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Biblical Prescription for Natural Healing with Herbs

Christians have totally deviated from what they generally believe as God’s word (Holy Scripture), especially God’s word pertaining to diet.

Though they generally purport to have rejected the world (Matrix) which many Christians claim is Satan’s world, and I can understand their saying this; however, when you take a close look at their actions, you will find that instead of being in the world but not of the world, most Christians (especially in the U.S.) have amalgamated into the very world they claim is Satan’s world and are thus in the world and of the world simultaneously and to their own detriment and feeling the brunt of this activity all the while claiming Jesus but living under the dictates of Satan.

I’m not a religious person (for various personal reasons) and do not prescribe to any religion whatsoever; however, I have many religious friends (most of whom are Christian and Muslim) who trust my information, knowledge, and wisdom, especially in the area of diet and health. If folks talk about God they will argue, but when it comes to diet, nutrition, and health, this is not the case because regardless of the religious belief or faith of people, the one thing they have in common and that they can all agree on is DISEASE!

Disease cares nothing about your belief or faith in Jesus, Allah, Yahweh, or Jehovah. The Christian, Muslim, and Jew are all subject to cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, yeast infection, headache, constipation, and every other disease one may find in a Merck Manual.

The human body is not religious. Religion exists in the mind of man. Take away religion and the body will still function. It will still have requirements in order to function optimally. The human body is not religious, but intelligent. Every cell of the human body has intelligence. Every cell itself is intelligence. Our very existence is one of intelligence, Divine Intelligence.

The Christian, like the atheist, both need oxygen to sustain life. The Christian and the agnostic alike, both require water. The Christian, like the Muslim and Jew, requires physical sustenance to maintain life. In other words, biology is not religious. Regardless of one’s faith, all must bow in obeisance to the laws of biology, Nature, and the Universe or suffer the consequences of not doing so.

Christians, like all other people, including the disbelievers in Christ, agnostics, and atheists, get sick and suffer from disease(s) if they do not live in harmony with Universal law and eat, think, and live right (in accordance with the laws of Nature and human biology). Nature herself is also not religious. That’s why there is no confusion in Nature like what you see in religion. You will never find any confusion with animals in the animal kingdom as well because animals are not religious due to not having a mind like man. Animals have sense enough to live in accord with Nature and their own biological makeup and instincts. This is where man has strayed and gone wrong. This includes the religious man.

This article is directed at Christians as it is my response to my Christian friend in particular and all Christians in general (those who want to improve their health despite their religious conviction, creed, and adherence), so after saying all of the above setting up a premise or foundation, I can now proceed in my response as to why Christians are so sick.

Christians are sick because they do not practice their scripturally ordained diet. Technically, God ordained a FRUITARIAN diet for Christians and Jews (and Muslims since they too claim the Bible as their book of holy scripture): “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the Earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.” GENESIS 1:29

The Christians’ food is supposed to contain a seed and clearly we know fruit contains seed, though today, man posing as God has created seedless fruit that plenty of Christians (and non-Christians) consume out of ignorance of diet and scripture.

Now there are plenty of defiant Christians out there who love their slaughtered animal flesh (meat) full of parasites and worms, cancer-causing sodium nitrate and nitrite, synthetic growth hormones, and chemical food coloring who will argue that God (according to biblical Scripture) allowed man to eat animal flesh, and this is true as we find the authority (if we are a believer) in Genesis 9:3: “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you: even as the green herb have I given you all things.”

NOTE: In biblical language, meat means “food” and not the flesh or cadaver of animals. Technically, meat means “flesh” and referred to the flesh of fruit and not the flesh of animals.

