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The Different Types of Meditation

Are you familiar with the different Types of Meditation? Did you know meditation is becoming more and recognized as a safe and effective way to relieve stress? The fact is meditation is a great way to feel centered and become more productive. So what is meditation? Let us help you unravel the mystery…

Types of Meditation / Become aligned with the quantum field

The need to deal with the stress of everyday life is driving more and more people to seek ways to better manage it. It is in answer to this quest that various types of meditation have sprouted over the years from the more structured types of meditative practices of ancient cultures to alternatives inherent in various Western religions.

Stress is like the umbrella organization of anything and everything that makes us sad, angry, or depressed – when all we really want is happiness, success, and freedom (not necessarily in that order). It could be the death of a loved one, a business not doing well, traffic-gee, even having to hold your breath while taking the elevator with someone whose smell makes you want to gag can cause you a certain amount of stress. Taking that much-needed vacation, getting a massage, or going to the gym are common ways to de-stress.

One tried and tested (and less expensive) method to combat stress is meditation. Now, when they hear the word “meditation,” some people automatically dismiss it as “too heavy” and immediately picture spoon bending, crystal gazing, levitating, astral projecting, and performing all those contorted poses that the most psychically gifted are able to do.

While the more advanced types of meditation (like Merkaba Meditation or Japa Meditation) are believed to bring about these skills, meditation at its most basic form can just simply mean de-cluttering the mind, removing all the unwanted thoughts (mental cobwebs) that clog it.

And some of the ‘passive’ types of meditation (standing meditation and chi meditation) are easy enough for anyone to practice. Think of it as a process much like charging your cell phone when the battery runs out. So, nothing of that David Blaine stuff really, and no, you don’t have to shave your head, believe me.

It is said that there is almost no limit to what regular meditation can achieve, be it more focus, clarity and creativity, inner peace, optimum health, or abundance.

Types of Meditation / Which is the Best?

There are many types of meditation that a person can choose from; it’s just a matter of choosing what works best for the individual. All these types of meditation have one thing in common – they are all geared towards bringing the ever busy mind to an unruffled state. The more long-term goal is to stay positive and focused even in the face of difficult situations.

The various types of meditation can be classified according to their focus. Some involve focusing on a field of different concepts or experiences, while other types of meditation entail turning the attention to a specific object. This differentiation is better explained as we bring to light the different types of meditative practices.

Types of Meditation / Two Basic Types

When speaking in broad terms, there are two basic types of meditative techniques. These are Concentrative Meditation and the Mindfulness Meditation.

Concentration Meditation is a type of meditation that focuses the mind on a particular concept or process while minimizing distractions – it can be an image, the breath, a repetitive prayer, or a particular sound like soothing music. The idea is to be aware of-and become involved with-the input received or felt by the five senses. This type of meditation is practiced by many religions and spiritual practices.

Mindfulness Meditation, on the other hand, is considered a “no effort” meditative alternative. It involves deeply observing without judging or analyzing a passing parade of various thoughts, feelings, smells, and other inputs. Buddhists call this type of meditation as vipassana or insight meditation. The meditator sits comfortably and silently focuses on a particular object or process while maintaining open focus. He may shift freely from one idea to the next, with no thought or feeling considered as a distraction.

Types of Meditation / The Breakdown

Now that we’ve gotten the two basic types of meditation out of the way, we can move on to the more specific types of meditation. There are actually many of them, but the following are the broadest descriptions of the different types of meditation:

1. Breath Watching.
This type of meditation is done by relaxing and focusing the mind on breathing. When the mind wanders, simply refocus it on the process of the air going in and out of the nose.

2. Empty Mind Meditation.
This type of meditation tries to clear the mind of all thoughts. You can sit still in a lotus or cross-legged position, and try to think of nothing in particular. This type of meditation is quite difficult to do, especially for beginners, as the mere process of letting the mind go blank seem to give birth to more thoughts. When the mind seems to resist and starts to meander, simply steer it back to the right course. With practice, you will be able to do this almost instantly.

3. Walking Meditations.
This type of meditation is also a form of physical exercise. You can talk a walk in the woods or park, and pay attention to the movement of your legs and your breathing as you walk. You dwell on the sensation of your feet as they come into contact with the ground. When your mind wanders, just bring it back to the process of walking and breathing.

4. Chakra Meditation.
This type of meditation lets you dwell on the different chakras or energy points of your body. This particular type of meditation gently awakens these chakra points, leading to a heightened state of consciousness.

5. Mantra Meditation.
This type of meditation makes use of a mantra which can be a word or a phrase (often chosen by a meditation guru) that you can repeat to yourself. You may also pick any word that works for you, and either say it aloud or just repeat in your head.

When properly done, this type of meditation can bring you to a very deep state of calm. Another type of this meditation is Transcendental meditation wherein the person repeats a specific sound or a mantra based on specific guidelines until the mind settles down or “transcend” to a deeply relaxed state.

