The Top 5 Health Food Trends You Need To Embrace For 2017

The Top 5 Health Food Trends You Need To Embrace For 2017

Health food trends are always fluctuating and nobody ever knows how long one is going to last. This year showed us the awesomeness of avocados and we developed a fondness for all things coconut. People purchased spiralizers and turned zucchini into noodles! Butternut squash was featured during the fall and everyone finally figured out how to say quinoa.

Since many people make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or get healthier, there are some superfoods that should be eaten to help the process. We don’t know what will steal the superfood title in 2017, but we have some idea as to which foods will be in contention. Get a jump on everyone else and start consuming more of these foods before the secret gets out.

Probiotic Water

Rather than taking a probiotic supplement, try getting them from a natural source. Probiotics work wonders for your digestive system, boost your immune system, and they can even improve your skin health. What is probiotic water, though? It is essentially water mixed with fermented water kefir, which contains vegan probiotics. Improving your digestive system is one of the best ways to benefit your overall health.


Cauliflower flooded the appetizer section on many a restaurant menu this year. It has been made into raw rice, artisan pizza dough, and even fried and tossed in Buffalo sauce; and those recipes are just the tip of the iceberg. Cauliflower is a versatile ingredient that is low in carbs and calories, rich in vitamin C, and high in fiber, folate, and potassium.

Tiger Nut Flour

This one is a less obvious choice, which is why we are bringing it to your attention. Tiger nuts are small root vegetables, which flourish in the Mediterranean and parts of Africa. This nut flour is a healthier, gluten-free alternative to regular flour, so you know it’ll be circling the paleo, gluten-free, and vegan world in 2017. For those weight watchers, tiger nuts have been known to aid the digestive system and weight loss.

Purple Vegetables

Since the king of purple, Prince, passed away in 2016, let’s continue to celebrate him by eating purple foods. Just imagine it: you’re listening to “When Doves Cry” while preparing purple cauliflower, purple kale, purple potatoes, or purple broccoli (yes, all of these exist). The antioxidants that give them the purple color actually help decrease inflammation in the body.


Turmeric is a superfood that has come and gone, but we are sure that it will return to the top of the superfood charts. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, turmeric is best known for its role in Indian cuisine, but it is much more than a spice. It is a great detox agent and can even help with cancer prevention.



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