Now what the Christian should know is that this ordained carnivore diet of Genesis 9:3 came after the Fall of Man (degeneration of man) which occurs in Genesis, Chapter 6. Therefore, though meat of dead animals is allowed, it is only allowed after man has fallen and is thus a degenerate diet or a diet man is allowed to eat while in a state of so-called sin. Before the Fall of Man, man was clearly divinely ordained to exclusively eat the flesh of fruit as fruit is the perfect food and gives life. Seed means life. Now meat or flesh of dead animals clearly cannot give life for the animal is dead and you cannot obtain or receive life from that which is dead which is or should be common sense, but of course common sense has been hijacked a long time of ago which is why people collectively are in the poor shape they are in today, especially with their health; and this applies to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Even though man (Christian, Jew, Muslim) was allowed to eat meat, there was a stipulation given and this stipulation specified what meats could be eaten and what meat should not be eaten due to divine prohibition. We find this stipulation under the dietary laws of Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

Leviticus, Chapter 11, and Deuteronomy, Chapter 14, lists the forbidden animals of the Earth the Christian, Jew, and Muslim were forbidden to eat due to them being unclean for human consumption. Some of these unclean and forbidden animals include the coney (or rock hyrax or rock badger), hare (rabbit cousin), swine (or pig or hog); ossifrage (vulture), ospray (buzzrd); and crustaceans (shrimp, lobster, crab, clams, and all other ocean insects that do not have fins and scales).

NOTE: I call shrimp, lobster, and crabs ocean insects because that’s what they are as the word “crustacean” means “insect of the ocean.” Therefore, what most people eat and call seafood is really nothing but gigantic ocean bugs, the equivalent of land bugs called roach, cockroach, and spider.

God via the Bible has forbidden consumption of pig flesh. Now how many practicing Christians throw down on (slang phrase for “eat”) pig meat (pork chops, ham, bacon, pork sausage, pastrami, salami, hog head cheese, and pork frankfurters) and/or pork byproduct, e.g. Jello (or gelatin)? Quite a bit, if not most of them! This equates to disobedience of God (for the believer).

How many Christians throw down on seafood (bugs or insects of the ocean, e.g. shrimp, lobster, and crab)? Quite a bit, if not most! Again, disobedience to God.

Though the Bible does not specifically mention “catfish,” but since God prohibited the eating of scavengers (creatures that eat the flesh of dead creatures), how many Christians throw down on some catfish? The catfish is the pig of the ocean, a known scavenger. This ugly creature has whiskers (just like a cat) and also has a menstrual cycle due to being so filthy. It uses its menstrual (or period) to release toxins from its body. And just think, millions of people, especially Black people, love to eat this nasty creature.

Scavengers dwell low and are nasty. You can find them down low on the ocean or sea floor. We call “low down” people (e.g. attorneys, politicians) scavengers. To be low down means “foul,” “nasty,” “unprincipled.” And look at how many people today eat scavengers (sea food) and you wonder why folks are so low down today. Hey, you are what you eat! If you eat that which is low down you can’t help but to be low down yourself.

And let’s not forget that the pig too is a scavenger!

And because I know most people don’t know this, but the turkey millions of Christians (and Jews and many Muslims) eat for Thanksgiving is grafted from the forbidden buzzard. Yes, the turkey bird is not natural and is a grafted animal, a crossbreed between an African guinea fowl and a buzzard (called an ospray in the Bible, Leviticus 11:13).

And where are the dissenters who will argue statistics in regards to religious people (especially Christians) eating forbidden flesh? The statistics are in your observation.

Of all religious people, none like the Christian will eat any and everything and then foolishly say God has blessed what God has prohibited. Many will tell you that because they blessed the forbidden animal served on their dinner plate that it is now clean. If blessing has this kind of profound cleansing power, I have yet to see a Christian bless snake, rat, dog, cat, monkey, or skunk meat and eat it. If blessing can miraculously cleanse that which is unclean, why not scoop up some dog poop (feces) and put it on a plate and bless it and eat it?

Clearly, folks are eating what they have been conditioned to eat, and this is especially true of African-Americans who are still eating many of the so-called foods they ate while physically enslaved by the White man (Europeans). This is especially true pertaining to pig flesh as African-Americans still throw down on nasty, stinking, stanking chitterlings (a/k/a shit-lins), ham hock, pork chops, ham, and bacon (which is pig booty as the word “bacon” is a corruption of the word “back end”).

