The Top 8 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Pickle Juice

The Top 8 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Pickle Juice

Pickle juice may not sound like the most appetizing thing to drink. Well, athletes have been reaping the benefits of pickle juice (post-workout for muscle relief) for quite some time now. Even Julius Caesar was known to feed his soldiers pickles to boost their energy.

With all the positivity surrounding pickle juice, there is also some debate on whether or not this juice is actually healthy. Drinking an excessive amount of pickle juice can lead to digestive discomfort, cause bloating, and put extra stress on your kidneys. This happens if you drink excessive amounts of pickle juice or if you eat a lot of pickles. The salt content is usually very high, so this can take a toll on your body. That’s why it’s best to make your own pickles.

If you drink pickle juice when as an herbal remedy, it can have some amazing benefits. Here are the following awesome benefits of pickle juice.

#1: Soothes Cramps

If you get dehydrated from exercising, you may experience muscle cramps. Similarly, you may have cramps if you are on your period. Drink a ¼ cup of pickle juice if you have cramps and they should go away within 2 minutes.

#2: Cures Hangovers

First off, alcohol can be detrimental to your body and we don’t condone imbibing. If you do go out and drink, taking a few swigs of pickle juice before bed will help you feel renewed in the morning. Alcohol dehydrates you, so getting a hydration boost from pickle juice helps!

#3: Sunburn Relief

Pickle juice has become a popular herbal remedy for sunburn relief. If you don’t have aloe vera, dip a cotton ball in some pickle juice and dab it on your sunburn. This will hydrate your skin and help relieve the burning sensation.

#4: Antioxidant-Rich

Pickle juice is extremely rich in key antioxidants, specifically vitamins C and E. Antioxidants help protect your body from free radicals, and they help to boost the immune system.

#5: Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels

Drinking a small amount of pickle juice before a meal was proven to help regulate blood sugar levels in people with types 1 & 2 diabetes. If pickle juice seems unappetizing to you, you could do the same thing with apple cider vinegar, as it has the same effect.

#6: Dill Lowers Cholesterol

Always choose dill pickles when buying pickles. Dill contains quercetin, which helps to lower cholesterol levels. Additionally, dill can also help to improve indigestion, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and gas.

#7: Great Pre-Workout Enhancer

Athletes have been onto this for a while now. Rather than drinking a pre-workout supplement with added chemicals, you can make your own or mix an ounce of pickle juice with distilled water. Drink this an hour before your workout to avoid stomach irritation.

#8: Heartburn Relief

This may seem counterintuitive, considering vinegar can cause heartburn in some people. Well, pickle juice can actually relieve symptoms of acid reflux and combat the effects of heartburn.

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