The Dherbs 180º Challenge Is Back For Round 4!

The Dherbs 180º Challenge Is Back For Round 4!

Spring is a time for cleaning and an even better time for cleansing the body. “Out with the old and in with the new,” we say. If you need a little help cleansing your body and making a transition to a healthier lifestyle, look no further because The Dherbs 180º Challenge is back for the fourth time! The demand to run Challenge for another cycle was overwhelming and we could not say no. This 180º Challenge is exactly what you need to help you slim down for summer while creating a healthier future. Did you know that this cycle of the Challenge finishes on the 4th of July? It will be the perfect opportunity to show off your healthier body!

The Dherbs 180 Challenge has shown us how cleansing can help people turn their lives around. The 180º community overflows with support and enthusiasm about making dramatic lifestyle changes that will encourage optimal health for years to come. The Dherbs 180º Challenge is about diving head first into cleansing and most challengers from previous cycles experienced results within the first week.* Oh, did we mention that entering the challenge gives you a shot at winning a grand prize of $2,500? There will be a total of two grand prize winners, one male and one female!

There are some new and exciting perks that are only available to 180º Challenge participants. Not only does Dherbs supply participants with meal plans, raw recipes, and instructional recipe videos, but we also provide frequent tips, workout tutorials, an eBook, access to the 180 Challenge’s exclusive Facebook group, and mini workout challenges with exciting prizes that can enhance the cleansing experience. You can always reach out to Dherbs for support or advice, but the Facebook group also serves as a community of Challenge participants to share experiences, recipes, and helpful tips.

The 180º Challenge is now available for purchase and people have already started signing up. That makes us so happy! The two start dates for the challenge are May 6th and May 13th of 2019. Slim down for summer with a plan that has been proven to work! Click here to purchase the product.

*Weight loss will depend on the participant’s body and whether or not he or she has any underlying health conditions.