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The Enema Procedure

An enema is a procedure in which a solution is introduced into the rectum for cleansing or therapeutic purposes. Enemas were once very common but as people began to move away from the old ways in order to live the fast paced life in pursuit of easy living and luxury, the procedure got tossed to the side and our entire alimentary canal system (or digestive tract), especially the alimentary members ‘colon’ and ‘rectum’, became clogged and a plethora of diseases resulted, diseases such as constipation, hemorrhoids, anal fistula, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, rectal cancer, and colon cancer.

A ‘high in meat, dairy, refined grains and starches’ diet has greatly sabotaged health in general, colon health in particular. Chances are, if the colon is impaired, so is the rectum.

To properly fix or repair the colon, the proper procedure would be a colonic. Please read our article “Colonics” to learn more about this procedure if you’re interested in it. However, the proper and best procedure to repair the rectum would be a good old fashion enema. Enemas release water or another solution into the rectum which helps cleanse the rectum by aiding (and stimulating) the rectum in expelling old fecal waste matter and residue. The rectum pretty much holds waste that is ready for elimination. However, many times, the waste will remain in the rectum for days and in some cases (with certain people), for weeks!

Preparing For and Performing the Enema

The enema is assembled; if reusable equipment is to be use, an 18-to-20 French gauge catheter (or a speculum), a 2-to3 foot length of tubing, an enema bag, the solution, a clamp, and a thermometer are collected and brought to the place where the enema will be performed, preferably the bathroom.

It is not hygienic to perform an enema in the kitchen or bedroom.

If a disposable enema set is to be used, no other equipment is necessary. The catheter or speculum (tip) is lubricated, preferably with botanical oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, or jojoba oil. Don’t use a synthetic lubricant, especially one that contains or is made from petroleum, i.e. Vaseline, K-Y-Jelly, or mineral oil. Always keep things natural as possible!

The person is positioned in the left lateral knee-chest or dorsal position, or, as some prefer, bent over with head-to-floor and posterior up.

The lubricated speculum or catheter is then gently inserted into the opening of the rectum. Remember to slide and ease in gently the speculum tip or catheter tip. The tip should be inserted 7.5 to 10 cm into the rectum.

NOTE: You can also lubricate the anus too before injecting the lubricated tip of the speculum or catheter.

Next, you slowly open the clamp (usually by a pressing and releasing action, which you may have to get a feel for with your hands behind you feeling their way with the enema’s clamp).

The enema solution is allowed to flow from a height of 45 cm above the level of the hips. Generally, the higher the enema bag, the better the ability of the water to flow through the hose and into your rectum.

You can control the flow of water into the rectum by manipulating the clamp. The clamp will usually have about 3-5 ridges that allow you to control the flow and amount of water that comes into your rectum.

With a disposable enema, the container is squeezed slowly to force the fluid into the rectum.

The tip (of the speculum or catheter) is gently withdrawn when all the solution has been administered.

The enema solution is held in for a prescribed period of time, after which it is expelled as you sit on the toilet (which is why the bathroom is the best place to perform your enema).

After injecting the enema solution (usually herbal solution) into the rectum, lie on your left side for 3-5 minutes and massage the left lower part of your stomach. Then, turn on your back and massage the top lower part of your stomach for 3-5 minutes. After this, lie on your right side for 3-5 minutes and massage the lower right side of your stomach.

NOTE: Place a few towels on the floor where you will lie on your sides and back during your enema. You should be comfortable lying down while massaging your lower stomach.

If you are new to enemas, you may want to attempt holding the solution in for about a good minute and then expel on the toilet. Don’t try and hold it in for 3 to 5 minutes. Work your way up to 5 minutes. Start at 1 minute, then 2 minutes, and then 3 minutes and so on.

Hold the enema solution in for as long as you can before expelling on the toilet. Sit on the toilet for a few minutes and take your thumb (alternating with both hands) and press into your stomach to hit certain reflex meridians to cause enema solution to be released.

Types of Solutions

The original enema solution is plain old natural WATER! Use distilled water or alkaline water for your enema. Never use tap water because it’s too chemically polluted!

