Suicide is the intentional taking of one’s life. It is generally preceded by periods of chronic depression, a sense of extreme loneliness, worthlessness and isolation.

It adversely impacts more than just the person who ended his or her own life. It impacts the parents (mother and father), siblings, relatives, offspring, and friends and perhaps a community.

Being Depressed

Depressed individuals are oftentimes suicidal. To be depressed means to have your spirit deflated. Depressed people have a tremendous weight on their shoulders.

When your foot chakras and crown chakra are unstable, the Soul can easily pass out of the body. Suicidal people usually have unstable foot and crown chakras meaning they are unstable materially and unstable spiritually.

Depression is rampant in the Western world today, especially in the United States, and especially amongst females.

Depression is also the result of the perception of lack of love, joy, good health, passion, inspiration, hope, purpose, creativity, zest, ambition, willpower, sense of being, self-esteem, high self-image, and a host of other things.

Loss of something (i.e. of a loved one, prestigious position, a possession, etc.) can also lead to depression. Depression is a form of emotional wounding and it is the depth of emotional wounding that determines the depth of the depression.

Depression means your spirit is depressed and needs inflating and it is only inspiration stemming from love (especially self-love, love of life, love of purpose, etc.) that can inflate the spirit.

Alcohol and drugs feed depression. This includes pharmaceutical drugs (medication). In fact, antidepressant medication such as Prozac and Valium actually cause suicidal tendencies according to independent research and studies.

Chronic depression is something one would need to be concerned about because it is chronic depression that fosters thoughts of suicide. People who are chronically depressed live a certain lifestyle in chronic fashion, doing the same thing over and over or consistently, i.e. thinking negative (that they’re worthless, not loved, have no value), feeling sorry for themselves, sleeping long hours throughout the day, staying inside shut of from society, or popping pills and/or drinking booze. You are bound to be depressed if you consistently think depressed-filled thoughts. Depressed thoughts lead to depression.

Being Lonely

Loneliness is a major reason many people contemplate and actually commit suicide. But loneliness is nothing more than natural aloneness inverted.

When we feel lonely, it’s because we don’t truly know ourselves, and so we need others or at least we think we need others to make us feel whole or complete.

We must realize that if we feel lonely, we are lacking the sense of aloneness and must work on getting back to this natural state. Yes, aloneness is natural and even our birthright. Consider the eloquent words of the world’s greatest spiritual mystic, Osho:

    Lonelines is misunderstood aloneness. Once you misunderstand your aloneness as loneliness, the whole context changes. Aloneness has a beauty and a grandeur, a positivity; loneliness is poor, negative, dark, dismal. Loneliness is a gap. Something is missing, something is needed to fill it, and nothing can ever fill it because it is misunderstanding in the first place. As you grow older, the gap also grows bigger. People are so afraid to be by themselves that they do any kind of stupid thing. I have seen people playing cards alone; the other party is not there. They have invented games in which the same person plays cards from both sides.

Finding your aloneness you can create, you can be involved in as many things as you want, because this involvement will not anymore be running away from yourself.

Now it will be your expression; now it will be the manifestation of all that is your potential. But the first basic thing is to know aloneness absolutely.

Natural Healing Support

Nervine herbs positively affect the nervous system, which can be helpful for ending depression. These can be consumed in capsule form, liquid extract, or tea form. Nervine herbs include:

  • Kava Kava
  • Jatamansi
  • Valerian Root
  • Linden Flower
  • Passionflower
  • Lavender Flower
  • Catnip, Skullcap
  • St. John’s Wort, and
  • Chamomile

Essential oils are also helpful, the ones with an affinity for the nervous system, which include:

  • Lavender
  • Neroli
  • Rose
  • Bergamot
  • Chamomile
  • Champaca
  • Sandalwood
  • Frankincense
  • May Chang
  • Orange
  • Mandarin, and
  • Linden

Crystal and gemstones are very helpful tools in healing from depression. Good stones/crystals to use include:

  • Lepidolite (pink and purple)
  • Agate (various kinds)
  • Kunzite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Amber
  • Idocrase
  • Citrine
  • Apatite
  • Iron Pyrite
  • Jet, and
  • Ametrine

By far, lepidolite is the best stones for healing depression because of its natural lithium content.

