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Drink These Detox Teas For A Healthy Body & Glowing Skin

Cleansing is one of the best ways to flush toxins from your entire body. Since we are constantly exposed to toxins via our food, environment, and skin products, among other things, it is beneficial to get those toxins out of the body to live a healthier life. You don’t want to them to build up in your system and increase your risk of developing cancer, bowel diseases, or respiratory illnesses.


There is more than one way to cleanse the body. While the Full Body Cleanse is a tried and true regimen that helps rid the body of toxins, you can continue to cleanse your system by drinking various tea combinations. Most people don’t realize that skin health is directly related to what is happening internally. Toxic build-up in the body can cause acne or other skin conditions like psoriasis. To help cleanse the system and clear up the skin, here are several tea recipes you need to be drinking.


Lemon & Ginger Tea:

Lemon is one of the best ingredients for healthy skin because it is loaded with antioxidants. Additionally, these antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body and nourish skin cells. Ginger, on the other hand, is a known stomach soother and has incredible anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for those with joint pain.


  • 4 cups boiling water
  • 2-inch piece of ginger root, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 1 lemon, sliced


  • After boiling the water in a pot, remove from heat and add the ginger and lemon slices. Let this steep for about 20 minutes and then strain the liquid.
  • You can serve this cold or warm. Warm is best if you have a sore throat. Drink within 2 days of brewing.


Green Tea Spiced Tonic:

Green tea has some amazing health benefits. What happens when you add other spices to it? Well, it gets even better. This tonic is great for getting over a cold, or fighting a cold if you feel one coming on. The added spices help regulate blood sugar levels and supply the body with a boatload of nutrients.


  • 1 green tea bag
  • ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • 8 ounces boiling water


  • After adding the tea bag and spices to a mug or teacup, pour the hot water in and let it steep for 5-8 minutes. Remove the tea bag. Make sure the spices are dissolved in the water; you may have to stir the water to aid this process.
  • Drink and enjoy your tea.


Turmeric Tea:

This tea is great for boosting the immune system and aiding liver detoxification. In addition to drinking this tea, it is wise to limit your consumption of sodium, fats, refined, sugars, dairy products, meats, and processed foods because these can be taxing on the liver. The tea will not be effective if you continue to eat those foods all the time.


  • 5 cups filtered water
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric root, freshly grated
  • 1 teaspoon ginger root, freshly grated
  • ½ a lemon, juiced with the peel
  • 1 tablespoon of agave syrup


  • Combine the turmeric, ginger, and water in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Simmer this mixture for about 5-10 minutes, but don’t let it boil.
  • Remove from the heat and strain the liquid into a large mug. Add the lemon juice and agave and stir to combine flavors. Enjoy!






Related Questions

  • Q: I would like to know if what I'm doing is okay. This is way before we found dherbs site and the products on the internet. We read on the internet that drinking a teaspoon of natural black sea salt or any sea salt in 32oz warm water every morning is good for bowel movement. We have been doing it for awhile now. Is it too much to take it with your products? I lost some weight after my FULL BODY DETOX but not too much on my stomach. What do you recommend l should use to get rid of the tummy area? I bought FIBROID BUSTER TEA I am I drinking it because l feel there is Fibroids down there. Should l also continue taking my BUNNY RABBIT formula with Fibroid tea? In my last email l mentioned my husband had mild stroke. Now he's having spasms all over his body especially when he's sleeping at night. Why is he having it and what else can he use for that? We are using all these wonderful products on the inside and still have un-even skin. Is it okay to use AMBI products for more youthful skin then detox every four months? If not, when are we going to see your skin products on the market?


    We don't recommend the drinking of sea salt. For tummy reduction: exercise (perform abs, sit ups) and take BOWEL MOVER and WEIGHT RELEASE FORMULA. You can take your herbs and tea together. No big deal! Spasms? Clearly the â€HEALING CRISIS†(read the article by this same title). The skin will improve in time. Don't focus on it!

  • Q: I love to drink water, but I like to drink hot water you know boiling water slightly cooled. Is there a benefit, or disadvantage to this compared to drinking room temperature water? Secondly, the water I drink is boiled water. Alkaline water is not a privilege most Kenyans have. If 56% of the population is living below poverty line you do the math. So the water I drink is tap water, that I boil to make it safe for drinking. When I get to work I have Alkaline water as my work place provides me with that provision. I think this is detailed enough for you to get the picture and help. Once again (I love you) in Swahili for spreading the gospel!


