Relationships: Break Up To Make Up Sex

Relationships: Break Up To Make Up Sex

Relationships fail for many reasons. Over time, sometimes minor disagreements can turn into major grievances. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of poor timing. But sometimes, breakups arise out of a lack of passion between one or both of the partners.

Losing passion

Although relationships are based on many things such as mutual respect, compatibility, and love, they should also involve passion. Passion helps to keep relationships moving and a lack of passion can cause a relationship to bore and ultimately halt. It is important to keep an open line of communication so that both partners feel like their emotional and physical needs are being met.

Sometimes a lack of communication can lead one partner to try to recreate the missing passion through excessive arguments. When people don’t know how to express themselves directly using an open and honest conversation, they’ll express themselves in the only way that they know how. Some will resort to using a violent or tumultuous manner of expression so as to get the reaction they desire. Unnecessary dramatics and fights in the relationship are exhausting and frustrating for most people, yet some resort to these means to incite their partner to passion.

Some individuals choose to lose themselves in passion and thus burn off negative emotions and conflict. For these people, there is an easy transition between the furious passion of a screaming match with your partner and creating passion between the sheets. Sex provides a catharsis that burns off all of the negative emotions. Yet people shouldn’t have to break up and/or create drama to experience passionate sex in a relationship.

Understand where you’re coming from

One of the best tools that exist to help people understand themselves and especially what they require (emotionally, sexually, spiritually, etc.) is astrology. An astrological birth chart reveals your conscious will and basic nature (denoted by your Sun sign), your emotional requirements and reactions (denoted by your Moon sign), your natural defenses within your environment (denoted by your Rising sign); your style or modality of communication (denoted by your Mercury sign); what you desire in love and how you attract what you desire (denoted by your Venus sign); what you desire sexually and your active energy (denoted by your Mars sign), and so many other things.

Astrologists believe that all the keys to relationship desires, needs, and requirements are hidden in your natal chart, but revealed in the study of the placements of your Sun sign, Moon sign, Venus, Mars, Eros, Psyche, Vesta, Juno, 5th House, 7th House (Descendant), and 9th House. Astrology can help you find that special person with whom you feel a passionate connection without having to resort to fighting.

How to re-ignite the passion

For couples that feel consistently drawn into conflict and endless rounds of battles, stop! There is another (and better) way to bring back the passion lost by time and circumstances. It is important to forge a stronger emotional and physical connection with your partner. Without a strong emotional togetherness, the physical passion will be fleeting at best.

Improving your Emotional Connection

Take a moment to stop and remember what attracted you to your partner originally. Perhaps it was his lazy laugh, or her soft smile, or your detection of kindness, intelligence humor, etc. Have confidence in your discernment of character, and revel in the presumable knowledge that you have fallen in love with one of the best people on the planet!

After you have reminded yourself of your love, it is time to remind your partner that you think he/she is wonderful. Now is not the time for grandiosity, but rather sweet gestures that show that you’re thinking about them. Take the time to write a cute note and put it where your partner will see it. Surprise them with flowers. Take a spontaneous trip to the park and play like children on the slide and swings. Remember how it felt when you first started dating, and try to regain that bubbly feeling of excitement.

Improving your Physical Connection

Now that you have strengthened your emotional connection, reigniting physical passion will be a piece of cake! Again, use small gestures at first. Aim to touch your partner five to ten times every day, using gestures such as brushing his/her arm, holding hands when you walk, kissing upon saying goodbye or hello, etc.

After becoming comfortable with these kinds of touches, take it up a notch. Send a provocative text to your partner describing all of the naughty things you’d like to do once you’re together. Buy something cute that you know will drive your partner wild. Meet him or her at the door of your place, absolutely naked. Get creative with whipped cream. With such strategies, you’ll be experiencing some healthy passion in no time!

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