How To Meditate

How To Meditate

Step One

To meditate, one must break away, however briefly, from the world. Turn off your cell phone, disconnect the fax machine, shut down the computer and turn on the answering machine…allow no interruptions during this special time. Place a “Do Not Disturb” sign or “In Meditation” sign on your doors (especially front door of your home). Also if possible wear simple loose fitting clothes.

Step Two

Decide whether you’d like to have meditation music in the background. Silence is better, but music in the beginning may be helpful to you. The choice is yours!

Step Three

Burning incense or essential oil may be helpful to you while meditating. Good essential oils to burn (separately or mixed together) include Sage, Frankincense, Davana, Myrrh, Buddha Wood, Lavender, Spikenard, and/or Himalayan Cedar.

Good incense to burn are Cedar, Dragon’s Blood, White Copal, Frankincense, Myrhh, and Pinon.

Make sure your incense are not synthetic and are 100% natural.

Step Four

Select a comfortable chair or place to sit (one free from distractions), and assume a sitting position with your spine relatively straight. Keep the face serene. Chin up.

Where Should I Meditate?

You may wish to set aside a special corner of one room, your own private sanctuary, a calm, quiet and peaceful place. You might furnish the area with objects or icons that have spiritual meaning for you, developing a little altar or shrine. Use what will put you into a contemplative frame of mind.

How Should I Sit When I Meditate?

Although the classic posture is to sit with legs folded and hands resting quietly on the lap or the knees, the key is to find a way of sitting that is comfortable for you.

Step Five

Relax. Close your eyes slowly to experience a void darkness. (Remember to keep your eyelids closed throughout the following steps). Look into your eyelids as if seeing with your eyelids open.

For starters, meditate for 5 minutes, then increase to 10 minutes, then to 15 minutes, then to 20 minutes, etc.

Only increase your meditation time after you have mastered meditating for a certain length of time.

For the serious student of meditation, Dherbs.Com recommends reading the book: “Meditation – The First and Last Freedom” by Osho, which can be found at bookstores such as Barnes and Nobles and Borders and metaphysical bookstores such as The Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood, CA; Alexandria II Bookstore in Pasadena, CA, and Soothe Your Soul in Redondo Beach, CA.



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