You can mix different types of enemas together in the bag: hydrogen peroxide, liquid chlorophyll, sea salt, and bentonite clay. ALWAYS use the measurements given above when mixing all these agents together. The coffee enema should always be pure coffee and nothing else!


You can add sea salt to your enema water. Pour the water into a big bowl or pot and then add the sea salt (4-8 ounces will suffice). Let the solution sit over night. The salt should dissolve into the water. Then right before performing your enema, pour the salt water into your enema bag.

NOTE: Refrain from pouring sea salt directly into your enema bag before performing the enema. The salt may clog the tube and prevent the clamp from allowing water in to the rectum. Sea salt takes time to dissolve!

Sea salt is available from health food stores. All kinds of sea salt can be used for the enema, i.e. Celtic sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, etc. Coarse or granule sea salt is best, but whichever sea salt type you use must be dissolved in water overnight.


Liquid chlorophyll is a great addition to enema water. It helps to alkalize the rectum and also deodorize it! You can add 2-4 ounces to your enema water.

Liquid chlorophyll is available at health food stores.


Hydrogen peroxide (HP) is a great add to your enema water. Hydrogen peroxide eventually breaks down into oxygen in the body and this will help to neutralize parasites and other microorganisms that may be in the rectum.

There are 2 types of hydrogen peroxide you can use for your enema: 3% hydrogen peroxide and 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

If using regular 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1 ounce can be added to your enema water. If using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, half an ounce will suffice-it’s very powerful stuff. Use too much food-grade hydrogen peroxide and you could burn the tissues of the rectum, which can lead to rectal bleeding.

35% Food grade hydrogen peroxide is available from select health food stores. It’s not an easy item to find so you may have to search around and inquire for a while. Regular hydrogen peroxide is readily available from your local supermarket or pharmacy.


You can also use liquid bentonite clay (2-3 tablespoons) in your enema water. Bentonite clay will help to draw out toxins and impurities from the rectum. NEVER use powdered bentonite clay in your enema water, only liquid bentonite clay (also known as colloidal bentonite clay).


Make a pot of herbal tea and let it cool down to room temperature, and then add it to the enema bag. Use laxative and colon conditioning herbs (in whole or cut and sifted form, not powdered) such as chamomile, black walnut hulls, cascara sagrada and senna leaves.

Boil the herbs in water on the stove and strain the tea into a separate container. Let them cool down to room temperature and then pour in my enema bag.

Inject the herbal solution (tea) going through the 3-5 minutes on left side, back, and right side routine, and then expelling on the toilet. Then follow up with a cool water rinse (which is really room temperature), which contains cool water and half an ounce of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.


The coffee enema is ideal to help cleanse the liver and also for purposes of weight release (if you need to release some excess weight or fat). The coffee enema is best performed once a month. If you do a weekly enema, the fourth one should be a liver cleanse and the other three should be coffee-free!

Coffee through the rectum is not absorbed into the bloodstream like when drinking coffee, so you don’t have to worry about anything, especially the concerns related to drinking coffee. Coffee in the rectum causes the liver to throw off toxins like a dump truck!

Only use organic coffee beans. It doesn’t matter which kind (or flavor) of coffee you use. However, the coffee beans need to be organic, preferably. You can find organic coffee beans at Whole Foods Market and other good health food stores.

How Often Can or Should I Perform An Enema?

You can perform an enema every other 2nd or 3rd day. You don’t need to perform enemas daily. Once a week usually suffices for optimal health and wellbeing. Perform an enema at least 1-2 times per month.

It’s best to perform an enema in the morning, on an empty stomach. In the morning, all the refuse and waste matter that has broken down over night during the body’s natural healing cycle (11 p.m. – 7 a.m.) is ready to be eliminated. If morning isn’t convenient, then before bedtime is the next best time to perform an enema.

If you perform an enema during the week and you work a job, make sure you wake up an hour early to perform your enema. You might fare well though to perform your enema on your day off from work.

Even if you get colonics performed, you should still perform an enema periodically.

