We Tried Sun Basket Meals And Here’s What We Think

We Tried Sun Basket Meals And Here’s What We Think

We at Dherbs are always looking to aid people with their transition from cleansing to a healthier lifestyle they can maintain. Some people take what they learned about fresh fruits and vegetables and incorporate them into life after cleansing, while others revert to old eating habits and ruin the progress they made. In an effort to help people adhere to a healthier diet, we got a few vegan meals from Sun Basket, made them, tasted them, and are here to give you our review.

What Is Sun Basket?

Working with the country’s sustainable farmers, fisherman, and ranchers, Sun Basket is a meal delivery company. They offer vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, fish, poultry, and meat options. All of the meals are certified organic, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and even the packaging is recyclable.

The Meals

The perfectly portioned, dietician-approved meals are the brainchild of Chef Justine Kelly, who crafts a different menu for each week’s baskets. She is known for her previous role as chef de cuisine at the James Beard Award-winning restaurant, Slanted Door, in San Francisco. She has mastered the art of wholesome cooking and features delicious, seasonal produce items with powerful flavors.

Now that you know a little bit about the company, we want you know what the food tasted like. We sampled three different meals. Each meal took about 15-20 minutes to make and there were bold flavors in every dish.

Meal #1: Mediterranean-Style Tempeh Pitas With Spinach-Artichoke Spread


Some people dislike tempeh because of the flavor, but let us tell you that the herbs and artichoke spread take this tempeh to another level. With classic Mediterranean flavors like kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, the fragrant herb blend, and a light dairy-free, vegan pesto, it’s hard to dislike these pita pockets. There is added protein from the broccoli and you can make these pitas extra fresh by adding some diced cucumbers and tomatoes, provided you have them in your kitchen. Our only complaint was that the pitas were very thin and fell apart once we started eating them.

Meal #2: Ginger-Chickpea Soup With Quinoa, Chard, And Walnuts


This simple soup is filling and the ginger is at the forefront when you slurp the broth. The walnuts, chickpeas, and quinoa create varied textures and flavors that continually entice your palate with every bite. Unfortunately, this dish was our least favorite because the broth seemed a little bland. While there are instructions to add sea salt and pepper, we dug through the pantry and added some garlic, cayenne, paprika, and ginger powder to add more depth of flavor. It would also be amazing if Sun Basket sent a little vegetable stock to use, instead of solely using water. We liked it, but we preferred the flavors in the other two meals we received.

Meal #3: Chickpea and Kale Stew with Poached Eggs and Za’atar


We need to clarify that we didn’t include the eggs in this recipe because we wanted to make this vegan. This was hands down our favorite meal of the three we received. The slightly acidic tomato base with the smokiness of the paprika paired beautifully with the Middle Eastern za’atar spice blend. It seemed like there was too much kale, but the amount is perfect for two people. You will be filled up with clean, plant-based protein that is coated in layers of flavor.

Sun Basket offers a great introductory discount for your first order, making it reasonably priced. It does get a little pricey after your initial order, but if you are looking for convenient, easy-to-make, well-portioned, healthy meals with fresh organic ingredients and clear instructions, this is a great option. We are currently in line to set up a special code for our customers, so stay tuned!

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