    No difference at all, Beloved! Even the boiled water becomes room temperature water. You're doing fine! Thank you for your words as well! Much appreciated! Peace and Love!

  • Q: I am in need of cleansing my body and weight removal! (Removal and not loss because I don't want to find it again)! I need to remove about 80 pounds of unhealthy weight from my body and would like to do so in a natural way. I looked at both your Female Cleanse and the Full Body Cleanse, but don't know which is a better option for me to follow right now? I eat a lot of organic foods, I juice (some) but need to increase my water intake (A LOT). I don't drink much soda at all and when I do it is organic carbonated lemonade. I realize carbonated drinks are not good for us and limit how much I drink. My body lets me know when I have eaten something that is not good for me by causing my hands and feet to swell. To reduce this I drink water. I am allergic to wheat and try to stay away from it as much as possible. I have few ailments and have started working out again (cardio and weight training). I also looked at your weight loss products, but thought I should maybe detox first. What do you think? Any assistance you can offer on your products and which ones I should take is of great appreciation.

    A: The best thing for you is the Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse will allow you to remove unwanted weight, while also optimizing your entier body so that you can maintain that weight and live a healthier lifestyle.


  • Q: I can’t afford the FULL BODY DETOX, but I want to cleanse my body. I don't eat much fruit, but I love veggies, I drink a lot of water but I also smoke (joints) sometimes...How can I get more energy and get rid of my dry skin?


    THIS IS VERY EASY! Simply cleanse and purify the body: raw foods (fruits and vegetables), vegetable juice, distilled water, enemas, etc. All economical things!

  • Q: Is sea salt and warm water a good natural laxative? If so how often do you recommend the use of sea salt for elimination? I was reading The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs and it gives this recommendation, along with drinking lemon water mixed with organic syrup and cayenne pepper. Is it safe to give myself an enema 2xs per day using a hot water bottle filled with fresh squeezed organic lemon and distilled water? Asking this because Bzod had me to listen to 88.3 today here in Cincinnati and the guy (Mike) was telling how he does this regularly and has great results.


    Yes, sea salt in water is a mild laxative!

    You can do it as often as you FEEL the need to drink or take it. 

    You can also consume the Master Cleanse (cayenne, maple syrup, lemon juice) if you choose. You can drink this as much as you like depending on how you feel.

    And yes, you can perform enemas 2X a day! Enemas are very helpful for health!

  • Q: I've been a vegan for 2 years now. I've done the FBD 3 times in these two years, but my urine is still yellow. The only time it is clear is immediately after I drink water (reverse osmosis water). If I miss a day of drinking water, my urine goes back to being dark yellow. Does this mean that my body is still very toxic? Also, is it normal to release urine 5 to 15 minutes after drinking liquids? I would think that water would need to stay in the body for awhile for proper hydration and cleansing.


    From what you wrote I would suggest you start drinking alkaline water (purchase an alkaline water machine, you can find various brands in our e-book "Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual"). If you are urinating within 10-15 minutes of drinking water you are not absorbing the water, and thus you require micro-clustered water which an alkaline (and ionizing) water machine does. I also highly recommend consumption of our Kidneys-Bladder formula (3 capsules per day).

    Product Links:
    Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual
    Kidneys-Bladder and Adrenal

  • Q: I'm doing the Full Body Cleanse and I have a few questions about it: I get tired of drinking just the distilled water and I'd like to drink the herbal teas, but I don't like it by itself. Would it mess things up to add a pack or two of Splenda to my tea or maybe honey? I can't stand the salads with the olive oil or apple cider vinegar or the lemon juice as dressing and it makes me gag. I have To have some sort of salad dressing. What kind would be suitable? Do I look for sugar-free? Or organic and natural? I found one that is organic and natural, but it has 3 grams of sugar in it. Without eating all my whole grained breads and other fiber, I haven't had much of a bowel movement in 3 days, should I wait a while yet? (I had surgery on my bowels and always had to take fiber tablets and eat lots of grains to get my bowels to move.) I haven't done the enemas yet, (low on money) should I try that? Or should I resume my fiber tablets I normally take? Any type of fiber I could add to my fruit smoothies in the morning? I want to also do the female cleanse. Is it ok to do that immediately after I finish the full body cleanse or should I wait for a little while? Thank you for all your help, I feel much better than I did before and I just started this detox a week ago, lost 10 pounds, too, woohoooooo! Thank you


    1. Instead of splenda, use agave, stevia, or grade b maple syrup as a sweetener.

    2. In re Salad Dressing, an organic and natural one is great. You can also check our website for salad dressing recipes.

    3. The fiber pills are not part of the cleanse, so we wouldn't advise those. Fruit is you best choice of fiber so look into eating more papaya, mango, figs, etc. And yes, colonics (and enemas) would greatly help you - undoubtedly!