Now if cleanliness is next to godliness, how can you eat a pig’s ass and then turn around and profess godliness? How can you be in church praising the Lord while you have worms and parasites inside your belly eating away at you? Click on http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/354/13/e12/DC1 (or www.dherbs.com/articles under Enterobius Vermucularis) and take a look for yourself.

The Christian, generally speaking, is sick and diseased today because they are unclean due to what they put in their mouths (and what they think and what they do, e.g. lifestyle). They are living abominations predicated upon religious belief that they have voluntarily embraced and are too ignorant to know it.

The Christians eat pig meat: “And the swine Â… he is unclean to you; of their flesh shall ye not eat Â… they are unclean to you.” (Leviticus 11:7-8)

The Christians eat creatures in the water that lack fins and scales (e.g. crab, lobster, shrimp): “And all that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the waters, they shall be an abomination unto you; Â…They shall be even an abomination unto you; ye shall not eat of their flesh.” (Leviticus 11: 10-11)

The Christians eats grafted ospray (buzzard) called “turkey”: “And these are they which ye shall have in abomination among the fowls; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination.” Leviticus 11:13

In the Black community (and even outside the Black community with some of these million-dollar mega churches that are springing up) it is common to see a church congregation led by a pot-belly reverend who clearly is not healthy and lacks discipline over what he/she puts in his/her body. You will even find the reverend throwing down on some pork chops after the Sunday service. Many reverends still throw down on pickled pig feet (before and after the sermon). This is why Christians are sick today. They don’t know what to eat (just like the majority of other people).

Also, to cover the theme of this article’s title, Christians are also very sick due to consuming harmful, man-made, synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. Nowhere in the Bible does God ordain or mandate the taking of harmful substances (such as pharmaceutical drugs/medication) to restore health or for the healing of the people. However, you will find various scriptures instructing man (or the believer) to rely on natural substances (such as herbs, fruit, and vegetables) for healing purposes.

If Jesus is the Comforter (Spirit of Truth) of the Book of John, Chapter 14, and will teach the Christian all things, when is he going to teach the Christian about proper diet, hygiene, and lifestyle? I only ask because the Christian (my people) are perishing from a lack of knowledge in addition to rejecting knowledge as said by the biblical prophet, Hosea.

The Black Muslims (Nation of Islam) purports to have a better diet than the Christians as given to them by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (allegedly from God in person) in How to Eat to Live (Book 1 & 2) but upon close research and analysis one will find the inferiority of that diet as well which is filled with many fallacies, conjectures, and errors about what Black people should eat.

Elijah Muhammad made his followers give up pork, Christmas and other European holidays, white women, alcohol and drugs, but for some strange reason, he did not make his followers give up meat, dairy products, sugar, and coffee – products that are known to cause a myriad of health problems and diseases.

Christians, like most other people, especially here in the U.S., are dying of degenerative diseases and a degenerative disease is a reversible disease predicated upon change of diet and lifestyle.

The Christian in general would be wise to modify his/her diet in accordance with the Laws of Nature and their personal biology. The Christian community should strive to eat and live healthier for their own good. Religion should not blind us to the laws of the Universe, Nature, and biology or even genetics.

Most Christians that I personally know are good people with good intentions. They strive to live righteous and be God-fearing (respecting). Some have even embraced a vegan and wholistic lifestyle and have greatly improved their overall life which is a beautiful thing to see. Dherbs.Com has a large Christian customer base and they trust us in what we specialize in.

You can still be a Christian even if you change your diet and lifestyle. Being health conscious is not anti-Christian. The Christian vegetarian and vegan are on the rise these days and that’s a good thing. I have a friend named Stephanie Spruil and this woman is the shinning example of a healthy woman and a healthy Christian and if she told you her age you wouldn’t believe it. This woman looks good in general and good for age in particular.

Like other people today, Christians suffer from a myriad of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, genital herpes, arthritis, high blood pressure, fibroid tumors, heart disease, gout, obesity, stroke, endometriosis, hot flashes, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, infertility, sickle cell anemia, and sarcoidosis; however, Christians can’t blame disease on Satan or the Devil because we have a choice in what we eat (under divinely granted free will) and God has given us a guide or roadmap in the form of Nature pertaining to a good diet.

