Take A Big Bite For National Hamburger Day

Take A Big Bite For National Hamburger Day

The hamburger has become one of the most popular foods in western culture. In fact, one might claim that the hamburger is a culinary icon, nay, a symbol of American patriotism. From the greasy spoon, to the upscale happy hour sliders, burger eateries serve up all kinds of burger creations year-round.

Americans consume upwards of 13 million hamburgers per year, and a 2011 study found that the average American eats a hamburger once a week. In 2016, roughly nine million hamburgers were served in American restaurants (not counting the burgers made at home). Additionally, McDonalds serves about 75 hamburgers per second worldwide, totaling to 225 million burgers a year.

What Does This Mean For Your Health?

A lot of people debate whether or not hamburgers are healthy. With the various renditions of hamburgers, for example, wrapping it in lettuce leaves in place of buns, one must inquire about the nutritional information of the burger as a whole. There is a vast difference between organic, humanely raised, grass-fed ground beef and frozen patties that are dished out at fast food eateries. The unhealthiest parts of a hamburger are the condiments, cheese, and buns, all of which can contain a combination of saturated fats, refined sugars, antibiotics, refined grains, and processed ingredients. All of this is to say that it’s important to be mindful of every component of all the foods you eat. You’d be surprised how unhealthy certain “healthy” foods are.

We could never publish a burger article without putting up a few burger recipes of our own. Because we wanted to post recipes that our cleansers can eat, the following recipes are dehydrated and raw. We hope you like them!

Hearty Eggplant Burger With A Vegan Mayo:

Why do so many people shy away from eggplants? Let this filling, flavorful burger guide you to a new world of many more eggplant recipes.

Click here to make the recipe.

Black Rice & Mushroom Burgers:

This may be one of the most creative and delicious vegan burgers that you will ever eat. Each bite bursts with more flavors than the last!

Click here to make the recipe.

Quinoa Burgers:

Veggie burgers aren’t always delicious, but we stand by the flavors that have been established in these patties. Don’t forget the avocado!

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