    4. You can do the Female Cleanse right after you finish detoxing. There's no need to wait!

  • Q: During the FULL BODY DETOX and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN is it mandatory that the water we drink is only distilled or alkaline? Will the process not fully work if I drink Poland spring water?



  • Q: I'm in my last two days of the full body detox and my skin is just glowing outside of the two huge cystic acne pimples that popped up around day 6. They have not made any signs of going down, despite the facial steaming, Bentonite clay, peroxide, etc. Any suggestions?


    You should perform 1. FULL BODY DETOX. 2. TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. Drink FEMALE HEALTH TEA daily. Also, use FEMALE BREAST OIL as well. SUGGESTION: Be patient and don't focus on the pimple. You are creating a block to your healing!

  • Q: I recently purchased the FULL BODY DETOX and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN. I totally understand that healing is holistic and that changes must occur in diet, lifestyle, and only positive thinking will result in optimal health. I am noticing balding on the right side of my head. Of all the hair care products provided by dherbs.com, I was curious to know if using any of the dherbs.com hair herbs would affect the detox/cleansing regime? If not which would be the most effective in assisting me with hair loss? (Due to financial limitations I can't afford to purchase them all because I just purchased an alkaline water machine that set a brother back)Aside from performing the anti-viral cleanse regime. I eat plenty of cilantro and parsley, drink half my body weight in alkaline water daily, and eliminate stressors out of my life. I was interested in knowing what other follow up actions can I take to help assist me in overcoming this trial (virus) that has changed my life for the better.


    You have the right attitude and spirit! Kudos to you. For the hair inquiry, you can drink the HAIR-SKIN-NAILS TEA during your detox. In re additional pointers, work on your mind-reprogramming it. Use daily affirmations! Reinvent yourself. Meditate! Perform yoga! perform the "SEA SALT SOAKS" daily! Keep getting knowledge! Just be creative and follow!

  • Q: I?m about to go on your Full Body Cleanse and Anti Viral Kit & regimen...but the problem is that I can?t find any alkaline water that?s a little affordable those machines is expensive. Is there any water u can recommend me to drink while doing this process.


    Simply drink DISTILLED water!

  • Q: I'm taking the FULL BODY DETOX and I am noticing that I am extremely bloated and a lot of gas. I've taken this product before and don't remember any of this. Also my urine output is decreased from normal I drink a gallon of water a day? I drink the distilled water I was unable to find alkaline water.


    It's your body that has been through something, not the herbs. Your colon is speaking to you. Don't worry! Just keeping detoxing! Distilled water is good for detoxing!

  • Q: I am interested in starting the Full Body Detox program. At this time, I would like to know which program is best for me. At current, I have started removing things from my diet as of 2 weeks ago (pork, chicken, red meat, I'm trying with the fish but it's hard!) I am not eating cheese but I still eat yogurt and every now and then I will eat a boiled egg (egg whites). I have removed soda from my diet, no coffee, I drink herbal or green tea, pomegranate juice or orange juice and I drink filtered water (I have a countertop filter that I change every 6 months and the Brita pitcher that I change every 2 months). Along with the supplement, is there an eating plan that you can suggest for me? I am eating more fruits and vegetables, but I would welcome suggestions on certain foods that I can eat while I begin my cleansing.


    The Full Body Detox kit comes with a prescribed dietary plan and notifies a person what they can and cannot eat during the detox.

  • Q: I have been off the full body cleanse for about a month, what I have noticed, when I haven't drank the amount of water needed, my anus begins to hurt as if I have heroics, I cannot wipe without having pain. I drink water, it seems all is fine. I ate fried chicken for the first time, in 3 months, and agin notice pain. So, I need the water, but what I explained, does it sounds right. I have been eating more veggies and fruit, in the last couple days, as well.


    Keep drinking plenty of water and start taking Dherbs' Intestinal Cleanser, and Bowel Motion. They will help to get rid of your hemorrhoidal condition.

