LOVE: How To Make Anyone Fall in Love with You

One of the things that we are really excited about when it comes to dating and relationships is the science of it all. The mystery of how love works and how two people come to the place where they decide they want to build a life together. There has been a lot scientific research on this subject and the findings are fascinating! Not only is our energy emitting a frequency into the Universe, which then draws like frequencies back to us in the form of people, circumstances, and situations, but our bodies are chemically altering themselves to attract one another. This is super exciting news!

Now we can consciously become a magnet that attracts an amazing relationship. Notice I did not say dates. We do not think your goal should be more dates because if you focus on more dates that’s what you will get. The ultimate goal should be an amazing relationship. Our definition of an amazing relationship is one that fulfills the needs of both parties, enhances their already amazing lives, and continues to grow more fulfilling over time. Our goal is to create a Love Revolution that empowers people to have more love and happiness, so when we came across How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You by Leil Lowens we had to share the information with you. In Leil Lowens book “How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You” She gives 85 tips on how to use your energy, body language, and communication skills to make someone fall in love with you.

“It has been proven beyond any doubt that there are ways to induce the desired behavior from people and there are established methods for invoking various emotions and for changing people’s behavior” according to Leil Lowens research and research done by The National Science Foundation.

At first we wondered if this was manipulation, which we do recommend at all. What we found as read further was she is basically describing how your energy is working to attract the opposite sex. We kind of saw it like she is giving you the manual to your body; she is telling you what it can do and what it cannot do. It’s up to you to decide, which features you want to use.

You are not the only one involved in this process so your potential love partner should be someone ready for love. This excludes people already in relationships and people who do not want to fall in love. We call this Relationship Active. You have to be sure they want love and are willing to participate in the process of making it grow. Your potential partner should also be someone that does not have preferences that you cannot fulfill. For instance if they have told you they are only attracted to a certain body type, hair color, ethnicity, etc than you cannot successfully use these techniques with them because everyone has a love map. The author says a love map is the preferences for a partner that everyone develops between the ages of 8-11. That is a whole blog in itself so I will come back to that later.

Technique #1
Be dressed to attract a partner wherever you go.

I know you have heard this so many times, but her research shows you’re your potential love partner makes the decision to go or no go within seconds of spotting you. There are subtleties that they are picking up on that are the deciding factor. For example they did a study and found that women are making a lot of their decisions base on what a man is wearing. Fellas get your fashion game up! Men base their decision on the face. I know you thought the body, I did too, but this on a subconscious level and a first impression remember? For men they found that they were more attracted to women who wore lipstick then those that didn’t. Ladies keep those lips looking luscious. The other tid bit we thought was interesting was if a woman turns away from a man even slightly he will not approach her. Ladies if you see someone attractive don’t turn away. We know you want to be coy and all that, but you are subconsciously signaling him you are not interested. The night I met Anthony I watched several women in the bar turn away so they would seem cool. I took that as my chance and not only turned right towards him, but I walked right up to him and asked him if I could buy him a drink. I felt like he is a match to me, I want to meet him, and I am not going to just hope he sees me. I am going to make sure he sees me. Boy, am I glad I did! He has been my honey for 20 years. You could be missing out on some great potential partners by turning away and waiting for him to approach you.

Technique #2
Stay psychologically ready to meet a partner wherever you go.

Not only does your physical appearance need to be at least together wherever you go, but your mental attitude must be on point as well. You don’t want your potential love partner accidentally watching you cuss out the girl or guy at the subway counter because the bread on your sandwich was wrong. Be mindful of being the person in the world that you are in a relationship. Be relaxed and expecting to meet great potential love partners because you are that yourself and like attracts like. Remind yourself of this attitude every morning, so you start your day in the energy of I am attracting great potential love partners. They will begin to appear in your life very quickly you just don’t know when or where!

The night that Anthony and I met I had been stood up for a date by another guy. I thought I am not going to sit home alone. I am going to go out and have some fun! I went out with the attitude of just having fun and I met the man of my dreams when I least expected it. Keeping your attitude in check will change your energy and it will be easier for you to attract your match. Be aware of how you are interacting with people on a daily basis. Do you smile? Look people in the eye? Say please and thank you? If not then start, it will make a difference in your ability to attract the relationship of your dreams. I smile and say hello to everyone. I silently bless them and I am thankful they exist, even if they are cranky. I am in control of my attitude and no one else. You are in control of your and no one else. Make the choice to have a good attitude. It is one of the Ten Dimensions of Love. More on that later.

Technique #3
Intensify your gaze when you meet for the first time.

This was actually really fascinating because I remember when Anthony and I met we locked eyes for a second and we knew it was on, so this made a lot of sense. The researchers say that everyone is attracted to eyes, so we always look at one another’s eyes. When we look each other in the eye for an extended period of time it deepens our connection. It gives the perception that we are already in love! We have given this exercise to lots of couples to grow their love and deepen their connection based on this research and it really works because when people look into one another’s eyes unrelentingly their bodies’ produce the chemical know as phenylethylamine, or PEA, that jolts the sensation of being in love. When we like something we look at it and we don’t like something we usually look away. We are either attracting it or repelling it just like the law of attraction.

That is why eye contact is so important, your eyes are telling potential love partners if you are interested or not. One thing to note; intensified eye contact does illicit an emotional response of approach or retreat, if you are seeing the person for the first time. Be sure your gaze does not come off as creepy or weird. You can prevent this by making your eyes soft and alluring. Once you are on a date then you can begin increasing the amount of eye contact immediately..

“The research said that you could subliminally increase your potential love partner’s feelings that you two are already in love. The research stated that couples normally have eye contact 30-60% of the time and that 75% of the time was required to illicit the feeling of being in love. So, don’t be afraid to look each other in the eye if you want your feelings to grow.”

We wondered what was it about the eyes that made them so powerful when it comes to feeling of being in love. In the 60’s research that found that men were more attracted to women with big pupil and women were more attracted to men with big pupils. The obvious question is how do I make my pupils big when I am on a date, meeting someone, or chilling with my lover? It’s very simple; you just look at something you find attractive! Your pupils will automatically dilate when you look at something you like. This is another reason to find things to appreciate all day every day. It will make you more attractive, literally. After all of these years Anthony and I still get lost in one another’s eyes. We are always consciously deepening our connection to ensure our relationship continues to grow. You can increase the feelings of love in your relationships by daring to be this vulnerable. Looking into someone’s eyes says I am attracted to you and I want to get closer. We hope you enjoyed these little scientific tips.

Anthony Clark (The Game Dr,) was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and is a former male escort. Melanie Clark was born and raised in Fresno California and is an former model. 2 decades ago they met in a nightclub and were immediately attracted to each other. Ever since then they have been inseparable. This husband & wife duo have been together for 20 years and are still madly in love. They are proud parents of 3 beautiful children, they are best friends, and they are soul mates. Anthony & Melanie’s extraordinarily successful marriage is proof that they know what it takes to find love and make it work. 15 years ago they became dating & relationship coaches so that they could share their secrets to romantic success with others. They are also international authors, professional speakers, and creators of “Luxury Relationship advice” – which is designed to meet the progressive dating & relationship desires of today’s generation of men & women. The Amazing Clarks have a non-traditional approach to love & dating that resonates with the relationship lifestyle that today’s couples and singles desire. They are incredibly entertaining, open minded, and non-judgemental. They say what they think and refuse to be politically correct. Their groundbreaking philosophies are the perfect balance of science, spirituality, and real life experience. The Amazing Clark’s mission is to teach the world to say “Hell no to the status quo” and introduce them to new & better ways to love & date.

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