DIY Charcoal Detox To Help Whiten Underarms

DIY Charcoal Detox To Help Whiten Underarms



A lot of people use chemically-rich hygiene products that the skin ultimately absorbs. If we are solely referring to deodorants, roll-ons, or perfumes, they can clog pores and can actually build up on your skin. Nobody wants to smell bad, but you don’t have to poison your body to smell good.


Some people just don’t want to change their deodorant, even though they know it is bad. Aside from making your armpits smell good, you need to give them some healthy attention too. Because the sebaceous glands in the armpits are always active, they are constantly producing sweat; thus body odor. If you don’t detox your underarms, you can develop more prominent body odor or dark underarms.


Causes of Dark Underarms:

Some people have dark underarms and others never have to worry about this problem. Dead skin cells, chemical build-up, excessive sweating, excessive deodorant use, and friction from rough fabric are all possible causes of dark underarms. To help detox your underarms and naturally whiten them, we recommend using the following DIY remedy.



  • 2 tablespoons activated charcoal powder
  • 2 tablespoons organic raw honey


  • Combine the charcoal and honey in a bowl and stir well. Mix until you get a shiny paste.
  • Wash your underarms and pat them dry before applying the charcoal honey mixture. Apply to each underarm and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse the mixture off with warm water and then pat dry. Do this process three times a week for about a month to sufficiently detox and whiten your armpits.