Freeing Yourself From Sexual Guilt

Freeing Yourself From Sexual Guilt

Different people have always had different standards of morality. For example, some individuals would be exiled from a community for having different religious or political beliefs. And although today in the United States we are granted the liberty to worship whomever we choose and vote for whomever we want, many people still feel judged or repressed for practicing certain physical acts, especially those involving sexual intercourse.

These articles are not meant to either advocate or condemn such acts. As long as you and your partner are over the age of 18 and you both give your free consent (uninfluenced by alcohol or any other impairing substance), then what you do is your business. Be aware of the consequences and practice safe sex.

If you prefer receiving the acceptance of others to engaging in the physical act, whatever it was (or genuinely regret doing it and wish to stop in the future), then embrace the knowledge that you have momentarily done wrong but that you will atone for it in your future. Accept that everyone makes mistakes. You are no different! You have learned from them and will be that much stronger in the future.

If you only feel guilty because others have pressured you into perceiving such acts as immoral, that can be a more difficult situation. As much as you want to stay true to your beliefs, it can be difficult when everyone around you is discouraging you. Below is a list of ways to free yourself from such guilt.

Ways to Free Yourself of Guilt

1. First recognize the fact that ‘your’ past is just that, ‘your’ past! What’s done cannot be undone. Extract the lesson(s) and move on to being in the present.

2. Forgive yourself of your negative past actions and all harmful things you did to yourself or allowed to happen to yourself while in an unconscious state and under ignorance. True forgiveness begins the healing process.

3. Forgive all who have harmed, injured, violated, abused, hurt, disappointed, and used you in the past. Recognize the role you played in every happening, situation, circumstance, or drama in your life.

4. Recognize that there is really no right or wrong or good and bad, only experiences which lead to different choices being made in the future. These choices will preferably be ones that benefit you and allow you to develop, learn, mature, grow, advance, and progress on all levels in your life.

5. Recognize that we are all given free will to make our own choices. This is an incredible gift that should never be thrown away or undervalued. Be conscious and go and create your own experiences, your reality, and your destiny.

6. Let yourself out of prison, out of bondage, out of punishment. You are free again. Use positive thinking and visualization to release your self-punishment and transition that into freedom.

7. From now on, only engage in those acts that make you feel good, whole, and that you are proud of and which cause you to have a good night’s sleep.

Your conscience is an priceless tool and can help guide your actions, if you listen to it. You don’t need a fictitious character whispering in your ear to know the difference between a good experience that you can learn from and a bad experience that is self-destructive and will only cause you pain. Trust in yourself and in your abilities of self-discernment. Seek out activities that bring you happiness. Try not to heed to those who criticize or claim to be judging you for them. Your life is your own, to do what you want with it. You decide what you want, and you can either reap the benefits or suffer the consequences.

It is your choice. So enjoy your power! Take advantage of your ability to make your own decisions, and get out there and start living!