Feed your spiritual side (and don’t confuse spiritual with religious). Perform deep breathing exercises, or yoga. This exercise helps us to remove pent up, stagnant, and stale energy.

Do not lie in bed all day. Get up! Move around! Do something! Occupy your mind. Stretch, jog, go swimming, or hiking!

FORGIVE YOURSELF. It doesn’t matter what it is that you have done or was done unto you. Release it! Let it go! Forgive yourself and be free!

Meditate and pray. Release the grief! Remove the fear! Release the guilt and shame!

Though times may get dark, you must understand that all life starts in darkness. Without darkness we’d have no light. Light is dependent upon darkness. Darkness and light work together.

Dark days don’t always last (and again, not that dark days are bad or negative). Trouble doesn’t always last. A person like me sees and converts trouble into opportunity that means choices, choices to improve my life, condition, and circumstances.

Make sure that if and when you are depressed that you only listen to uplifting or inspirational and motivational music. Even go to sleep listening to this kind of music. Make sure to listen to this kind of music repeatedly and consistently, consciously programming yourself.

Also, watch funny movies, comedies! Laugh, laugh, laugh! Laughter truly is good medicine.

Make sure you only talk to positive and uplifting people, too.

If you are contemplating suicide…

Your life has value.

You are loved, whether you feel it or not.

You do mean a lot and something to this world and the world does need you.

You play an integral part in the balance of things here on the planet.

Your life has purpose!

Think about all of the good things you’ve ever done in your life. Only think about the good you’ve done as well as all the good things people have said about you. If no one has said anything good about you or you can’t remember, simply say something good about yourself TODAY! Today, this moment, is all you have, so start here!

Also, contact a suicide hotline! If what you get from one of these hotlines does not suffice for you, especially spiritually, call us here at Dherbs.Com at 866-434-3727. We are not a suicide hotline, but we do talk to people (every single day) about a plethora of things and we can delve into all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, financial, social, etc.

If you can’t get through to us immediately for any reason, leave us a message and we are guaranteed to return your phone call as soon as possible. Just hold on to dear life!

DHerbs Solutions

Dherbs.Com compounds that can help with ending depression include:

Thank you for reading!

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    Q: I am writing in hopes of some spiritual guidance, and direction for a very close friend. My friend has been clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. He also battles with, suicidal thoughts, and evil spirits. He lives a pretty normal life to outsiders, but internally he is extremely unstable. He has a psychologist, and he is caught up in the medicine of the western world. He is aware of the causes of his mental illnesses, but he is unsatisfied with his current condition, He is longing for healing, and he believes that it can be done. He feels that he is alone because nobody understands what he is going through. He is a very spiritual person, but there are many demons attached to his spirit, and he is trying hard to fight them off. Unfortunately he is coping in all the wrong ways. He is trying to manage, and maintain with these diseases, which is only causing him to sink into a greater depression. What do you recommend?


    By all means visit our Articles section, and read articles concerning, many of the things your friend is experiencing. Have the person read my "Suicide" article as well as my "Bi-Polar" article. I also recommend the "Mental Science Manual." There's much information for this person at!

    Bi-Polar Disorder

    Product Links:
    The Mental Science Manual

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    Q: Hi, I have been dealing with what I believe to be depression for years. I once was prescribed Zoloft and I took the meds for 1 month. I did not want to take drugs so I discontinued use. I have gone up and down in my career and love life. Now I just feel tired and feel I am steadily spiraling down. I know I have to do something, I just don't know what. I have gone to therapy several times and nothing last. I desire to have a full life and believe GOD wants us to live abundantly. I just seem to keep struggling, I will do well for a few weeks then out of nowhere I will start sabotaging things. Can you tell me what products I can use to gain my life back?


    You can get your life back, Ma'am! First, DETOX (FULL BODY DETOX). Read our free articles while Detoxing and make sure you order and read our MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL too which is very important in healing as it shows you how to work the mind to your benefit.