Even if you detox 2-4 times per year with the Full Body Detox or some other Dherbs.com cleanse, you should still perform an enema periodically. In fact, it is ideal and recommended that you perform an enema during your cleanse, every other 3rd day for that matter, or once a week. It doesn’t matter what cleanse you may be performing, you can and should perform enemas during the cleanse.

Where Can I Purchase An Enema Bag?

You can purchase an enema bag at a commercial pharmacy, supermarket, or medical supply store. They usually cost under $10.00 and come with the necessary accessories, i.e. clamp, hose, speculum, etc.

Some enema bags may even serve as a douche bag. As long as the douche bag comes with the accessories that allow you to perform an enema, it’s okay.

Enemas, Babies and Small Children

Enemas could be performed on babies and small children if there is a need for the procedure, but it’s not recommended.

Thank you for reading!


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    Q: Is sea salt and warm water a good natural laxative? If so how often do you recommend the use of sea salt for elimination? I was reading The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs and it gives this recommendation, along with drinking lemon water mixed with organic syrup and cayenne pepper. Is it safe to give myself an enema 2xs per day using a hot water bottle filled with fresh squeezed organic lemon and distilled water? Asking this because Bzod had me to listen to 88.3 today here in Cincinnati and the guy (Mike) was telling how he does this regularly and has great results.


    Yes, sea salt in water is a mild laxative!

    You can do it as often as you FEEL the need to drink or take it. 

    You can also consume the Master Cleanse (cayenne, maple syrup, lemon juice) if you choose. You can drink this as much as you like depending on how you feel.

    And yes, you can perform enemas 2X a day! Enemas are very helpful for health!

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    Q: I will be starting the 10 Day Colon Cleanse soon. Do you recommend buying the over the counter brand enema's, or using the old fashion dush bag procedure?


    It's your choice! Both will get the job done! Good luck on your cleanse!

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    Q: I have been taking 35% hydrogen peroxide baths also with Sea Salt and the antiviral drops but I am not sure if I am still oxygenating my body enough? What percentage of the peroxide is being absorbed into my system when I soak for 50 - 60 minutes daily? The hair on my body has all turned golden due to the peroxide I believe? I have also been drinking green tea thru the detox. I also wanted to seek you advice on drinking White tea or licorice tea. I have read that the acid found in licorice tea kills off the herpes virus? If your advice is to take the tea, can I do it along with the FULL BODY DETOX or ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN and what dosage should I use?



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    Q: I am on day 5 of the FULL BODY DETOX. I have severe eczema and I re-read the instructions last night. After steaming am I to use food grade hydrogen peroxide on my face or regular store bought hydrogen peroxide? Should I expect it to burn? Also, I haven't been putting on lotion because the lotions in my house have lots of chemicals. I tried Olive Oil but it makes me itch. Do you have any suggestions for a natural moisturizer?


    Don't use hydrogen peroxide daily. When you do use it, pat it on your face with a cotton ball. Use it ever other day, not daily. Use 3% HP not 35% food grade! 35% FGHP will burn your face.

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    Q: I was told to use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide for my spider veins will it make them go away.


    Please consider our VEINS formula, CIRCUL-AID formula, and our CARDIO-VASCULAR formula for spider veins. Hydrogen Peroxide (35%) won't do much good for spider veins.

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    Q: I am currently on the ANTI-VIRAL CLEANSE AND REGIMEN after being done with the FULL BODY DETOX. My question is in regards to the 45 min bath. Can I use regular bath tap water for this bath I read somewhere that the use of chlorine water can lead to chlorine absobtion and that is not good for you. I am currently taking a bath in 2 box of sea salt, 5 drops or virus buster and 2 cups of 35% hydrogen peroxide. Please advice if this is right or am I harming myself in anyway with my combination.


    If you can filter the water, do so! This is best! If you can't, don't worry about it!

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    Q: In the instructions booklet that came with the Full-Body Detox some items were mentioned for use that I am unfamiliar with and have no idea where to find them. Can you help? The items are food grade hydrogen peroxide and/or stabilized oxygen and alkaline water.


    Traders Joe's, Wholefoods or any health food store.

