Meditating With Crystals

Meditating With Crystals

Meditating with a crystal is one of the easiest ways to attune its energy. Cleanse your crystal before beginning so that its energies will be pure. Meditation is a way of shutting off the mind chatter. It has many benefits—alleviating stress, lowering blood pressure, etc – but it also allows you to get to know your crystals. In the stillness of meditation, the crystals talk to you.

Meditation is like opening a door to another world, especially if you choose a crystal that has fault lines and occlusions within it. You lose yourself within the crystal. In the peace that follows, solutions and insights rise up into awareness. It is beneficial to meditate with each of your crystals in turn, taking a few days to tune into each one and come to know it fully.

Some people like to have a “crystal day” when they tune into each of their crystals. Start with the red crystals to energize and awaken, moving through the rainbow spectrum into orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet, and clear. This brings you to the highest crystal vibration and you could well feel blessed out. You may need to earth your energies again with one of the black crystals. Earthing, or grounding, your energies after meditation is important as you may otherwise feel floaty and quite here. Boji Stones are excellent for this as they settle you into your body instantly but gently, and immediately bring you fully present. – Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible, pg. 32

How To Meditate With Crystals?

Step One

To meditate, one must break away, however briefly, from the world. Turn off your cell phone and pager, disconnect the fax machine, shut down the computer and turn on the answering machine allow no interruptions during this special time. Place a “Do Not Disturb” sign or “In Meditation” sign on your doors (especially front door of your home). Also if possible wear simple loose fitting clothes.

Step Two

Making sure that you will not be disturbed, especially by a phone, settle yourself comfortably with your crystal. Hold it in both hands or place it on a low table in front of you.

Breathe gently, letting each out-breath be a little longer than the in-breath. As you breathe out, let go of any stress or tension you may be feeling. As you breathe in, let peace flow with your in-breath passing right through your body. Allow your breathing to settle into an easy rhythm.

With softly focused eyes, look at your crystal. Notice its color, its shape, its weight if you are holding it. Feel its vibrations passing into your hands. Allow yourself to wander within the crystal, exploring its inner planes. When you are ready, close your eyes. Quietly contemplate the energies of the crystal and let it teach you about itself.

When you have completed the meditation, open your eyes and put the crystal aside. Place your feet firmly on the floor. To ground yourself, hold a Smoky Quatrz or Boji Stone. – Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible, pg. 33

OPTIONAL: You can use Dherbs Crystal Elixirs before or after meditation to facilitate opening/balancing your chakras.

List Of Crystals For Corresponding Chakras

Red Crystals (good for First Chakra):

Red Garnet, Ruby, Raspberry Quartz, Red Jasper, Cinnabar, Red Sardonyx, Ruby Aura, Rubellite (Red Tourmaline), Red Jade, Red Chalcedony, and Red Aventurine

RECOMMENDED: Crystal Elixir #1

Black Crystals (good for First Chakra)

Black Tourmaline, Jet, Black Obsidian, Onyx, Covalite, Black Spinel, Nebula Stone, Black sapphire, and Black Kyanite

Orange Crystals (good for Second Chakra)

Carnelian, Amber, Citrine, Jasper, Orange Calcite, Fire Agate, Apricot Quartz, Peach Quartz, Imperial Quartz, Sunstone, and Fire Opal

RECOMMENDED: Crystal Elixir #2

Yellow Crystals (good for Third Chakra)

Yellow Jasper, Golden Herkimer, Sulfur, Yellow Kunzite, Yellow Phenacite, Yellow Jade, Yellow Apatite, Yellow Spinel, Yellow Zincite, and Yellow Sapphire

RECOMMENDED: Crystal Elixir #3

Green Crystals (good for Fourth Chakra)

Malachite, Green Aventurine, Emerald, Diopside, Green Agate, Green Fluorite, Bloodstone, Seraphinite, Green Quartz, Gaia Stone, Chrysoprase, and Green Chiastolite

RECOMMENDED: Crystal Elixir #4 (Health)

Pink Stones (good for Fourth Chakra)

Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Strawberry Quartz, Danburite, Eudialyte, Pink Topaz, Pink Carnelian, Kunzite, Pink Agate, Muscovite, Morganite (Pink Beryl), Thulite, Pink Chalecedony, Pink Tourmaline, and Mangano

RECOMMENDED: Crystal Elixir # 4 (Heart)

Light Blue Crystals (good for Fifth Chakra)

Blue Lace Agate, Angelite, Celestite, Dolphin Stone (Larimar), Blue Calcite, Apatite, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Blue Chalcedony, Tanzanite, and Kyanite

RECOMMENDED: Crystal Elixir #5

Blue-Indigo Crystals (good for Sixth Chakra)

Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Blue Quartz, Dumortierite, Iolite, Blue Aventurine, Blue Fluorite, Lazulite, Sapphire, Sodalite, and Blue Jasper

RECOMMENDED: Crystal Elixir #6

Violet-Purple Crystals (good for Seventh Chakra)

Amethyst, Charoite, Purpurite, Purple Fluorite, Purple Sapphire, Lepidolite, Lavender Jade, Sugilite, Purple Tourmaline

RECOMMENDED: Crystal Elixir #7

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