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    Q: I hope all is well! I am writing this note to request a consultation with Djehuti . I can only imagine how busy you are, so I will be brief. But, feel free to let me know if you'd like more detailed information. I am contacting you regarding seeking treatment for severe clinical Depression. In addition I suffer from a severe lack of energy. I'd also like to treat several nutritional deficiencies. I am 35 years old. I have been suffering from Clinical Depression since I was about 16 years old. I began to address my Depression only about 3-4 years ago. Since that time I have struggled off and on with counseling with a Social Worker, psychotherapy with a Psychiatrist, group therapy with a Psychologist, several medications, outpatient hospitalization, CBT therapy, and natural and alternative treatments such as herbs, minerals, vitamins, yoga, exercise, meditation, fasting, and cleansing. But nothing has had any long term benefits. My Depression has become increasingly more severe. Over the past 1.5 years, my Depression has been at its worse. About a year ago, I lost my job due to the Depression. I then went into a major depressive episode that has lasted well over a year. I'd like to ask you for some direction in treating my Depression, lack of energy, etc. If you have some time, I'd love to do a consultation with you. Any help that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I am interested in doing an intense 3-month fast and detox cleanse. I would really like to do a cleanse and detoxification to completely heal my body and get rid of the toxins, impurities, mucus, etc. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Have you schedule a consultation yet? Drugs won't help you. The root cause is emotional and spiritual. can help you! I'll have an article up on depression by December 1, 2008. Stay tuned to!

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    Q: I have suffered from depression and antidepressants were not helpful. However, I have tried your Nerve Formula and it is Wonderful! Are there any other capsule formula that you offer for depression? Is it OK if I take the herbal formula on a regular basis? I have heard of Chakra's and I was wondering which do you think would be appropriate? I am going through a divorce in which I did not see coming. My husband has totally abandoned me and has served me with papers. At this point, my self-esteem is on the floor. I have been hyperventilating and quite down. Any suggestions for repairing myself?


    Yes, you can take the Nerve formula regularly. It is all-natural and completely safe. For further healing, you can try  6th Chakra and 7th Chakra to help build your self-esteem.

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    Q: I know your very busy, but I would be very appreciative if you could help me in any way that you can. I'm 22 with a 7 month old baby, with no support from my family. Over the last 3 months the father decided that he doesn't love me anymore, and has done an obscene about of things to disrespect me. Which leaves me hurt, and stressed out! I'm mentally, spiritually, and physically drained. I have no peace of mind, and I tend to fall in and out of depression. I feel like I'm going to breakdown, and the tears just won't stop falling. I'm trying to keep it together for my baby. Internally, I've been hurt so bad, I just feel like giving up. How can you love someone one minute, and the next not care for them at all? How do I deal with her father? I'm so tired of being the bigger person, and trying to work through things. He just doesn't care at all, and he makes no effort to even try. He then turns around and says, "He cares about his daughter". I try to explain to him that our relationship affects her, but he always has an answer for everything. I don't mean to dampen you with my problems, but I would appreciate it if you could not only hear me, but feel me and what I'm going through. Every little bit helps


    Greetings, Beloved! You are upset because you expect something and expectation is your problem. You are expecting something beyond your control, expecting something coming from another person you can't control. Just do you and let karma take care of this dude. You just can't up and not love someone anymore. He's either saying that so as to bounce from the scene (leave) and his responsibilities or he never loved you in the first place and perhaps used you for his own purposes of sexual gratification and you ended up getting pregnant. At either rate, just do you and focus on you - what you desire for you and your child. Think positive! Let go of the situation involving this dude. Start on it TODAY! The dude is selfish and creating karma! Release him! You can't make a person do something that is not in them to do.

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    Q: Do you have a formula to help treat depression. The only thing in the past that has helped me is St. John's Wort. I have tried the prescription meds and they did not help. I really am interested in the natural (herbal) route.


    We'd highly recommend Dherbs' Nerves Formula, Brain Booster, and Circulation Aid to help treat your depression. 