And even though God (via the Bible and Qur’an) allows meat consumption, you must be wise today and know that these meats that are produced today are not like the meats of old which were prepared truly kosher and halal (terms meaning religiously correct). In the U.S. and other Western nations, if you are eating meat, then you are eating DEATH and I can’t sugar coat this truth nor am I attempting to frighten you. I’m simply telling you the deal.

Thank you for reading!

This article is compliments of www.dherbs.com


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    Q: I am on my 3rd day of the fully body cleansing. I am definitely doing this to lose weight. I am a 52 year old, black, Christian, wife, mother to 21 and 14 year old girls, legal secretary who is 450 lbs. I am to the point now where if I don't do this I'm going to be housebound. I can barely move some days that is why I started this because I feel so unhealthy. I have a question about the nuts. I got all gun-ho and ordered $135.00 worth of organic nuts from nuts.com. I got raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios and cashews and mixed them all up together (well I purchased 2 lbs of each but I only mixed up 1 lb of each together). Anyway, I was reading about how much calories are in nuts. Should I not pay attention to that because I was consuming a lot of calories in the first place or do I have to watch how many nuts I eat? I have put some nuts in a sandwich bags and basically filled it up and that is supposed to be my nuts ration for the day. I am also eating fruits and vegetables. So far the fruit have been grapes, grapefruit, red apples, pears, green apples and bananas. The vegetables have all been in a salad: tomatoes, celery spinach leaves, carrots, mixed in balsamic vinaigrette. I only ate the salad Monday night all the other times I have just eaten the fruit and nuts. I am also consuming approximately 75-100 oz of water. Sorry I’m long winded I just wanted you to get the entire picture.


    Thanks for the question, I can definitely help you.


    I am currently writing an eBook for www.dherbs.com called "Losing weight the healthy way." I have been a weight loss counselor for many years. I am also a health coach, personal trainer, bodymind nutritionist, and a vegan lifestyle coach. 


    When it comes to weight loss most programs want you to lose weight to get healthy. My mindset is to get healthy and lose weight. 


    In my health/fitness/nutrition coaching program www.theveganeffect.com I use a lowfat/high carb/ high raw/ nutrient dense/ high alkaline diet to achieve long term weight loss success. So far I am 100 percent in getting clients long lasting weight loss. If you are interested in my program please fill out the health history form on the side of the web page. We could have a free 1 hour initial consultation over skype to see how I can best help you.


    Nuts are best kept to a minimum if you use them at all. Nuts are extremely high in fat and have the opposite omega 3- omega 6 ratio that is optimal for health. Seeds are best as far as ratios are concerned. Also nuts are truly easy to over eat and cause your nutrient ratios to be off.


    A healthy vegan diet is a high raw fruitarian diet. 


    Breakfast: green smoothie. (500-1000 calories of fruits blended with a handful of greens and water)

    Bridge: Dates and strawberries (500 calories) 

    Lunch: Salad with low sugar fruits (cucumber, tomato, squash, bell peppers) topped with fruit, beans, psuedo grains, 

    Bridge: 2-3 apples

    Dinner: Raw wraps (collard greens) with low sugar fruit and tahini

    Snack: Sorbet


    Hope this helps

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

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    Q: I have progressive FSGS (renal disease) my creatine is currently 3.03 and I am spilling approx 630 mil of protein in a 24 hr period. I was diagnosed with this disease at the age of 12. I have truly blessed to not be in dialysis all this time, but I do not want to live with this disease I want to be delivered from it. The Lord already revealed to me in a vision that I would be free from it once I eliminate meat from my diet. Please help me to rid my body of the "need" it feels for meat so that I can be cured. I know a detox can do it; I just need to know which one.


    You can heal, beloved! Start first with the FULL BODY DETOX and then next perform the PANCREAS CLEANSE AND REGIMEN . To help with your mental willpower in the healing process, I also suggest MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL e-book.