6. Concept Meditation.
This type of meditation requires a person to contemplate on a specific idea or scenario, like the wind stirring the leaves of a tree and eventually falling to the ground.

7. Visualization Meditation.
This type of meditation is similar to concept meditation in that it also focuses on a particular concept. Unlike concept meditation which focuses on a particular present reality, however, the visual type of meditation may involve something that has yet to happen. You may visualize yourself getting that much-coveted promotion, for instance, or healing a particular illness.

As you tread the path to relaxation and self-awareness, you may not stick to a particular type of meditation exclusively. Exploring the many different types of meditation techniques can be a positive challenge in itself, and can bring you more lasting inner peace and mind clarity, as well as promote general wellbeing. This peace of mind is the foundation for optimal success in your personal as well as your business life.

Types of Meditation / Conclusion

No matter what technique you choose to develop focus and inner calm the benefits will be far-reaching. Not only will you be less affected by life’s daily stresses, you will be in an optimal position to attain prosperity in your working life as well.

Dr. Thom Rogers is Lead Facilitator, Director of Research and Development, and President of Optimal Modification Incorporated, a unique Austin-based company whose purpose is to fully align companies and organizations with their optimal potentials for prosperity, abundance and success. Dr. Rogers co-founded OMI as a means for energetically guiding businesses to achieve greater results with the application of powerful scientific technology.

He has practiced throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East. After 25 years of advanced training in over 50 energetic methods, he began applying his awareness and synthesis of knowledge to his own business with extraordinary results, leading to the conception of OMI.

To find out more about OMI & Dr. Thom Rogers’ work, and learn more about this fascinating way to optimize your business, go to OptimalModification.com.

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    Time is limited here in "Ask the Herbalist" so I humbly request you consider a full length health consultation. However, I can tell you that you'd greatly benefit from a FULL BODY DETOX Cleanse.

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    Have you schedule a consultation yet? Drugs won't help you. The root cause is emotional and spiritual. Dherbs.com can help you! I'll have an article up on depression by December 1, 2008. Stay tuned to Dherbs.com!

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    It is very safe!

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    Unfortunately, at this point in time Dherbs offers no courses in herbology.

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    Q: I am allergic to all types of nuts and noticed that some of the supplements in the detox program include Kola Nut and black walnut husk. Will this affect me in the same way as eating a regular nut? If so, what alternatives do you suggest for me to do a detox?


    No need to worry! Not your typical nuts. These are powdered into herbal powders. You won't have problems with these herbs derived from nuts.

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    Q: I was wondering if you were familiar with the Rhogam shot. It is basically a blood product shot that is taken when pregnant women are tested to have RH- blood, this would be blood types such as O- and A-..etc. It is said that if you are pregnant by a man who is considered RH+ that the child can have serious issues, or you can have a miscarriage if you dont take the shot. Many women have had miscarriges by not taking the shot. Rhogam is a blood product which can be very dangerous. What are your thoughts on this? I have actually had the shot with my son because of my blood type (so called). He is fine but I want more children and would not want to take this this shot any more.


    The product being poisonous speaks for itself. Poison doesn't belong in the human body.

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    A: Almond and Rice milk are better than soy milk.

    Search "salad dressings" on our website and you will find many raw recipes that can help you.

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    Q: I am very sensitive. I feel like there are invisible things entering my body. I feel things going into my feet, my crown, my female parts the openings of my body. I keep having serious lung problems. I saw something dark jump into my chest. I feel it moving thru my body, like a snake. I have been checked for parasites but nothing was found. I had all types of x-rays and blood tests done, but nothing found. I am of sound mind and strong in my faith. I sometimes see brown or white oil spots on my car and on the ground where I walk. By the time I past this I begin to have these sensations. I believe this is a bacteria by nature or man that is causing this problem. I went for acupuncture for the problem the Chinese man said something was in my body. Have you heard of this problem before? Do you think you can help me? Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    Spiritual healing and cleansing are my areas of expertise! Please consider a consultation ($100, 1-hour). There is much you can do to heal from these attached entities that have entered your body via your chakras. Your feet have chakras, your vagina has a chakra, and your crown has a chakra. No coincidence you feel things going on in these chakra centers. I can help you! There's nothing to worry about. Every problem has a solution or answer. Please call 866-434-3727 or 323-817-9929 to schedule.

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    Q: For starters I have been doing a lot of reading and coming into contact with folks who speak about live foods and how it can cure certain aliments. I have been dealing with type two diabetes for 7 years now. To top that off, I have been recently diagnosed with Type two herpes. What the hell? The internet has a lot of information on it, most of it conflicts with the info from your site. I would like to know what the relationship is between this site and Dr. Sebi's site which I have found to be in accord? I would like to know what live and electric foods are and where I can purchase them? I have recently decided to pursue a career as an FBI agent. I am completing my degree this December, after which I can apply for a position. I fear that the Diabetes is the only health concern that could keep me from reaching this goal. I fear that type two herpes could if it has not done so already cost me more than I am willing to give. I need and desire help with these two issues to return my life and body to a healthy state. Can you folks assist me with these questions? Can you provide me with affordable real solutions? I am listening because I can not do this alone.