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    Q: My grandmother's disease is getting progressively worse these days. Thus, I would like to know why you referred to the dementia as so-called? This has really peaked my curiosity, however, it is obvious that she is forgetting things and very confused about her day to day surroundings; ex: asks frequently to be taken to her home, although she's already there, can no longer drive, cook, or be left alone. She even thinks that her children are other people at times. To be quite frank, she is severely depressed, overweight, and has almost zero desire to do anything, but perhaps die as she often says. I think a great deal of this stems from the fact that she feels her independent life is gone. Yet, allof this is linked to the fact that she is forgetting how to do basic things. Sorry for the lack of brevity, but as you said, an attempt to ask or try, is better than not asking or trying at all.


    Start giving her our Brain Booster Tea and Tropical Tea daily to improve oxygen flow to the brain.


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    Q: I have been taking Depression meds for 15 years and want to get off them. Every time I try I seem to get worse. And know my eyes have turned red. I want to get off them but need to know if there is a natural herb I can take and be cured


    We can help you get you off the anti-depressant meds. First detox (FULL BODY DETOX) and then perform a daily regimen of NERVES FORMULA (3 capsules 2 or 3 times a day) and drink a cup of NERVES TEA 1-2 times daily. Also, take Chakra Elixirs SIXTH CHAKRA and SEVENTH CHAKRA (anytime of the day).

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    Q: Hello, I am having some serious issues here. I have a history of depression/anxiety and female problems. About a month ago I had my second miscarriage and after that it seems like my health just went downhill. I was having severe dizziness and headaches and then I started having breathing trouble. The doctors have said it's just bronchitis and my anxiety and that I need to take my meds so I have started back on my antidepressants/anxiety meds. My health doesn't seem to be getting any better. I'm having terrible stomach problems, no appetite, and my nerves are killing me. I'm also having muscle aches in my arms and legs and I'm having back and chest pains, please help me with some kind of advice. I've read through some of your articles but I'm still confused about what to do?


    When you feel like this it's a sign that you need to reboot your system (body) and you do this by Detoxing your body and eating a healthy diet in addition to positive thinking. Start with our FULL BODY DETOX followed by our TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. Drink our ENERGY TEA while doing your cleanses. You'll bounce back, Beloved.

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    Q: I've been dealing with anxiety, and depression since I was a child. Now I am 31, and been medicated with antidepressants for 10 years. I want to get off of the antidepressants because, I am having bad side effects. Do you recommend any herbs I can take to make it easer for me to come off these meds?


    I recommend the Substance Abuse Cleanse, and the Full Body Detox. Also, read our article entitled "Sea Salt Soak."

    Sea Salt Soak

    Product Links:
    Full Body Detox

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    Q: I was prescribed Celexa for depression. I am very skeptical about taking it and would like to try a more natural approach. What would you recommend?


    It is good you are skeptical about drugs because they don't heal you, only harm you. I would recommend that you consider detoxifying your body (FULL BODY DETOX), and if not, then I would suggest you take NERVES FORMULA and NERVES TEA and use the ELATION INSPIRANT.

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    Q: How do charkas heal the body? What would be a good chakra for chronic knee pain? What chakra would be good for depression?


    Chakras do not heal the body! Chakras are a part of the body, and you can heal through the chakra. Chakras are energy centers and you can perform energy work on the chakras to help the physical body heal as well as the emotional and mental and spiritual aspects of the body or person to heal. For knee pain, I would recommend the following Dherbs.Com formulas: FULL BODY DETOX JOINT FORMULA MSM SULFUR CALCIUM FORMULA For depression, great formulas would include: NERVES FORMULA ELATION INSPIRANT SIXTH CHAKRA ANTI-DEPRESSION ELIXIR These can be found in our â€ON-LINE STORE†Please visit. I go a little into the subject of depression in my â€SUICIDE†article. Please read it!