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    Q: I was online searching for some natural treatments for hair growth in Black Men when I came across your article. I must say that I believe it was so on point that I decided not to look any further. I'm 44 years of age and started noticing my hair thinning when about 12 years ago. I was one of those that you wrote about in your article chasing a lifestyle that is no longer an interest to me. I did fall into some bad habits that were not good for my health off and on over the past 15 years or so more off than on. My body type I would describe as athletic. I'm tone, and strong when I exercise regularly. I'm about 150lbs @ 5'11". My diet is mostly vegetables but from time to time I feel I have to eat fish or chicken. Not necessarily prepared in the healthiest way I'm sure. I just got out of one of my "on" spells so to speak. Meaning the drinking of beer and cigarettes. I've been smoking and drinking beer now since September 2006 after not having done anything but live healthy for six years before that. As soon as my wife and I came back to the states and started working and runnign again these old destructive habits appeared again in my life. I only blame myself though. Right now my hair and skin suffer from the chemical poisoning from the habits that I just mentioned. I am prepared to take your advice about righteous living to heart and start fresh again. Is there a mild remedy that can work with me to stimulate the re-growth of my hair in the spots where it is balding in that classic balding pattern? I am generally very healthy when I doing right and even now rarely get sick. But my sickness manifest in stress and bad habits to num the pain of having to live this way when don't really want to. I quit the job that I've been working for the past 4 years for that reason and have been blessed to have some time not to grind everyday chasing after money. Now is a crucial time of healing for me, and I must take full advantage of the time. Moderation is in order for whatever you can suggest for me in the way of herbal remedies. I am sure that you can prescribe a simple overall regiment for my overall health based on what I have shared with you with an emphasis on the hair and skin. Again, thank you for writing the article. Call or write. The sooner the better.......Thank You!!


    I would say first detox with the FULL BODY DETOX and get your diet right CONSISTENTLY! Constantly clean your temple! This is key! Next, perform the TOTAL MALE CLEANSE. After this, do a daily regimen of HAIR SKIN NAILS FORMULA, ELECTRIC GREENS CELL FOOD, KHEMETIAN GOLD, and MSM SULFUR. Forgive yourself of past self-inflicted harm! Stop worrying about your hair loss. Start visualizing your hair growing back. If you can see it, you will achieve it! The mind is all and problems and remedies begin in the mind! BTW: we offer phone consultations if you're interested.

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    We would recommend that you first start out with the Full Body Cleanse, followed by the Anti-Viral Kit, followed by the Female Cleanse. These should help you to clear up those unwanted reproductive ailments and provide essential nutrients for female health.

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    Q: Can you please write or address an article about, regular supermarket meat vs. halal meat? Point out that there is primarily no difference, based on the article you previously wrote on the dangers of meat. Meat is meat! I am muslim myself, and I don't eat even halal meat.


    Please read our article entitled Halal Meat vs, Supermarket Meat.

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    Q: What do you tell someone that believes that eating meat is better than eating products not made of meat such as wheat pasta, brown rice, etc. My wife eats way too much meat, and she always says that she needs it for the protein. She doesn't work out or exercise regularly so I see it as just an excuse to continue the same old behavior. She's 5'6" and 205lbs and I think she should weigh 140 - 145 max. She's 43 years old and suffers from high blood pressure and swelling in the legs.


    We provide you with all the ammo you need in our free articles. Read the articles WHAT IS MEAT?, PROTEIN PROPAGANDA, THE DANGERS OF EATING MEAT, etc. You'll have all the ammo you need to counteract or retort any meat-eater's argument about eating dead animal flesh!

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    Q: I completed the Full Body Detox about a month ago. Although I did not stick with the regimen in its entirety, I can say everything that was written that my body would experience DID happen! (thank you). The reason for this message is because I was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex I & II after suggesting that my physician test me for everything during my annual visit recently. I have never been so shocked when he called me into his office a week or so later to explain what my lab results showed. I have NEVER had any kind of "sore, lesion breakout" however, I do remember having a strange itching in my rectum area with an unusual smell. I have not been sexually active since my divorce, and remained completely faithful through out my marriage. My thought, as a Christian, I believe in my heart that I am healed. However, I live in a physical body, and also believe that I should include some sort of cleansing regimen to system so that afterwards, it will NOT show up in my body again. Please help, I have finally prepared myself to be in a new relationship, and God knows I would NEVER want to do this man what "obviously" my ex-husband did to me! Grace & peace.