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    Q: My two year-old son is not circumcised and his foreskin is not pulling back is there anything I can do to get his skin to stretch without getting him circumcised because I really don't want to do that. And are there any bath remedies to keeping it clean, right now I give him sea salt baths and thinking about using hydrogen peroxide. Also, It keeps getting red and swollen I gave him antibiotics because it hurts when he urinates. If you could, could you possibly recommend something I could get from a health food store I can't afford to cleanse his body right now.


    Don't act too fast; sometimes it takes a while before the skin begins to become elastic. The child is only 2. You can clean his foreskin with warm water, sea salt, and tea tree oil (5-8 drops in the bowl of water or bath water) and you can add 1 ounce of hydrogen peroxide if you like. If the skin is red and swollen it's inflamed. Start applying Dherbs.Com HEALING SKIN OIL and this should facilitate healing. Antibiotics are harming the child. He doesn't need antibiotics! Please read our article on "DANGERS OF ANTI-BIOTICS". He'll be alright!

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    Q: I have severe cystic acne that has caused acne scarring. Some are raised while others are depressed. I have come completely off of the acne medications I've been prescribed and over the counter medicines (i.e., Proactive) and gone the natural route. I first started by changing my diet and followed that with the Full Body Detox. I purchased the olive oil and Shea butter soap and Oz Oil and use this daily. In addition, I use Bentonite clay twice weekly and steam 3-5x a week followed by hydrogen peroxide. I have two questions, will this alone regenerate the scar tissue? And will this also be effective for hyper pigmentation?


    What you are using now will greatly help your condition (as well as hyper-pigmentation). Just keep doing what you're doing and just know that with Nature patience is required.

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    Q: Hello My name is Mark from Montreal. I have hepatitis C & cirrhosis that I got thru blood transfusions years ago. I take very good care of myself but I?m confused about coffee enemas. I?m seeing a biochemist and he tells me to stay away from coffee enemas. Can you please explain to me the benefits for me in taking coffee enemas? Could they be too strong for me and if not how many times a month should I do it?


    Coffee enemas are one of the best remedies for any liver disease. You may perform coffee enemies weekly (twice a week) to help your condition. Also, take 3 capsules of our Liver Formula 4 times a day and drink lemon water (water with lemon juice squeezed in it).

    If you really want to accelerate healing, perform our Full Body Cleanse and perform those enemas while doing the cleanse.

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    Q: Would you recommend that one could use oxygen and ozone therapy along with your products? Also, would you be writing an article on the health benefits of using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide? I am very interested in both topics.


    You can use ozone therapy with our products! I will be doing an article on ozone and oxygen therapies including 35%Food Grade hydrogen peroxide.

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    Q: First off let me say that I am a true believer in natural healing. I have had the "pleasure" of going through serious intestional complications, arthritis pain, foot issues and severe menstrual pain with no real help from conventional doctors or medicine. I am extremely grateful for this site, your wisdom, and your sincere desire to help people. In the very near future I am going to purchase your Full Body Detox Kit, but I am currently on an oxygen therapy routine involving 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide that is ingested (not by itself of course!). Will I be able to continue my oxygen therapy along with the detox?


    You most certainly will, Beloved! Glad you find the site of interest! Peace and Love!

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    Q: During my phone consultation, I inquired about shaving creams other than the magic shave that I had been using for years. I tried the Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap as well as the Alba shaving cream. I have tried them both, and I use the hydrogen peroxide after I shave. But after a couple of days of smooth butter skin, my face becomes slightly irritated and small bumps form around the area where a goatee would grow. I know that I have some skin issues as of late, but don't know what. I even put a good amount of the OZ OIL on my face after I use the hydrogen peroxide. Should I not expect any constant smooth shaves until I go through the FULL BODY DETOX (FBD)?


    Whether you know it not but you answered your own question and correctly so. Yes, give the FULL BODY DETOX a try!

