The 4 Hormones That Are Making You Binge Eat At Night

The 4 Hormones That Are Making You Binge Eat At Night

Do you find yourself tip-toeing through the house at night to sneakily get a snack, even though you’ve already had dinner? Binge eating at night can lead to rapid weight gain because the body can’t burn those calories that are consumed so close to bedtime. Your body actually stores these calories as fat! In these situations, it is best address the cause, which is often an imbalance of powerful hormones.

The best way to keep those cravings in check is to understand the hormones that cause them. These appetite or hunger hormones usually make us reach for things that are sugary, salty, or unhealthy. They never encourage you to make healthy decisions. So let’s meet these hormones.


This hormone tells your brain that you are full. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do that if you eat a lot of processed foods, sugar, and flour.


Produced in your stomach, this “hunger” hormone helps keep your appetite in check. It basically lets you know that you should eat when you are hungry. If you are sleep-deprived, it may not do the job that it is supposed to do.


The body produces insulin to help process sugar. If you eat too much sugar then insulin levels can spike and ultimately crash. This can affect your overall energy levels.

Peptide YY

This hormone is produced in your intestines and tells your body that it is full, or that you’ve had enough to eat, i.e. that you don’t need any more food. If you don’t get enough sleep, then you may just keep on eating.

The best way to keep these hormones in check is to eat regular meals. Try not to skip breakfast by making a smoothie. Include high quality fats like nuts & seeds, avocados, coconut, and olive oil, and avoid sugary drinks (there are plenty of these at coffee shops during the holidays). Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night and make relaxation a priority. This can be hard during the holidays, but try a few yoga poses or breathing exercises to de-stress your days.