Simple Changes To Help Your Body Burn More Fat

Simple Changes To Help Your Body Burn More Fat

In case you haven’t been on social media recently, people are obsessed with dieting and working out. Every single person has the desire to look good and feel healthy, but not everyone knows how to do that, or even maintain positive change. Losing weight is a common health goal and there are a few things you can do to accelerate the process.

One of the most important aspects of losing weight is having a well-functioning metabolism. Some people have great genetics and have a higher metabolic rate, which is the energy your body uses while resting. Others have a slower metabolic rate and can struggle to eliminate extra pounds. If you fall into the latter group, we have some amazing changes to help your body burn fat more efficiently.

Don’t Fear Fat

While you should avoid trans and saturated fats, you shouldn’t be afraid of healthy fats. It is ideal to limit your carbohydrate intake and focus on healthy fats, and in doing so, your metabolism learns to use fat stores for energy instead of relying on glucose. Many people explore the ketogenic diet to focus on moderate protein, healthy fats, and minimal carbohydrates. Click here to learn more about the keto diet.

Don’t Starve Yourself

A lot of people make this mistake when they are attempting to lose weight. By restricting your caloric intake, you actually slow your metabolism because the body thinks that it has to reserve carbs and fat until more food is available. You can try intermittent fasting, but do so wisely. A great method for beginner’s is to start with the 12/12 method, where you fast for 12 hours a day and eat small meals within the other 12-hour window. Alternatively, you could eat a healthy breakfast at sunrise and eat dinner at sunset much, which is what people do during Ramadan.

Drink Healthier Beverages

A lot of people ruin their chances of losing weight because they can’t make healthier beverage choices. Super sweet sodas and alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories, sugar, and offer zero nutritional value. Additionally, alcohol consumption is linked to overeating. In a small 12-week study, people who drank 16 ounces of water before meals lost an additional average of 4.4 pounds. Green tea is also a great beverage option because the antioxidants help to boost the metabolism and the fat burning process.

Drink More Tea

Speaking of drinking tea, increasing the amount of hot tea you drink induces a process known as thermogenesis. This natural bodily process produces heat, which increases the number of calories you burn.

Start Eating Probiotics

Many studies have linked lower microbiome diversity, the trillions of bacteria living in the body, to obesity or people who struggle with weight loss. Lower amounts of beneficial bacteria in the gut can lead to weight loss resistance, while a higher population of beneficial bacteria has been know to aid with weight loss and digestive function. Many fermented foods contain probiotics that positively affect the microbiome and help to establish healthier gut flora.

Sweat It Out

It’s important to spend time in infrared saunas instead of regular saunas, because the former penetrates the skin barrier to raise the body’s core temperature. Regular saunas have to heat the air in order to heat you. Research has indicated that regular use of infrared saunas over a three-month period contributes to noticeable weight loss. By sitting in these saunas, you also help to promote detoxification by release sweat, and you help to decrease inflammation.

Run Some Labs

While you can boost your metabolism and eat right, it’s integral to address the underlying cause. Even if you lose weight, it can come back. Understanding the root cause helps you get healthy, which helps you lose weight. Things like gut malfunctions, imbalanced hormones, or thyroid problems can inhibit your weight loss. Make sure to test these things to come up with a plan. You have to address your insides in order to look good on the outside.

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