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    Q: I love to drink water, but I like to drink hot water you know boiling water slightly cooled. Is there a benefit, or disadvantage to this compared to drinking room temperature water? Secondly, the water I drink is boiled water. Alkaline water is not a privilege most Kenyans have. If 56% of the population is living below poverty line you do the math. So the water I drink is tap water, that I boil to make it safe for drinking. When I get to work I have Alkaline water as my work place provides me with that provision. I think this is detailed enough for you to get the picture and help. Once again (I love you) in Swahili for spreading the gospel!


    No difference at all, Beloved! Even the boiled water becomes room temperature water. You're doing fine! Thank you for your words as well! Much appreciated! Peace and Love!

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    Q: I live in London in the UK. I have recently been diagnosed with a full pelvic floor prolapsed after a twin pregnancy. This includes bladder, bowel and rectum. The organs themselves are fine but standard procedure is major surgery which I don't want to go down. Are there any herbs to help this condition and strengthen these apart from pelvic floor exercises? Any insight would be appreciated. Peace and blessings


    The surgery is unnecessary. My wife experienced uterine prolapsed after our last child 4 months ago and she is 100% healed today. In her case she pushed too hard and that caused the organs to prolapsed. She did undergo surgery. She took herbs (Dherbs FEMALE HEALTH TEA, MOON CYCLE FORMULA, and YONI FORMULA), did her "SEA SALT SOAKS" (see our article by this title), kegel exercises, and anti-gravity exercises. You can do the same, Beloved!

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    Q: I am a massage therapist. During a year long detox with the help of a Naturopath I lost about 40 pounds. However, I could only lose weight while fasting. Though I recognized that I was extremely toxic (very thick, dark menses every 15 days to flu-like symptoms) it seemed that fecal matter was getting "stuck" in the bend of the trans. Colon and disc. Colon. Maintaining the weight losses and good health was difficult in spite of being on a wholesome diet. Digestive enzymes seemed to adversely affect digestion since elimination was slow (once a day). Though enzymes worked well in the stomach, I would only gain weight with the use of enzymes: drinking a gallon of water a day only touched my extreme thirst. I would become lethargic and experience painful menses. Cramps, along with swelling in the ankles. Recently a massage therapist who worked with colon massage laid hands on me and told me that my trans. colon was sitting below my belly button. His massaging in the bend of the trans. colon and the disc. Colon was very uncomfortable. We agreed that massage could help with my situation since I felt great after the massage. I take flaxseed oil, prune juice, probiotics, and cranberry juice everyday and I have been seeing a colon hydro therapist for the past five weeks (once a week) with very good results. Is there a special diet that can help pull the trans colon back into position? I really want to be able to eat wholesome foods and look and feel wholesome at the same time. Thank you for your support.



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    Q: Dasani water, if I remember correctly, was banned from the U.K. It contains salt as well as potassium chloride. Essentia contains calcium chloride, as well as sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, dipotassium phosphate. Are all the ingredients in Essentia safe? One would have do an independent test on the water. Dasani is crap and I no longer drink Essentia but it would be my brand of choice of bottled water if I was to purchase water again.


    Personally I have an alkaline-antioxidant water machine (Neptune brand) that produces alkaline, antioxidant, oxygenate, mineralized water that is made in Asia.

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    Q: Let me just get a little more in depth with you on the cryptosporidium for a moment. My friend got cryptosporidium from drinking out of a creek... 5 years ago. He was in jail for a bit, and they didn't treat him for it. He has had it all this time. He had a stomach biopsy recently, and it showed nothing. He says he feels the parasites coming out his nose at night sometimes, and his rectum. So... I ask you again.. will this Parasite formula eliminate it all together, and how long do you need to take it? Thanks so much for the speedy response.


    YES! Give it a try and see for yourself. Also may want to try our Parasite and Worm Kit.

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    Q: I'm in my last two days of the full body detox and my skin is just glowing outside of the two huge cystic acne pimples that popped up around day 6. They have not made any signs of going down, despite the facial steaming, Bentonite clay, peroxide, etc. Any suggestions?


    You should perform 1. FULL BODY DETOX. 2. TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. Drink FEMALE HEALTH TEA daily. Also, use FEMALE BREAST OIL as well. SUGGESTION: Be patient and don't focus on the pimple. You are creating a block to your healing!