    Beloved, if your are healed in mind, then you are healed in the flesh. Don't block your healing with doubt, as doubt is the subconscious will to fail. Claim your healing but perform an herbal regimen (Anti-Viral Kit) for purposes of MAINTENANE of health, not some particular disease (esp. if you feel and claim health and healingness). I would recommend this for you beloved. BE WELL!

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    Q: I was most impressed by your website. The information to support your products and your obvious interest in informing the public caught and kept my attention. As I searched further into Black Seed Tea, the reason for my visit, I noticed your product ALCOHOL BUSTER. The comment of "on the metaphysical level, alcohol consumption also impairs the human aura" although very non clinical, is very much my way of thinking, it got my attention. I read as far as the disclaimer, "the formula does not have the power to prevent consumption of alcohol as only will power and a made up mind can do this." Here's where I step out of character and find myself writing this e-mail. It has been my experience while working with people from all walks of life, who are members of any 12 step program, that a reference to will power as a prevention of anything is a two edged sword. While I agree will power is important in abstention, I believe the person is benefited by using their personal will power to seek help, to commit to recovery, to take care of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I don't believe "human" will power is the power that prevents consumption. The suggestion that "will power and a made up mind can prevent consumption of alcohol" to a person with an addiction could become a deadly idea. This of course is my opinion, do with it what you feel is appropriate.


    I feel you in where you're coming from, but I truly believe and know human willpower plays a role in prevention and healing of all disease. The strongest thing humans have is a will. Will meshes with desire in many cases. Both are strong in humans. Now, you're dealing with a person with addiction in regards to your last statement and I can totally understand where you are coming from but the sick person is not exempt from any laws of healing. There is no real or true healing absent willpower to do a thing, a beneficial thing. The addicted person must be first dealt with on the physical and psychological levels and then the spiritual and energetic (getting to the root of the addiction: perhaps a 2nd chakra problem or something hanging over from a past life). All addiction points to spiritual void and therefore the only ultimate healing here is mental or spiritual via mental. As you know, it's mind-body-spirit and all must be dealt with for healing. Will is important in abstention but we don't won't people to focus on abstaining which is usually converted into "can't have" by the addicted person. We want people to only focus on the good, the healthy, what they need and require, not what they don't want or can't have because their subconscious mind will create the situations and circumstances by which these people end up consuming the thing that is insalubrious for them. It never fails. I grew up with an alcoholic mother and plenty of other alcoholics. We want people to have and use willpower to GO FOR the best things for them, will in DOING the right and healthy things for themselves. All healing is ultimately within self. As a man thicket so is he! Peace be unto you fellow metaphysician!

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    Q: I really needed a lift up today. This little note was right on time. I have been sick all week end with acid reflux. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Remove all acid-forming foods from the diet: meat, dairy products, refined grains, etc.


    I suggest the FULL BODY DETOX!

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    Q: I am interested in starting the Full Body Detox program. At this time, I would like to know which program is best for me. At current, I have started removing things from my diet as of 2 weeks ago (pork, chicken, red meat, I'm trying with the fish but it's hard!) I am not eating cheese but I still eat yogurt and every now and then I will eat a boiled egg (egg whites). I have removed soda from my diet, no coffee, I drink herbal or green tea, pomegranate juice or orange juice and I drink filtered water (I have a countertop filter that I change every 6 months and the Brita pitcher that I change every 2 months). Along with the supplement, is there an eating plan that you can suggest for me? I am eating more fruits and vegetables, but I would welcome suggestions on certain foods that I can eat while I begin my cleansing.


    The Full Body Detox kit comes with a prescribed dietary plan and notifies a person what they can and cannot eat during the detox.