  • Q: I did the FBD, the Antiviral Cleanse, and Electric Greens Cleanse. I tested negative for HSVII, (thank GOD). But, I have still been experiencing a lot of itching, and redness in the genital area (and they get worse around the same time periods that my genital herpes outbreaks used to flare up, though this just might be a coincidence). There aren't any big lesions, but sometimes there are small patches of red raw skin, (not cuts). I know that the body can eliminate toxins via the skin. Knowing this I am assuming that if I take in toxins, it is still leaving via the skin (correct me if I'm wrong).


    Great to hear! You tested negative. The energetic residual effect of the outbreaks are still there. Doesn't mean you have herpes though! Healing is not over with because of some test! You still have healing to do on the emotional energetic level. You are 100% correct about your body eliminating toxins Beloved! Because, the occurrences are on the vagina, you may need to address some past sexual issue or issues dealing with your Goddessness.

  • Q: Question, I usually drink distilled water but for the last month or so I?ve been drinking more sparkling water with lemon ["Blu' Italy"] ...it sparkling water good for u or no?


    It's your choice! If it has carbonation in it, I wouldn't drink too much of it. Spring water is best on the market (unless you can find a brand of water that is alkaline and antioxidant). Drinking too much distilled water can leech vital nutrients from the body. Switch up between distilled and spring.

  • Q: I have been taking 35% hydrogen peroxide baths also with Sea Salt and the antiviral drops but I am not sure if I am still oxygenating my body enough? What percentage of the peroxide is being absorbed into my system when I soak for 50 - 60 minutes daily? The hair on my body has all turned golden due to the peroxide I believe? I have also been drinking green tea thru the detox. I also wanted to seek you advice on drinking White tea or licorice tea. I have read that the acid found in licorice tea kills off the herpes virus? If your advice is to take the tea, can I do it along with the FULL BODY DETOX or ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and what dosage should I use?



  • Q: Hope you are having a great day! I just finished the FULL BODY DETOX and I feel great. My skin condition has improved; the raised bumps on my arms are better. I am going to start the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSEtomorrow. What do you else do you recommend for my skin? After the 10 day colon cleanse, can I immediately start the weight loss compounds?


    For your skin I recommend use of OZ OIL. And yes, you can start one cleanse after the next. No problem at all in doing this!

  • Q: Hi, thanks for giving people like me some hope that we can all be healed. I recently bought the FULL BODY DETOX and I see where I need to drink distilled water for the first 2 weeks. I am unable to find distilled water here (Jamaica) but I see deionized water is that the same thing as distilled water?


    It's not the same water but it will do!

  • Q: I just finished your FULL BODY DETOX and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN). I do feel much better however I am still having a constant discharge from my penis foreskin. Dr's who have looked at it say it is not herpes but if not then what? It has discharged since mid November and has not stopped. There is no pain associated with it directly but whenever a get tingling in my feet it feels that that as is the source of the problem. Someone told me they had tingling because of acidic body but then what about this discharge? Is it an infection? All normal STD's were negative but after hearing what the Dr's said I didn't get a blood test. Again I want to say that I think your products are fantastic and have made me much healthier. I did eat some sushi with brown rice, avocado, and kim chi after the kit and woke up the next morning with a headache and sore throat. Also I felt a throb under one of my arms which I had prior to taking the anti-viral kit. Maybe a lymph node? I had a number of raw food meals at a restaurant that used dehumidifier and nuts or seeds in most of their things and would also feel the tingling sometimes after eating this. I have read on some sites that herpes can be set off by nuts so I'm wondering. Anyway where should I go now to completely clear my body of any of these penis sensations discharges and tingling? Also I wanted to say that wow I have had a lot of mucus coming out of my body and my guess is there is probably more that wants to come.


    Your solution is not in anything external such as the kits (FULL BODY DETOX (FBD) and ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN). They only assist you. Your chronic problem means further work. Keep detoxing, eating a strict diet, etc. until the discharge goes away. Also, you are being compelled by your body to reassess and revise some things pertaining to your sexual belief system. The problem is with the penis so the underlying problem is pertaining to your sexuality. Tell you what: concentrate on your colon and reproductive system. Alternate between the FBD and the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE until you get your results. Healing requires patience! But deal with the underlying problem! What have you been doing sexually or what are your beliefs pertaining to sex? Are they healthy? You have a discharge because something (belief, thought) needs to be discharged.