Echinacea & Astragalus: Why You Need These 2 Immune Boosting Herbs In Your Life

Echinacea & Astragalus: Why You Need These 2 Immune Boosting Herbs In Your Life

The immune system has to work extra hard in the winter months. Viruses and allergens are in the air and being passed around everywhere. To avoid getting sick this winter, there are things you can do to keep yourself healthy by naturaly strengthening the immune system. Turn to these immune-boosting herbs so that sickness doesn’t take you down.

While there are many foods and herbs that can boost your immune system, we are recommending the following two herbs, which have been hailed for their powerful healing benefits for many years.


Echinacea is an amazing herb, which has antimicrobial properties, and it is great for the immune system. All varieties of echinacea have phenol compounds that work to protect the plant from UV radiation damage and infections. The active substances in phenols control enzymes and cell receptors, and their active antioxidants make them great for keeping human cells healthy.

When it comes to the amount of echinacea you should have, it depends on what form you are using. About 6-9ml of echinacea extract is a great daily average to consume, especially when you are sick. Alternatively, you may find it more soothing, especially during the colder months, to drink a cup of echinacea tea three times a day to enhance the immune system. This herb appears to be most effective if you take it as soon as you notice flu or cold symptoms.


Astragalus has been a popular herb in Chinese medicine because of its natural warming properties, which have been believed to enhance the flow of energy (chi). It is great for cleansing your lungs and maintaining lung health. Additionally, astragalus is beneficial for people who have recurring infections because it strengthens the immune system to better protect the body against pathogens.

The standard daily dose of astragalus root extract is 30g. Most extract bottles will have directions for use on the label. If you manage to get your hands on fresh astragalus, you can brew it into a tea.



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