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    Q: I read your article on Dangerous Dairy, and I cannot find on the internet any back up on what is discussed about dairy. Example, fecal matter (like milk), if this is not real fecal matter. What are you talking about? It is also stated that no other animals will drink other animals milk. This is not so, there are reports of baby animals, that lose their mothers and another species steps in to save the baby animals life. A dog saving a baby tigers life. A squirrel saving a pigs life, etc. It is a known fact that we have been eating dairy products for over 8,0000 years. I know that times have changed, but where are your facts were are you getting these facts to report such cause and effect? I would like to see this facts or websites. Thank you.


    Your problem may be the Inter-net. You can't be an exclusive Inter-net armchair researcher and expect to find everything, such as the information in my article. We can't give up on BOOKS for a computer screen!

    Everything I cover in my article can be scientifically backed up.

    BOOK: Don't Drink Your Milk by Frank A. Oski, M.D.
    BOOK: Milk: The Deadly Poison, by Robert Cohen
    VIDEO: Let's Eat To Live - Vol. 8 "Milk" (shows filter screen with cow feces on it)
    Like the Bible says: ask and it shall be given.

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    Q: If HIV is a so-called disease that doesn't exist does that mean if someone who is diagnosed with it and refrains from taking pharmaceutical drugs will continue to live a fulfilling life? If not, what actually makes you sick if it isn't the drugs?


    Yes, as long as they stay away from drugs (i.e. AZT), think positive, have a healthy attitude, change their diet, live healthy, etc. they will be just fine! They should also not identify with HIV either!

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    Q: Is there such thing as, cleansing too much? From May - July I did a 40 day cleanse. The cleanse was pretty much ridding my diet of refined sugar, flour, alcohol, and animal product for much of the time. I just recently finished the Total Body Cleanse, and will be finishing my series of cleanses with the Total Woman's Cleanse. I personally feel fine, but people keep warning me about over cleansing. Also, bringing up the issue of your body being stripped of the good bacteria (along with the bad). But, I"ve taken probiotic pills (1-2) virtually everyday througout all of my cleanses. Should I be concerned with overcleansing? After this initial year of hard core cleansing, I plan to cleanse maybe once or twice a year. What are you thoughts on probiotics? Like I mentioned, I am taking pills. But I'd like to find foods that provide all that I need so I don't have to take pills.


    Many people are concerned about what happens to the beneficial intestinal flora after colonics are performed. Personally, I think many people put too much energy into worrying about something so inconsequential. If you're really worried about the beneficial intestinal flora after your colonic, you could always take a few capsules of acidophilus (acidophilus bifidus) or a liquid form of acidophilus (dairy-free, of course). I have never taken an acidophilus product after a colonic. I know Nature and my body too well. I know that my body naturally produces everything sold by man in a bottle, and that is purchased from a health food store, including beneficial flora or bacteria. I simply drink a minimum of 4 ounces of vegetable juice after my colonic sessions. If you're into carrot juice, carrot juice is just as effective as acidophilus in restoring good bacteria in the intestines. Juiced cantaloupe is even better than carrot juice in restoring the beneficial flora. Other natural substances that will help the body to repopulate beneficial flora or good bacteria in the intestines include: Blue Green algae, Spirulina, Chlorella, Irish Moss, Kelp, Bladderwrack, Dulse, Ginger, Cloves, Cayenne, Black Walnut Hull, and Carrot powder. Stop listening to these naysayers and keep doing YOU! You're on the right path!

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    Q: What Are Some Natural Sweet Treats (Junk Foods) I can Consume? Under free will you can consume what you like, but healthier products are best. You will find plenty of "healthier" snack, treat, and junk foods at good health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, PCC Natural Food Stores, Erewhon, Trader Joes, Natural Grocers, New Frontiers, etc. Just make sure to abstain from salt, sugar, and other harmful chemicals in the products you buy. We list many companies of alternative foods and products (and their website addresses) in our ALTERNATIVE DIET AND LIFESTYLES MANUAL.



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    Q: I am currently on my second week of the Full Body Detox. My diet has been according to the food combination chart. I must admit, I cheated twice, not with red meat or pork, with chicken and fish. Anyway, lately my urine has a real funny smell. What is your opinion about this?


    Smelly urine is a part of the cleansing process. Nothing to be alarmed about!