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    Q: I'm 17 years of age and go to a boarding high school in Florida. I just moved here from L.A. Over the summer. I've always been passionate about picking up valuable information that is not taught in schools. Even though I've always gotten good grades in all classes, I have always had a dislike for school. I feel like it is trapping me, because I have very little time to study topics that are truly beneficial such as law, herbs, history and many other topics. I just wanted to give you a brief background image of me; bottom line is this... I want to be part of what you are doing. I know you probably have so many positions filled. And I've never been materialistic and never liked school, but I also understand that if I want to get out in the world on my own right now I need to have a situation where I can make a sufficient amount of money to support myself. So I'm just letting you know I'm very passionate about helping people heal themselves and I would be very committed to what you are trying to accomplish in terms of healing people mentally and physically. I feel so thankful because most people don't get the opportunity to come across TRUE herbalism, TRU history, TRUE law, etc, until they are deep into adulthood, if ever. And I feel like I must fulfill my opportunity starting NOW. Because if I don't, I would be failing the mission I was incarnated here to do. Peace


    Greetings, Beloved! You have recognized at a very young age that school is a waste of time as measured against the subjects of your heart. Make the time to study the topics of your interest. It's well worth it, Beloved! I did it for many years of my life and when I was out of school and got into knowledge, I spent almost whole days studying the interests of my desires which has led me to the life I am now living. I'm glad I followed my heart. In regards to Dherbs, unfortunately Beloved, I am an Inter-net company only and thus have no positions available. What is your zodiac sign? Maybe we can help you to find work that is suitable to your interests. Your 10th House explains the area's best for you work-wise. Hey, thanks for reaching out, Beloved! One day I would like to employ thousands of people. If you ever want to talk or need advice, give me a call!

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    Q: I read most of your articles. Love them. What you say is 100% correct. See for me. I believe that God has put me here for a reason. I have been blessed with the ability to for see things and when I think about something hard enough BAM!! I think of someone and they show up, so in regards to my current situation YES. I did have a hand in this. I keep thinking of not wanting to get HIV. Didn’t want to hear about or talk about it. Then two months before getting my initial test. It was on my mind. Then I got a physical and I was like no going to take this test but went ahead anyway and here we are. Do I believe in it? Not anymore. I now believe in blood toxicity. I am not freaking out about outbreaks because I don't have any. What I want is to know how to shape my mind. Do I need Chakra balance? What can I do to stop the thoughts? How do I reverse my mind to stop thinking on things. I try so hard to see happy things and feel happy thoughts. BTW in Jan I thought about a cold sore and it appeared.


    Thanks for explaining all that! I think the MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL is right up your alley, Beloved. It'll be up next week. So glad you enjoy my articles, Beloved! You are a powerful person and you will be dangerous (in a good way) when you learn the power of your mind. Peace and Love!

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    Q: My 14 year old cousin's mom has checked her into to mental hospital. This entire school year she has ben dealing with alot going into high school, and other teen age issues. Her birth father is not in the home but, her mom has a pretty good man, that steps up, and does a good job with her two children. However, she has been battling with her weight, although she wasn't over weight she didn't feel thin enough like the other children at her school. Her mom found Hydroxycut in her room, and all hair feel out. This past weekend went to her mom's boyfriend and told him she tried to overdose on pills to kill herself, because of all the pressure. Her mom had her in therapy behind the weightloss issue, she thought she was ok, until this last suicidal mission. Is there any help or advice you can render. I told her mom that the hospital thing was a horrible idea due to the medication that they will be administering and other brain washing methods they use to further F*** you up so that when you are release you a labeled, and sure to be crazy. D-Herbs at 14 this is insane, her mom has given up hope, and gave her chiild into the hands of the enemy. I am conscious and try to talk to her but it doesn't seem to work.


    That's an unfortunate situation. Have the mother read the information on or schedule a consultation so she can speak with me live and direct. These are the only ways I know to help, Beloved. I'm also about to write an article on DEPRESSION, and the DANGERS OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS. Hang in there and know that your cousin wrote her own life script (before she was born), so she is gaining an experience so as to learn a life lesson for her soul's purpose. It doesn't make sense on a lower level, but on a higher level, it all will add up and make sense. God's hand is over everything, even those things that appear bad.

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    Q: I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes. At one point, I tried to commit suicide because I felt like I couldn't deal with it. I honestly feel like less than a woman. I have taken medications and pain killers to ease the blistering but I feel like that isn't enough. In addition to that, I feel like I may possibly be a borderline diabetic. Can you please recommend something to me? I need results.


