Raw Ice Cream Recipes For National Ice Cream Day 2017

Raw Ice Cream Recipes For National Ice Cream Day 2017

There’s something about eating ice cream that just makes you feel happy. Perhaps it takes you back to childhood memories, or maybe it is just that delicious. Unfortunately, dairy is one of the worst things you can put in your body. We know this is hard to believe, considering advertisements have been telling you that milk supports bone health since before you can remember, but it’s true. There is no evidence that dairy supports bone health or prevents you from osteoporosis.

What does all this have to do with National Ice Cream Day? Well, we are here to tell you that you can easily make ice cream without dairy. Not only does it taste fresh and delicious, but it’s also much better for you. One thing we recommend is investing in either an ice cream maker, if you want to get fancy about it, or a high-speed, durable blender. A sturdy, well-made blender makes blending the ingredients for ice cream quick and easy.

Because everyone likes dessert, all of the following recipes are Full Body Cleanse-approved. That means that if you are participating in any of our cleanses, you can have these desserts. Best of luck making them and let us know how they turned out!

Raw Berry Mango Sorbet


If you’re on a raw foods diet, you cannot just grab a pint of ice cream and go to town, but you can make this berrilicious sorbet. It has a subtle tang that complements the sweetness of the mango and banana.

Click here to make the recipe.

Creamy Banana Ice Cream


This is probably the simplest dessert you will ever make. And it tastes great too! All you really need is 2 fresh bananas, which you put in the freezer to harden. Then you blend them. That’s it!

Click here to make the recipe.

Fresh Fruit Popsicles


Whether you want to make a healthy, refreshing dessert for your kids or just feel like indulging in some all natural sweetness, these popsicles are just the right dessert to cool you off as we head into the summer months.

Click here to make the recipe.

Hydrating Watermelon Sorbet


Just when you thought watermelon couldn’t get any better, it did with this refreshing sorbet. If you’d rather have more of a slushie, you can use a little more water. A thicker sorbet will come from using less water and more ice. If you’re feeling a little experimental, add in a few mint leaves!

Click here to make the recipe.

Raw Honeydew Sorbet


Honeydew is a great hydrating fruit because it is mostly water. This makes it great for sorbets, smoothies, and it’ll help cool you off in the hotter months.

Click here to make the recipe.



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