The Best Foods To Enhance Your Cleansing Experience

The Best Foods To Enhance Your Cleansing Experience

Believe it or not, there are foods that help cleanse the body. This is why all of our cleanses call for a raw foods diet. The herbs in the various cleanses have an easier time cleansing your organs and systems when you are eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts and seeds. The herbs aren’t as effective if you are eating processed foods, meat, meat products, refined sugars, dairy products, cooked foods, eggs, grains, or junk foods.

Eat the foods in this article to help you along with your cleansing experience. Who knows? You might even experience more weight loss.


Blueberries are full of antioxidants! When you eat them, they act like antibiotics, blocking bacteria in the urinary tract. This helps to keep your kidneys healthy and prevent urinary infections.


We have a warning about avocados: they are delicious. Seriously, though, don’t go crazy eating them because, while they are healthy fats, too many of them may make it harder to shed pounds. Avocados help to lower cholesterol and block toxins that can destroy your arteries.


Grapefruit is very beneficial for naturally detoxing your liver. It is also loaded with vitamin C and can help you naturally flush fat from you body. Make a belly fat eliminator drink with grapefruit by clicking here.


Cucumbers can actually help to keep you hydrated. They are about 97% water, which makes them a great hydrating snack. Their water content is why spas use them on your eyes. They can help hydrate your skin, which is beneficial for getting rid of dark circles.


If your goal is to create a neutral pH balance in the body, lemons are a must. This may seem counterintuitive because they contain citric acid, but lemons act as an alkaline food when ingested. They also help to flush toxins from your body, while nourishing your cells in the process. Adding fresh lemon to your water is a great option!


This tropical fruit is one of the best things to eat to help out your digestive system. It contains a digestive enzyme, bromelain, which helps you cleanse your colon and naturally break down food in the digestive tract.


Figs don’t get a lot of attention because a lot of people aren’t a fan of the texture. They are actually very sweet and have a lot of cleansing properties. Figs work to inhibit toxic urine development, while helping to cleanse the kidneys and your bladder.


If you want to boost your immune system, get some pomegranates in your life. They are incredibly rich in antioxidants and help the body naturally fight disease.

Goji Berries

While a lot of people believe that oranges are the best vitamin C sources, goji berries actually contain more vitamin C than oranges. They also have more beta-carotene than carrots, and beta-carotene helps to improve your liver function.



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