    PLEASE read all of our herpes articles, i.e. ""GENITAL HERPES (HSVII)", "IS GENTIAL HERPES REALLY CURABLE?", "WOE IS ME I HAD A HERPES OUTBREAK!", and "HERPES OUTBREAK ON THE BUTTOCKS". You can find them in our articles section. Also, please read our article "SUICIDE". Make sure you read this article. You simply don't understand what has happened to you and why you should rejoice. You came to the right site and people. Herbally, you'll need to perform (in this order) the FULL BODY DETOX, ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, and the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. You can heal from this, Beloved, and your life is not over with, it's just beginning! believe it or not!

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    Q: Hi. I am working to improve my life both spiritually and physically. I believe that once my life spiritually is in order all else will follow - abundant health, prosperity, joy, etc. I know that I have a lot of deep emotional scars, some known and unknown that need to be uprooted and diffused. I am currently going through the Sedona Method home course and want to know what else I can do to aid in my permanent emotional releasing process?


    I think you will benefit from a spiritual consultation, Beloved. Please consider scheduling a consultation so we may interact one-on-one and not via a general e-mail. I am more effective via discovering your vibrational diagnosis. Thank you for your interest in Please read some of our free articles too - the ones that resonate with you!

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    Q: I am 66 yrs old and have multiple health problems-HBP, Diabetes and depression. I weigh 240 lbs. and want to get down to at least 190 or lower. My skin at this time on my arms and stomach looks awful. When I lose the weight which I intend to do with your help. Is there anything you can do to help tighten your skin as you lose weight. Remember my age.


    Thanks for the question! That is a very good question at that. 

     To avoid loose skin from weight loss the best thing you can do is lose weight slowly and efficiently. Healthy weight loss is around 1lb to 2lbs per week. Your body always seeks balance and does not respond well to rapid weight gain or loss. Hence the stretching of your skin. It takes around two years for your stretched skin to return to "normal" so be patient. Losing weight fast is a goal most people have and you hear stories of people losing 10 lbs a week and believe that is the way to go. Considering your age it's best to take things slow. Besides not losing weight too rapidly, here are three other tips for keeping skin tight.

    1. Switch to a high raw food diet. Raw food diets are often referred to as "Facelift Diets". People who eat a majority of their food raw (60% plus) look younger than most because of the high antioxidant and phytochemical count in raw plant foods. I have seen hundreds of raw foodists lose weight and cellulite at the same time. Raw food helps the body stay hydrated, refreshed, and repairing rapidly. Fruits are my favorite skin food. Avocados, coconut, bananas, peaches, tropical fruit, grapefruit, berries, etc are all potent skin renewing and correcting foods.
    2. Hydration is the key to elastic skin. A simple test to see if you are hydrated is to pinch the skin on the top of your hand for two seconds and then releasing. If the skin snaps back you are hydrated. If it slowly pulls back to position you need to hydrate. The best way to hydrate is to drink two glasses of room temperature water as soon as you wake up. As maintenance drink 8 ounces of water every two hours. Remove or lessen the amount of dehydrating foodstuffs like coffee, tea that is not herbal, table salt, animal products, artificial sugars.
    3. Take care of your skin now by exfoliating daily, doing salt scrubs, using non toxic and natural beauty products. A rule of thumb is "if you wouldn't put it in your mouth don't put it on your skin". Your skin has a direct pathway to your blood stream so be careful what you put on it. I use coconut oil on my skin daily as a moisturizer and that is it. My skin has never been better.

    Lastly, with your health goals I recommend you have a free online consultation with me. I run a six month health coaching program over skype that teaches a system of health that empowers people to take control of their own health by teaching them all the tools to get their. Some of the lessons in the course are alkalinity, 60-90 percent raw, detoxing and cleansing, juice fasting, plant based beauty, intro to stress relief and meditation, etc. My clients get the results they desire and get healthy for life. To get a free consultation with me fill out the health history form found here: Health forms . I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if you have any more questions.


