prenatal mineral and vitamin tablets may be consuming dangerous, synthetic products that can pollute the pregnant mother’s bloodstream. In fact, it may even cause the baby to be born with liver diseases such as jaundice or hepatitis.

Why do you think so many babies are born with jaundice these days? Why do you think hospitals are pushing hepatitis vaccines on newborn babies today, especially if they are born in a hospital?

Prenatal minerals and vitamins contain some very harmful and toxic substances including coal tar and bitumen.


Minerals should come from natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, nuts and grains. Organic minerals are those that are made with completely natural and living substances. Minerals derived from non-living sources include metallic substances or metals are considered non-organic.

Most people are unwisely and unknowingly consuming inorganic minerals and vitamins.

People didn’t always have to worry about minerals and/or vitamins. They derived everything for optimal health from their food source, mainly consisting of vegetarian foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. The meals were well balanced and the servings of meat were well proportioned.


When buying minerals it is important to know what to look for. A good mineral brand will list all organic sources of the minerals. These organic sources should be derived from food sources such as fruit, plant and vegetables.

If the name of the mineral has an additional term following it, chances are, the mineral is synthetic. For example, calcium is a natural mineral, but calcium gluconate is not. The human body requires organic and phosphate minerals.

Also, nature does not provide any mono-structured minerals. A mono-structured element or mineral, by itself or isolated from other elements, is unstable and can sabotage your health.

For example, oxygen by itself may be very harmful to one’s health. When oxygen and nitrogen are combined, it is a balanced element.

Minerals and vitamins should be balanced. If they aren’t, then they are not beneficial to the human body.

A mineral’s atomic number and weight is important because it tells us about the number of electrons a mineral contains. Minerals are loaded with electrons, thus making the mineral electrical. The number of electrons in large part determines the chemical nature of an element.


It is important that our minerals come from the Earth because the Earth is alchemical in function. The Earth can convert inorganic elements into organic elements.

The Earth is alchemical and can convert one thing into another.

Earth contains inorganic oxides in the form of minerals that the human body cannot digest. The plant kingdom has been given the function of helping humans with their degenerative state by converting inorganic minerals into organic minerals.

Through plants, the Earth naturally converts the oxide minerals from the soil into organic or phosphates. The Earth’s soil has a chemical called Humic Acid. This alkaline, non-acid forming element is responsible for the earth’s alchemical ability to convert inorganic minerals into organic minerals. Today, this acid is now available to enhance human health and well-being.

Humic acid allows for proper absorption of all vitamins and minerals, especially those derived from organic sources.

There is a large variety of vitamins and minerals to choose from. It is important to select organic vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the human body.

Dherbs Formulation Philosophy

Dherbs formulas feature ingredients that are the cleanest, most potent, all-natural ingredients possible. Every Dherbs product is also vegan.

Dherbs is the leader is all-natural herbal supplements, herbal remedies, organic vitamins and minerals, natural formulas, cleanses and regimens, and other natural substances.

Our products are:

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Dherbs products have:

  • No chemicals or toxins
  • No artificial fillers or binders
  • No artificial color
  • No artificial fragrance
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No additives

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