    Dherbs.Com has no relationship with Dr. Sebi and his Fig Tree brand of herbs.

    Read our article What is Raw Foods on our site under Articles for more information on raw foods.

    For Diabetes, give our Pancreas Kit and Regimen a try. Diabetes is a pancreas disorder! Read our DIABETES article.

    For genital herpes, give our Full Body Cleanse and Anti-Viral Kit and Regimen a try. Also, read our GENITAL HERPES article.


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    Q: What types of herbal supplements would you advise for someone that has mixed connective tissue disease/lupus?


    Please read our "LUPUS" article as we have already addressed this kind of pathology (helps to save us time too). Thank you for your understanding

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    There are essentially two types of raw food diets. There is a high fat low carb gourmet version and there is a high carb low fat version. The gourmet raw vegan diet is promoted by chefs and super food promoting gurus. The low fat high carb version is promoted by athletes and health/medical professionals whos protocols are healing all types of disease. 

    Most people who go on the high fat/superfood route end up spending a ton of money and end up burning out pretty quickly. All the sucessful long term raw fooders I know follow the high carb version. I run a health coaching program call "The Vegan Effect" which uses a 60-90 ppercent raw high carb diet. www.theveganeffect.com

    A typical day would look like.

    Green smoothie for beakfast (fruits and greens)

    fruit for snack

    Large salad with a cup or two of quinoa and salsa for lunch

    Fruit for snack

    Raw pasta or raw wraps with hummus for dinner

    Sorbet for snack

    A great book to consider as a guide is "The paradigm diet" by Adam Dave MD


    Hope this helps.

    Gary Gibson HHC CPT BMI VLC

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    Q: I am currently living in Atlanta GA, moved here from New York. I've never suffered from pollen, or being allergic to raw fruits peach, apples or plums. I can't eat raw carrots and other types of nuts until I moved to GA, and started to suffer from Allergies. Now my question is, is there something from your site or some type of herbal combination that I can take to 1. Stop my allergic reaction during March/April pollen season and two help me to eat the natural fresh fruits I used to enjoy before without having to throw it all up, or being unable to digest it.


    I would recommend you perform FULL BODY DETOX, especially every Spring. Take 3 capsules of ALLERGY FORMULA daily. Your problem lies much deeper. We have an article on the subject coming soon! Stay tuned to Dherbs!

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    Q: Are there any types of food, or drink to avoid consuming whilst taking Fibroid Buster?


    Only drink water, herbal tea, fruit juice, and vegetable juice.

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    Q: I read most of your articles. Love them. What you say is 100% correct. See for me. I believe that God has put me here for a reason. I have been blessed with the ability to for see things and when I think about something hard enough BAM!! I think of someone and they show up, so in regards to my current situation YES. I did have a hand in this. I keep thinking of not wanting to get HIV. Didn’t want to hear about or talk about it. Then two months before getting my initial test. It was on my mind. Then I got a physical and I was like no going to take this test but went ahead anyway and here we are. Do I believe in it? Not anymore. I now believe in blood toxicity. I am not freaking out about outbreaks because I don't have any. What I want is to know how to shape my mind. Do I need Chakra balance? What can I do to stop the thoughts? How do I reverse my mind to stop thinking on things. I try so hard to see happy things and feel happy thoughts. BTW in Jan I thought about a cold sore and it appeared.


    Thanks for explaining all that! I think the MENTAL SCIENCE MANUAL is right up your alley, Beloved. It'll be up next week. So glad you enjoy my articles, Beloved! You are a powerful person and you will be dangerous (in a good way) when you learn the power of your mind. Peace and Love!

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    Q: I am a beginner Holistic practitioner. My son who just turned 24 is addicted to pain medication. He started with Vicodin when he was 17 now he is taking OxyContn and Methadone. He said he is ready to get off now, because he sees how it is destroying his life. I know getting off of this type of medication is very hard on the person who will be Detoxing. I really don't want to put him in a in-house detox center, nor do we have the finances to do so. So, I want to have him come stay with me for however long it takes to get him detox. But I want to give him what he needs to lessen the healing crises, the headaches, the other pain that is associated with this type of withdraw. I am not quite sure what to do or where to start or if it is something I should do. I feel that I can help him. But I want to be sure of this. I am thinking this is something that might require a medical physician. Please let me know if it something that can be done at home. And if so, what herbs, supplements and whole foods I should have handy to assist him on his detox process. You expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    He needs the FULL BODY DETOX and should drink plenty of Licorice Root tea. He can detox at home. Let him bathe in 26-78 ounces of sea salt daily. Let him drink vegetable juice daily as well. Please schedule a health consultation so you can obtain more natural remedies for your son. $100 (for a consultation) is a lot cheaper than a detox center. Please consider!