    -Gary Gibson HHC CPT

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    Q: I think it is interesting that you spend a lot of time pushing your personal opinions and share limited advice. What do you understand about integrity and professionalism? Or even respect for others? I do not see it. If people are looking to you for help why do you spit on their problems? I was researching your site to help a client resolve their addiction to smoking. I have to say I was sadly disappointed to read your article. It is not helpful nor is it informative. In fact it enforces shame and negativity on those who seek help and positive life changes. I would hope you could restructure your article to benefit all. It would be beneficial to check out higher consciousness sites on herbal healing. I wish for you in this moment to find peace and resolve your anger and prejudice that is so apparent in your articles. Love, light and peace.


    YOUR perception is not MY reality, Love. I am doing me and you do you. Tell you what: you do what I am failing to do or what you feel I am failing to do. This would be more appropriate. Pick up the ball where you deem it dropped. Talk is cheap and actions speak. I have done the actions and am doing them (read the reviews and testimonies on It speaks for itself. My new smoking article will reflect where I am presently, but it will still blast the ignorant cigarette smokers. One can't just blame government and the cigarette industry for the actions of the dumb cigarette smoker. Dumb and weak Americans must also foot partial blame, actually most of it, because they had a choice and there was no gun to their head forcing them to smoke. These people were simply weak and stupid and not to mention unconscious. Period! It doesn't sound nice but it's factual and truthful. I don't sugar coat the truth because sugar is a poison! The first article was written 6-7 years ago and that's why it's so brief. Thank you for visiting the #1 website in all-natural herbal products and raw uncompromising information that people all across the world are eating up and just can't get enough of.

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    Q: Thank you so much for doing all that you do. I wish that you were in my everyday life...If I ever come to Cali, I hope to be able to take you up on some of your services. I have given your site out to many people that cross my paths...most recently, a man with diabetes who is going blind. He seemed to be quite thankful for your info...I do hope that he contacts you...and my friend who perhaps has a problem with a parasite(s). But me....okay just waiting for tax refund and then I will hit you up for another full-body detox...and perhaps a parasite kit it is sad but true..with my current boyfriend careless but kind...I now have a problem with genital herpes...a small breakout every other month...I eat well for the most part...ofcourse it could be better. But the stress is hish...I am working on that. But my question is...would an air purifier do me any good? You see I live in Dundalk, Maryland...near baltimore...near a Steel plant, and a yeast plant, and close to the military practice bombing sites, and other military negative stuff, and the city polluted with car pollution, tons of light pollution, and they spray for mosquitos...then I go to work and I work at a place called ABC Supply...great place right, well the stress is high, and the building we work in is shot...I swear there is mold under the carpets in one of the rooms...the ceiling is constantly leaking and we don't know what from...and the fumes from forklifts and the asphalt from the shingles...the filterfrom the intake gets changed like once a year...but is filled with 'shit' probably in a day or week. So the answer is to get a new job and move...yeah I know...I just don’t know how to do it...or where to go. Since I moved here, I have a problem with my ears...filling up with water or histimine or whatever...usually if I don't drink enough water near my menstrual cycle...I went to a doctor once and basically walked out of the office telling him what to do for his cold...yasee..he was no help...I knew more than him already....these past two years have been bad for allergies. Now, my ears and my nose too...though I do clean it out with water and that helps. I am not the only one. In the past two years there is a great number of people who say the same thing...they have never had a problem with allergies until these past two years. My grandmother and next door neighbor are two..but many more...well they just started up that steel mill again probably about that time...they sprayed hard core for mosquitos right before my grandmother started having warming for one...and i dont' know..but two years ago I was involved with a group of people sending out petitions against an LNG liquid natural gas plant that would bring in a ship two times the size of a football field and a huge pipe line to pennsylvania, and a skyscraper of a building to store the gas. Well...we fought against it...but apparently the gas company has more say than our own local government...I don't know...but hear about it every once in a while that they are still trying to get it built. So, an air purifier?? what do you think? Much Love and Health and Thanks!! Peace, RESPONSE: Thank you so very much for your words, Beloved. Much obliged from the heart!


    In regards to your question: Oh yes! By all means purchase an air purifier or an ozone machine (which will actually be best or better for you). Make sure you detox (FULL BODY DETOX) periodically, consume ACTIVATED CHARCOAL, and take plenty of IODINE PHOSPHATE as sea weed is great for neutralizing the effects of radiation.